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  1. I've just been viewing the Merseyflow website for the second bridge crossing that's just opened. The website can be found here: https://www.merseyflow.co.uk/faqs/penalties To quote them: "A PCN is a legal document, carries a fine of £40, and will be issued to the home address of the registered keeper... ...If the PCN remains unpaid beyond this 42-day period then the penalty will be registered as a civil debt and if unpaid after another 36 days, recovery action will begin." I'm just wondering whether the wording here is misleading and/or illegal. As far as I was aware, private
  2. Just a quick update. I put the address into Google Maps on my phone, just to get the route so I could take a run out and it turns out that the Curry Road address is actually a housing estate (I wish I'd checked sooner now). I've also received some information that's very interesting, but I'm wary about putting it on the forum at present, so could one of the site team please contact me just so I know whether it is acceptable to put on here.
  3. Silverfox, that's what's made me suspicious. My aunt said that two of her friends who have loans with them are actually quite badly in arrears and haven't had any reminder letters. It's looking a little suspicious because of other things my aunt has been told, as well. I'll probably take a drive past the offices that are on Curry Road for a run out at the weekend and see if they look as dilapidated as the Freeman Street office is on.
  4. I'm just wondering whether anyone has any information on Rayners who offered door step loans. They seemed to operate in the Grimsby and Scun-thorpe areas, where one of my relatives lives and she's owes them around £1K. She was recently told by the woman who collects her money each week that Rayners have sold up and got out of the business, but still has to pay. My relative has had no information regarding this or anything else from Rayners in quite a long time. I've searched the internet for information about the company and searched companies house for them,
  5. Just to report I've had success with this, although it came about due to a call to customer services about something else, and I happened to mention the issue. If you make an order with Virgin, keep the confirmation e-mail they send you as they've stated they have to honour anything send to confirm your order. They asked me to forward the e-mail to them (NOT the usual customer service address) and I was told they'd call me back within 48 hours, but I actually had the call within an hour (which actually impressed me as I expected to have to chase them up). They're now adding a massive d
  6. On 4 March I made an order with Virgin for an offer that was on to tempt previous subscribers back. It was for the Big Kahuna Movies and Sports for ~£66 per month for 12 months. We received the order confirmation and everything was great until it was installed yesterday. Last night I noticed that the movies and sports channels were missing. We received a second e-mail stating the the price was £49 + line rental, but never thought any more of it as it came to ~£66 (I'm saying approx as my partner is currently asleep and I can't access her e-mail). My partner rang up Virgin as the accou
  7. By any chance is the receiver called Walker Singleton? If so I'd seriously advise looking for another house now. My sister had fun and games with these muppets. This is just general advice regarding receivers, although it mentions WS. Her LL went bankrupt at end-2011 and the mortgage company, Mortgage Express (I'll call MEx from now on), appointed Walker Singleton as receiving agents. Their job was to manage the property on be half of MEx and two guys with what sounded like Polish names. Around January 2012 sis received a letter from them informing her of what had gone on and from no
  8. I personally think they should be called Sith Loans as they've obviously given themselves to the dark side lol. Anyway, last post I'll make on this seeing as I don't want to hijack the thread, but I've had a confirmation e-mail from Disney saying that they've received my e-mail and they'll investigate it. Unfortunately they don't reveal nor correspond with sources (not that I'm bothered if they did and I'm on record publicly now as dobbing them in) so I guess I'll just keep an eye on their site and see what happens. I know Disney can be very aggressive and take domains over etc, so if they
  9. This might be slightly off topic, but I've just let Disney know about "Jedi Loans", seeing as they're using trademarks, likenesses and IP that's property of Disney now. Disney are quite protective of what they own and like to make legal threats that they WILL carry out. Let's see how a PDL likes being on the sharp end for a change and hopefully harrassed.
  10. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but could the letter not be construed as trying to impersonate a judge or officer of the court? The language used such as "My findings" and the paragraph that follows sounds like something a judge may use in summarising a case. Could that not be construed as some sort of offence by DRP, merely down to the way they've worded it? If someone less knowledgeable or someone who was easily fooled read it they may believe it's already been "judged" (for want of a better word) by someone who actually has some authority.
  11. Metty, do you realise you've just posted your address all over a publicly visible forum. I'd advise you (and Citizen B) to edit your posts and strip out that information. In case you don't get this message in time, I've just reported the post to the mods so they can edit them. This hasn't been done out of malice, but purely for your own safety and privacy
  12. Possible connection with http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?422888-Has-anyone-heard-of-National-Collection-Services-(NCS)-based-in-Newcastle ? I'm wondering because I've noticed both usernames are in caps, but what the point would be, I have no idea. Maybe it's to 'advocate' paying them or it's some sort of $cam and they're trying to appear legit by having posts on here.
  13. *LONG POST ALERT* This advice is offered from my own experience with an ex-partner who I helped sort out her financial situation and she was in similar circumstances to you, albeit hers where only approximately £37K and minus the CCJ. I'm assuming the house is going up for sale, and it's not a case of your ex-wife just saying "if you want to buy me out you can". I'd sell it and then split the proceeds with her accordingly. I know it can be hard to let go of something like a house, but from a financial and emotional perspective it makes sense. You'll be constantly re
  14. Hi all I have an interest in a car which has been purchased using Blackhorse. I'll give you a bit of background info as this might get confusing. my friend owns the car and the finance is in her name, but neither of us could afford the finance if we were paying it alone. I pay half of all costs for unlimited use of the car, and obviously this includes the finance. If she decides to sell I only have to pay 50% of the book value at the time of sale if I want to buy it and if I don't I get 50% of what it sells for so it was a decent idea for me and my friend and
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