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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help here. My wife bought a new car from a broker back in June on Hire Purchase, something we haven't done in a while. She only involved me in the purchase here and there and so I've only just stumbled upon this information, but I questioned her as to where the V5 was as we needed to apply for a Crit'Air sticker. It turns out she hadn't received one. She chased up the V5 and was told by the dealer that for the first year they are the registered keeper, but on the 1st year anniversary it will change to her. I'v
  2. Hello, New member, first post. Have any other businesses users used a Utility Broker/consultant before and found things to be not quite as honest as they should have been? In particular, has anybody found that they claim a secret commission that affects your unit price, and feel they mis-sold a long term contract on way higher rates than they expected to pay? I am, speaking to a law firm about this as we speak, and it would be beneficial if I could pass on a few details of some other people from businesses that they could take a testimony from which they say would he
  3. So within the past few months I had used a loan broker site in an attempt to get a loan. I don't know for sure which one so apologise on the unhelpful nature on this account. I was not accepted so thought nothing of it and moved along. A bit later on I had a random debit for £29.50 from a site I hadn't recognised and again at the end of this month the same payment occurred. I finally discovered who this was and it was a site called My Discount Codes, who offer a subscription service for some sort of discounts. Haven't a clue what they actually do since once I discovered this I demand
  4. Hi, My car insurance is up for renewal and I have had a quotation from my current brokers on the best deal that they could discover. However the Statement of Facts they sent me includes the following incidents and I suspect that some of these are not required to be declared as they have passed their expiry date. Accidents and Claims 18 Jan 2009 TP hit Driver 05 Nov 2010 Driver hit immobile object 14 Aug 2011 Driver hit TP 27 April 2013 TP hit driver in rear 21 Mar 2014 TP hit driver Convictions: 1 Jan 2011 sp30 3 pts Ban 0 Fine 0 5 Oct
  5. I have just been trying to track a chap down for a hour or so. Not really what i was expecting to do on a Sunday evening. To have a chat.But although i can find some info on this man in a couple of countries,personal contact seems difficult.. Really i was trying to check out a story i had read about him. Enough time now spent searching i will let you read the story. And maybe it will give you a little taster of the sheer amount of predators out there trying to extract money from you and your communities in any way possible. The loan danger- SUN INVESTIGATION: We confront the
  6. Afternoon All, Me and my partner are looking at starting a Motor Trade Business and are wondering what insurers or brokers are best to go through. We've been looking at a few local companies, but to be honest, we're not relying who we go with, on their location. It would be an added bonus to have a company nearby (North-west England) but does anybody have any companies they would like to recommend? Thanks, P
  7. I've come across something very unpleasant that for me shows the FCA to be a complete waste of time as a replacement for the OFT, regardless of which way you look at this. Send a MacBook Pro to a buyer on ebay on Monday 16th. Booked it on Parcel Monkey. Paid for extra insurance. It was collected on the Monday from my workplace, on a next day service. Cue the next morning and parcel tracking shows the item as at the Chessington Service Centre. But that's it. I try to find out why it's not gone any further using the Yodel live chat feature and get told that it's been delayed
  8. Hello All, Family member just rang me to say that they have been to Barclays Bank this morning, to change their Debit cards, as an unauthorised payment of near £60 WAS TAKEN FROM THEIR ACC, The bank changed the cards for them straight away but they would not /could not do a Chargeback of the monies for them and advised to contact the co and either cancel, or request a refund of the monies, through the co procedures. This has apparently occurred as relation was looking for finance on the site of co but did not complete the form nor authorise the co to take any funds and sign
  9. Thousands of payday loan middlemen face tough new rules after the City watchdog highlighted "blatantly unfair" treatment of customers. Borrowers have complained about credit brokers taking fees without permission for "half-hearted promises" of payday loans. Some have complained that they thought the brokers were, in fact, lenders. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said clear contracts must be made explaining fees that could be levied. New rules, that come into force on 2 January, mean that credit brokers must give clear i
  10. The FCA has announced new rules that affect loan brokers, mainly the payday loan market. Further details can be found HERE and HERE Wonder how many will comply??
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/oct/29/payday-loan-brokers-bank-accounts-poor-customers They would never do this now would they
  12. Hi all. Not sure if this is the correct place to post, so please move it as needed if necessary. A friend of mine has just visited me with quite an alarming story, or so I think. Unfortunately she has learning problems and other difficulties which clearly will show in the following. I find it difficult to see how this has happened and she is unable to answer my questions properly, so I thought I'd seek some help from you guys. this is the problem. On August 13th 2014 she went on-line and applied, or so she thought, for a loan. She was charged a fee for thi
  13. I have received a reply to a SAR request from Firstplus. I got my loan back in 2002 through a small financial services firm, but the documentation states that the 'dealer' is Capital One Homeowner Loans. I never had any contact with them, but I suppose that the small firm must have gone through them, so it appears that there are 3 firms involved! Looking at other posts I'm unclear about the position of brokers - some say that under the CCA 1974, ss. 56 & 75, the lender is responsible - does anyone have any experience/success in quoting this legislation?
  14. Hi i have used this site on a few occasions and would appreciate any advice on the following mess. At present I am on holiday and had a cash shortfall (as always) so I typed in payday loans and proceeded to fill in the required areas only to find I was passed from one company to another all with promise of immediate payment, to cut a long story short as of 27/8/13 I have been charged varying amounts from the following companies Money warehouse Smile Merry wood loans and a couple more ranging from £27 to £69.99. Having looked into this I realise these companies were brokers and t
  15. So. got myself into a mess by applying for loans online, whilst in a slightly unhinged mental state and without properly reading T&Cs - ending up being charged by 4 brokers totally nearly £200. Many tears, recorded delivery letters and learned lessons later, I have managed to get a cancellation/refund from 3 of the 4 within 7 days. Which is brilliant. BUT. One company - Loans Marketing (Sk11 8DZ) - which seems to be the same office /staff as 'My Loans' is dragging it's heels. Been in e-mail contact with Steve Matthews (customer service). He confirms they have my written cancel
  16. i recently applied for a loan for a new car the loan company took £40 from my account and now nobody cant contact them i also had nearly £50 taken out my account without me knowing. and now i cant get any money back from it. does anyone know how or who could help me
  17. The Financial Conduct Authority is currently investigating 29 financial adviser firms or individuals for enforcement action ranging from fraud to misselling - although it is investigating only two mortgage brokers at present. Responding to a freedom of information request from Mortgage Strategy’s sister title Money Marketing, the FCA says there are two mortgage broker firms or individuals under investigation as of 13 May. There is also one firm under investigation that sells both mortgages and other forms of financial advice. The enforcement actions relate to financial crime, mortgage fra
  18. Claims management company Money Boomerang will finally launch a TV advertising campaign focusing on mortgage misselling later this month - but it will specifically target brokers rather than mortgages arranged direct. The CMC first announced it was expanding its focus from payment protection insurance to mortgages in October last year. It subsequently revealed in January that it was pushing back the launch of its campaign until February but it has now confirmed that on 15 April its adverts will be televised across Freeview and digital channels. In addition, the firm only accepts claims wh
  19. Hello, So there was me after a loan of £1000 with repayments over a year. I followed links, never believing that entering details meant the site I was on would be charging me, however they did. Getting my cash refunded was a bit of a nightmare with some of the responses more akin to dare I say even 'illegal' loan sharking! My experiences below might be of some help so hopefully will avoid others falling into the same trap. One important point is that BEFORE entering a single bit of personal information READ their Terms & Conditions. Bear in mind, (I'm sure someone here will confirm
  20. Hello all not quiet sure were to post this or what im doing as dont really use forums. I was wondering what my rights as a consumer are, am i abliged to obtain copys of phone call recordings of my converstaions with a company and what is the next step i should take. All advice and replys and grately resieved. This is were im at now from start to finish. I serched online for a loan provider for people with bad credit .many came up and i picked through them. Found one i thought sounded ok and filled in thir online applicated. i was approved for a loan a a good r
  21. Hi A friend of mine has introduced me to Banners Brokers, it sounds like the usuall "Too good to be true", so I am sure it is. However my curiosity has led me to ask if anyone has any experience od them. Any feedback bad or good would be very much appreciated. Thanks In Advance
  22. Metro Bank is launching a pilot programme to offer mortgages via brokers for borrowers in London and the South East. The initial pilot is being run in conjunction with John Charcol using a quota system to maintain service standards. But the bank says it is in active discussions with a small number of other brokers with plans to extend availability over the next few months. Its product range via brokers is the same as it currently offers direct - for properties under £1m products range from a two-year 60% LTV tracker product at 3.09% to a two-year 70%-80% LTV fixed rate at 3.65, all with a
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