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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I hope someone can help. I'm not going to go into the full details of this but in short last August the police attended my home following, (what they claim), calls from members of my family with concerns for my welfare. I refused to speak to them, or let them in. About 5 hours later fully armed police burst in through the door, (both front and back door was locked), and found me in the bedroom in a heavily sedated state. The crux of this is that in my complaint to the police the findings state that forced entry to my home was used because I was in the process of a suicide attempt. However they could not have possibly known this as I didn't tell them. In fact I told nobody. After speaking to my family I find that nobody called the police as nobody had any reason to worry about me. So the police lied when they said they were there to do this welfare check. They were there to arrest me over an assault allegation but didn't tell me this at the time. I only found this out 2 days later when I was released from hospital. On the face of it, I have a case; the police lied about their reasons for attending my home, they lied on the reasons why they forced entry, they used excessive force by using firearms officers, they had no warrant for my arrest and no warrant to enter my home. The problem I'm having is finding a solicitor who will take the case and it seems nobody will touch it. I suspect it's because there's a lot of work there and it's not a simple accident or excessive force matter, it's a lot more complicated. Can anyone help me find a decent solicitor or if not, offer some guidance on how I would take matters to court myself and sue the police? They were out of order big time and the final report from the inspector who investigated my complaint is a complete joke. There are plenty of contradictions in the conclusion letter along with many things skipped over or just ignored. Thanks
  2. Are secured loans all bad? I am currently on a DMP with Payplan end date 2020 (dependent on charges & int) and am looking into ways of clearing this quicker. I have posted on the DMP forum and am currently looking into sending out CCA requests but have also been looking into secured loans. If I can borrow a lump sump I can try and offer full and final settlements to my creditors this will reduce the debts and I will have a definate end date. My main issue with secured loans (apart from the obvious being secured on my home) is the interest rate, are there any good companies out there that offer fixed rates and can be trusted! Many Thanks (be nice lol)
  3. Hi guys, This isn't my usual post, so please excuse me if I miss out any information. Sometime around 3/4 years ago, my Grandmother had work done which was funded by a council grant to renew her Electrics, Central Heating, Windows, Bathroom, Kitchen, roof and facia boards. Soon after, the work was found to be unsatisfactory. The man at the council who issued the grant to the builders in question stopped responding to our calls and it was just accepted that we'd have to deal with these issues. Time has passed, and we've just not stopped finding faults. About 18 months ago, I wrote to the man from the council, who brushed off my complaint as "Not his problem". Previous to this, his comments were "If you think it's bad now, you obviously didn't see the state of it before", although, I kinda think this is why the council issued the grant to her? So, recently, the hot water tank has ruptured, causing the ceiling in the landing to come down, making the stairs wet and upsetting her Stannah Stair Lift. What do I do? The home insurance won't cover the hot water tank, although they have said that they will stem the leak and deal with the damage resultant from the rupture. How do I go forward with this? The local councillor isn't concerned, the local MP has ignored us and the man at the council is just using our slow actions to his advantage. I am tempted to go into the council offices and create havoc, but I don't want to get into trouble myself. This is having a massively negative effect on my grandmothers quality of life, added to the lightswitches that were left in place but not connected, the double glazed windows that don't open, the leak in the ceiling resulting from the bad roofing job and the new radiators which were charged to the council, but in fact, are the old radiators... What can I do? Any advice accepted gratefully.
  4. Afternoon All, Me and my partner are looking at starting a Motor Trade Business and are wondering what insurers or brokers are best to go through. We've been looking at a few local companies, but to be honest, we're not relying who we go with, on their location. It would be an added bonus to have a company nearby (North-west England) but does anybody have any companies they would like to recommend? Thanks, P
  5. Hi. (Re: local authority) I`m confused about the decent homes standard. After searching for details on the web, it seems there is a conflict between the recommendation for a new kitchen; is it 20 years or 30? The maximum limit seems to be 30 but even on the gov website it seems to say 20 in some places. My kitchen is falling apart in places, they are saying that they will replace some units, missing drawers, taps, worktops and broken floor tiles. Of course they wont be able to match them up and I told them that I wasn`t happy and this was just a bodge up. We are disputing when the kitchen was last done but even on their figures it is 25 years, I think it`s more like 30 because they took over from another authority after boundary changes and my neighbours at the time I moved in told me when modernisation was done - they said early 80`s but I have to accept what the council are saying they have on their record. The Manager seemed to be saying "is it worth doing this when it will all be replaced in another 5 years" but the surveyor wasn`t having any of it. I am going to make a complaint because I havn`t got anything to lose by it but I just wondered if anyone had issues previously or knew anything I could put in my complaint that would help. I think the work that they are going to do is daft when it will all be done under tenants choice in a few years and they don`t HAVE to wait for 30 years to replace a kitchen which is obviously not in a good state. Anyone had a kitchen replaced at less than 30 years? I really resent paying the same rent as others in urban areas who seem to get things done first, it`s a fact that more homes in rural areas don`t meet good standards than homes in urban areas. I have done the bathroom myself, paying for shower fitted and full tiling, I am a good tenant and I would have put a new kitchen in myself over the years if I could afford it. Any comments appreciated.
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