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  1. Wow!! That's a huge amount, really happy for you . Unlucky Merrywood
  2. Hi all It really angers me to see these nasty pieces of work doing this to people. My friend and her entire household, who rely on food banks, have been extremely upset and traumatised by the 'illegal theft' of their money. I know she was very naive to even give her details to one of these filthy companies but, as many others are finding, once one has your details they pass it along like a pass the parcel game; except it's your money and life they play with. On a happier note, and in no small part to you guys, she has now received a full refund fro
  3. Great! Thanks very much for that. I see they have the same number as "ML Loans" so obviously the same company. PT = ML. And the bank says nothing untoward here? lol. Only the same company taking 2 unauthorized payments........
  4. Hi loulou1486 Did you find out who PT loans are? I'm having some problems finding who they are. On the bank statement it shows a telephone number, I think they are actually ML Loans (as that is on the statement too) and the amount taken was the same £69.95. http://www.merrywoodloans.co.uk/ Please let me know if they are the same company or if anyone else knows who PT Loans are would be great.
  5. Hi rainee. First thanks to TATES for getting that info, I too wanted this. From that I found their website: http://www.merrywoodloans.co.uk/refunds.html (At least I'm assuming this is them) I've had a reply from my friends bank. It may well be worth now contacting each company involved and at least getting most of the money back if they will pay up. I will be interested to see if she did give her details or it was passed on by People's Loans. Anyway, if anyone sees something wrong with the banks letter or has more advice please, please let me know! Thanks again for
  6. Ah I see. So the BPA are just another toothless waste of time? Anyway, I'll take your advice and throw the complaints off to the BPA and MP. Cheers
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]53705[/ATTACH] I have today received a reply from my POPLA appeal. As you can see it has been "Allowed". They didn't even contest it. So caused a huge amount of stress and worry, then sat back and did nothing. I haven't heard anything about the second appeal (well, same appeal with a different POPLA code) so maybe it was dealt with as one. Even so I'm guessing this has cost them something. I think it's time I start complaining. So is it the BPA I need to complain to? If so I should just send ALL the evidence I have (which is quite a lot from video recordin
  8. Just a quick update here to say that the bank have written to my friend and told her they are investigating and will get back by October 16th. Hopefully they will resolve this. Cheers
  9. OK thanks. When she comes over later I'll get her to phone the bank and I'll speak to them for her. Will see what they say and report back. Cheers
  10. Great, thanks dx100. A shedload of info there! I'll also send a letter to the bank for her. After checking online I also see other people have had similar problems with companies taking money without authorisation. So a letter to the bank and the companies will hopefully resolve this for her. Cheers
  11. Well she says she only gave her details to one broker, but doesn't know which one. I have now found out from the telephone numbers (from her statement that ML Loans and PT Loans are the same company. (Same telephone number) I see she's even been charged for failed attempt to take the cash of £6.00 from NatWest. She never secured a loan from anybody. I think I have managed to get the address of the companies so I'll try to put a letter together for her, although I'm not so good at this either lol. Anyway, thanks for the help so far.
  12. Hi all. Not sure if this is the correct place to post, so please move it as needed if necessary. A friend of mine has just visited me with quite an alarming story, or so I think. Unfortunately she has learning problems and other difficulties which clearly will show in the following. I find it difficult to see how this has happened and she is unable to answer my questions properly, so I thought I'd seek some help from you guys. this is the problem. On August 13th 2014 she went on-line and applied, or so she thought, for a loan. She was charged a fee for thi
  13. No problem, cheers guys. Would be very nice if they have to pay, will wait to see. Give it a month or so and then it's complaints time. We are also hoping our local newspapers will do an article, just to warn others locally who have been caught out by these nasty pieces of work.
  14. Quite right, win for us I'd say. Still hope it cost em something and look forward to the complaints process. Thanks for all your help, guess we'll put this to sleep for now. Cheers all
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