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  1. Ok thankyou, my dad didn't know as he was told it was ok by the garage to have the car in my name and the finance in his, just worried about the BOS fromLBL.
  2. Another 2 and a half years are still on the hp agreement.
  3. I'm worried I might default on the LBL yes, its over £600 a month and they took into consideration my disability benefits which could stop at any time, so I am really worried. The length of time I am paying back the LBL wasn't clearly explained, so in all im paying over £40,000 I think yes they are members of the CCTA.
  4. Yes its linked to a credit agreement, I've asked for the registration number for the BOS from the logbook loan company and they are sending me a copy of the registered bill of sale in the post, so yes I think it is registered.
  5. Yes the car is financed through hp agreement in my dads names, the BOS is seperate for the logbook loan, all are up to date yes.
  6. Hi I posted earlier about bill of sale, now I've got a bigger problem. My dad purchased my car for me, and gave it us as a gift for our grandchildren. I went and got a stupid log book loan on the car, now my dad has told me that he has outstanding finance on the car. The garage told him it was fine to buy the car on finance in his name and have the log book in my name. I didn't know it was on finance it was all kept hush hush from me. I didn't know till today after I mentioned my difficulties with log book loan to my dad. My dad doesn't want to get into trouble as he has a fantastic credit rating and has been misled by the garage. What do I do about the logbook loan, surely they can't have the Bill of sale on it if it has outstanding finance. Do I tell the logbook loan company or will this get my dad in trouble which I do not want to do.
  7. How would I go about getting it voided as it hasn't been signed correctly, I do want to pay my log book loan but not at the rates they are charging and lied to me about, so if I can get the bill of sale voided maybe I can offer some repayment terms.
  8. Hi, I stupidly took out a log book loan, I am up to date with payments but my query is does the bill of sale have to be witness signed by someone other than the person that issued your logbook loan? My Bos is signed by the exact person that gave me the loan, no witnesses were present.
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