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  1. .....or as KR died, would the finance have been written off and not repaid by the insurer?
  2. I have a question about the insurance for the car whose ownership is in dispute. It was insured for £37,000 (insurer's valuation) - the car value had increased as it was very specialist. Purchase price: £32,995 KR paid a deposit of £6599.00. KR then borrowed £26,396 + £7604.20 (cost of credit – interest/fees etc) = £34,000.20. He was to pay 59 instalments of £564.92, commencing Jan 2013 - £33,330.28 and a final instalment of £669.92, making the total repaid £34,000.20. The 2 totals balance so that’s correct. KR made 16 or 17 repayments when he died. Let’s say 16 – so he’d r
  3. Hi. Apologies for the above Q. There's no way anyone would or could answer that.
  4. Ok. Thanks. Do you have any idea, ballpark, what the fee for this should be?
  5. Ah - but before we contact the solicitors again - what is the position with regards to "How can their corporate department value a business, 9 months after the date on which the valuation should be based? LM could have devalued the business or concealed income (although yes, she might have increased the sale)"?
  6. OK. I'll speak to my friend tomorrow and investigate. What a womble you are!
  7. Given that this corporate probate factory has done nothing to date that we can see, is that grounds enough to say we've lost confidence and will look elsewhere?
  8. Hi So, the above email has been sent to the (probate) solicitors, and responded to. Most notably, it caused them to attempt to revise their fee, but my friend had contracted for a "full estate service" at a 1.5% of the estate fee. She challenged this and sent them a copy of the contract she had signed. I can upload a redacted copy if anyone wants me to (tomorrow). My friend responded with: "paralegalX had informed me that the price you had quoted for the full estate administration service for Probate covered all aspects of K's Estate including "dealing with the business". I checked
  9. Hi. The loan was definitely repaid by the insurers. The insurers then sold the car and the proceeds were paid to KR's estate. LM (KR's sister) is staking her claim directly to the solicitors doing the probate. My friend cannot say how the loan repayments were actually made, other than confirming they were NOT made from their personal joint account. LM is resisting disclosing any accounts for "The Boutique" (which was named on the loan agreement) even though PR was company secretary, or of "The Café".
  10. Hi all. My friend does have a solicitor (engaged to deal with the probate), but they're being very slow and don't seem to ask the right questions or identify the right issues. Based on the posts, I have drafted this wording that my friend is going to send to them. I thought it was best to keep the issue of the partnership and the car purchase separate. This deals with the partnership arrangement. "" Please may I request that you update me as to progress with the probate of my late husband’s estate and in particular address the concerns that I list below: My late husband was
  11. Hi. This is all very, very helpful and I'm beginning to understand the situation. I've asked my friend for more explanation of who actually made the loan repayments and how (ie from which bank accounts). I do know that KR was the registered keeper of the vehicle. Can't thank you all enough!
  12. Apologies. All docs attached in 1 scan now Docs 1-5.pdf
  13. Hi all. I have uploaded all the documents I have. As this is getting confusing - and a key bit of information has come to light about K's business interests - this is a "timeline" below Time line and key documents - Business interests and purchase of car Abbreviations PR: My friend – widow of KR KR: Deceased. Ex husband of PR CB: Sister of KR (& LM) who sold her ½ of business (Café) to KR LM: Sister of KR (& CB) who was co-director of “the boutique ltd” with KR. Also partner of KR in “the café”.
  14. Thanks all. I will get the info you're asking for and upload a redacted loan agreement and sales invoice tomorrow. Your efforts are much appreciated
  15. Further to earlier posts - please note I (the OP) am NOT the widow of K. No matter though. In a nutshell, after more info received...this is the current situation with regards to the car. Car purchased in November 2012 for £36K. Deposit of £6.9k paid in cash. K sold wife's car to raise this. Sales invoice states Close Motor Finance as owner and car delivered to K and he is logged as the registered keeper. Finance agreement was with Close Motor Finance. 1st customer was K, 2nd was the sister. K did not believe his credit score would allow him the finance, so his sister agreed to be gu
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