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  1. The email address you quoted responded almost immediately and said they would review on Monday. Thank you.
  2. I've honestly no idea. We've requested so many times the statement of what we've paid and what we owe but they won't give it to us. I've requested a copy of the BOS from Varooma and from the email address lying around the forum. I've just emailed the email address you've shared, thank you. I will SAR them. I think I'm going to go through all my payments to them via bank statements.
  3. Hi. We got a log book loan with Varooma, we fell behind on a couple of payments and it was suggested that we take another to clear the debt. Naively we agreed. The payments were £89 and £102 a month (approx), being made redundant meant we got behind again despite numerous attempts to negotiate a fair plan going forward we have been told again and again that they can't as we are in arrears. The issue is we can't get out of the arrears. We currently pay £150 a month on each but the interest on the arrears means the debt increases every month. I can't not
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