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  1. Question: My wife received a couple of cheques (1 in Jan and 1 in Feb) from HSBC apologising how she was dealt with back in, yes, 2008. Now should we inform HSBC of our current address because they were forwarded from our previous one? The reason I ask is that redirect from Post Office expires in September.
  2. Short answer is ... They can't! They cannot re-issue another PCN unless at the time of the contravention. What I would say is they you do tell them and they can simply cancel the one issued in error. They will probably thank you for telling them (I think)? LOL
  3. Normally when you get a parking permit (unless a virtual one) the letter arriving with it either separately or attached usually tells you about checking daily. If this is not practical then get a neighbour or someone to check for you. Cars are an emotive issue however just imagine your car getting vandalised or stolen and what the insurance company (or Police) would say if you offered a defence of 'I've been on holiday for two weeks'? Having found out the hard way myself, I always check 'my pride and joy' is okay, probably way too often. Dependant on the council they either remove, relocate or simply ticket a vehicle in a suspended bay. Can you imagine the upset if your car is left and your neighbour is having works done on their property or have a removal vehicle when they've paid the council to suspend a bay and it cannot happen because of you? Now put yourself into their shoes and what your own reaction would be if it happens to you?
  4. Dropped Kerbs are normally processed by the owner of the property whose drive is blocked contacting the local council. Where a council operates a removal / relocation system they will probably want confirmation (on arrival of the removal vehicle) by the person reporting this (the home owner), normally by signature. Dropped Kerb (code 27) is not normally processed unless requested so it's probably the owner of the property considered this unacceptable? Resident parking permits allow parking within allowed areas. This does not give any 'extras' so you have to park where you are allowed to and obviously not obstruct. Personally years ago some well known delivery company driver blocked by driveway and he arrived a bit upset (and red faced) for me calling his company ... ahem, I did give him an hour and I guessed his 'delivery' was non standard! LOL
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I decided to replace this with another one. I think way too much 'chasing up' with probably getting 'banned' from them for expecting something that was quite valid. Hopefully this will not happen again and alas the 'unauthorised' repairer never replied when I said their repair failed. Something not to be repeated. M
  6. Thank you so much for the reply. Nosed around in vain! The value 'new' is now circa £249 Spoke to Argos and they are telling me £30 and that's final as I had it repaired unauthorised plus 'Gassing' is considered natural wear and tear. I gave them a dozen chances to knock money off a new replacement and they totally refused. The failure is back to what it was previously - Code 5r. I cannot believe that they would not consider their decision and appeared uninterested that I might pursue this in a CC. I look in amazement at the 'wriggling' to fob me off with them saying I got it repaired so it's no longer their problem. Is there something I'm missing here?
  7. Back in late October 2014 we purchased an Hitachi Fridge Freezer. One of those amazing offers reduced from £499 to £349. In mid April it failed with a code (5r) being displayed. I called Argos and was advised that I should find a company to check it out and produce a report then they would make a decision. The mention of 3 and a half years was an obstacle I was told. Just how hard to find someone anyhow eventually (and a mini fridge purchase later) I find a local company. 2 visits and 2 hours later they decided it was an exceptionally small leak over time and repaired it. They had a charge whatever plus an additional charge for the re-gassing. Come late May I write to Argos and get a fobbed off reply that I used an unauthorised company (what?!) and they offer me a £30 store voucher. This is NOT April the 1st. I then reply again and again I get a letter after a month still offering a voucher and it appears I've been 'dismissed'. On Sunday 5th August and two months has passed we are back to that '5r' fault display. The unit has totally failed and I'm in despair. What can I do?
  8. Thank you so it seems that no one in this situation is protected. At the whim of the Landlord you can be evicted with simply 2 months notice?! Amazing how this type of 'easy' thing came about?
  9. Hmm, so okay he really wanted us to leave because he wants to sell the property (and I've no idea about how long is left on the lease). I've managed to 'swing' it so we are still here however my concern is how someone can so easily with little effort decide to issue an eviction notice and 'kick you out' (as it were?). My question is broadly on advice as to where I stand in this type of case. Can someone just at a whim evict people for example?
  10. Yes, I'm concerned that this will happen again and if it does what to do about it.
  11. Okay here goes... After 13 years being a private tenant with a private landlord he decided to re mortgage the property. He's spent zero over that time except installing a new (£3500) boiler. He was a bit upset that as we smoke the place is simply ageing and has not been redecorated since god knows how many years before we moved in. He gave me the intimation that we should redecorate and keep the place 'sparkling'. It's a ground floor flat and since 2005 have never received an annual tenancy agreement. The annual gas safety check is sporadic as well ranging from 12 to 20 months. So as there was a deficit in rent totalling some 30% of monthly rent he decided to (on the cheap) issue an eviction notice (2 months). Since that I've spoken to him and actually he's very pleasant. He's agreed that with the arrears (now) paid and £100 extra a month in rent to forego the so called eviction. The months have passed however I feel a bit 'miffed' that he was IMHO pressuring us. Could someone tell me if his actions were warranted as he claimed he made so little he had no other choice than to consider selling the property? Okay I understand that in the area we are in the rent should be a lot more than we pay even with the £100 a month increase however he uses no agents so all it is, is we are paying his mortgage. M
  12. Personally I doubt whilst HSBC have written over the rights MKDP don't have 'all' your details from them. I'm guessing you had numerous letters from DC Solicitors (in house HSBC people)? It's simply their procedure. Now you are going to start receiving calls from MKDP, believe me you will receive many! With someone like HSBC they have a simple procedure. Each month unpaid (whatever) registers 1 point. So if you said paid half of the monthly payment it would be 0.5 point against you. After a full 6 points it'll generate a 'default notice' which needs to be checked carefully to say the least. DC solicitors follow and of course your current predicament now it's got to MKDP. That's the background so there are many people on here who can guide you further. Michael
  13. Thank you (so many times!!!!) citizenB. I'm now going to send these two CPR's pff and even call the court to verify I have the 14 day extension as their web site seems a little lacking on this. I look in amazement at this type of underhand procedure that a company might engage in purely to prolong things. Just a point here that I received two letters (out of the blue) yesterday from 'Cabot' advising me of unpaid debts relating to the years 1988(!!) and 1998(!!) - My wife was concerned and I looked on in simple disbelief! Michael
  14. Hello, THANK YOU!!!! Dare I add that I have the actual originals sent to me so if they 'manufacture' anything I'll tear 'em down in shreds (well hopefully)! LOL I'll send you the letter I intend to send if you could verify it's okay maybe? I'm personally so incensed that as with the 'nasty' DCA's they have decided to encompass delaying tactics to extend CRA entries to like over 10 years knowing full well after '6' they'd have failed. I guess in the end they are really 'all the same'. Enduring up to 6 calls a day (Monday to Saturday) for 2 years I suppose the end was nigh? Michael
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