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Found 8 results

  1. Hi firstly I'm new here so I hope I'm in the right place. Where do I start, over the last year I have got into a complete mess with payday loans. 4 months ago I started a dmp. Which is a great help however, I didn't add all my debts to it. Because of this I now have more and more debts aswell as paying my dmp. Can anyone help and suggest the best way to go? Is it possible to add my other debts to the ongoing dmp?
  2. Hi i have used this site on a few occasions and would appreciate any advice on the following mess. At present I am on holiday and had a cash shortfall (as always) so I typed in payday loans and proceeded to fill in the required areas only to find I was passed from one company to another all with promise of immediate payment, to cut a long story short as of 27/8/13 I have been charged varying amounts from the following companies Money warehouse Smile Merry wood loans and a couple more ranging from £27 to £69.99. Having looked into this I realise these companies were brokers and these are membership fees, the original amount I needed was £300 well the amount taken out of my account this week has surpassed the £300, I have been reading on here re this so have done the following rang the bank, to no avail as they are saying its my own fault and I willingly gave my details, contacted each company requesting a refund on there Cancel policy although I feel things went to smoothly, I am being bombarded with up to 80 emails a day and 30 phone calls a day. So I have taken advice from here and transferred my remaining money into another account, which is to pay direct debits, yesterday I transferred £30 for a D/D only for Smile to take £28 of it , I have had to cancel a lot of the d/d as I wont have the money to pay them until I get the refunds that I am due, following the horrendous year I have had, this holiday payed for by my parents has turned into a living night mare, any advice would be greatly accepted and appreciated and I apologise sincerly for my total act of stupidity.
  3. Back the bill to curb legal loan sharks It’s time to regulate the payday loan industry It’s time to stop the excess profits on the backs of ordinary working people and it’s time to cap the interest payday lenders can charge. http://www.unitetheunion.org/campaigning/endlegalloansharking/
  4. Millions of payday loan customers could be entitled to refunds or compensation... here's how to check if you are you one of them Millions of payday loan customers may be entitled to refunds and compensation amid allegations of high pressure selling and harassmen Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2384761/Millions-payday-loan-customers-entitled-refunds-compensation--heres-check-make-complaint.html#ixzz2b7xehba1 I remember Mike Dailly saying something similar in 2012. Just found it in a corner of the CAG,dusted it down and here it is. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...d-payday-loans
  5. Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow says- The Govt is slipping out a survey on payday loans in august - lets make sure people see it & respond. Link below http://tinyurl.com/kclj8vy
  6. Hi Caggers I really need advice/comments on this letter that I am about to send of to my creditors including PDL. next payment due 15th May 2013 so no time to wait. I am going to be honest here and tell you that my debt has got out of control thanks to gambling. I have sought help and haven't had a bet for over 3 weeks even though I have still got money to pay my priority outgoings and agreed rent arrears repayments. This for me is a massive step. Is there anything I should add/omit/change and is it ok to state that I have got into this mess because of gambling? Thanks for looking.
  7. Hello all. I'm new to this forum so hello. My main reason for signing up is to talk about this company and to see if there is anyone else who has had the same problems I have had from them, I'll start from the beginning. Now in September 2012 I was moved out of my home and into another by my local council due to unforseen reasons outwith my control, They would not help me financially to get movers and men to help so I had to some how pull a lot of money out of no-where, So I went to the Money Shop and took out a PDL for £150. Since then I have been paying off £40 installments every month, cash, bar 2 instances. One of which was a Direct Debit in November and the other was a missed month due to a mistake THEY made on the 24th of December. Now with this missed payment aside you can calculate that I have payed £200 towards a £150 Loan that came to a total of £187 including interest. Yet I am STILL being called every day with "Head Office - Debt Agency" (who have broke DPA numerous times) Saying there is still outstanding of £156... That all tallies up to a total of £356. Now I went into my local branch today no more than an hour and a half ago asking for proof of my transactions. Which there are NONE save from £80 transactions made of 2x £40 payments. Which were made January and February even though I have on my Bank Statement the DD from November. Which fills me with little hope and a LOT of questions about the honesty of these "transaction files" on my account. Now I do not get a lot of money and I am very very careful with it. I know exactly where it goes, and I am very aware of what shops I go into when pay day arises as it never changes. I HAVE payed off this debt. Yet they call me a liar and tell me that there is still this outstanding balance. Has anyone else had problems similar to this? Main Bullet Points Took loan out Sep 2012 for £150 accum pay back- £187 Paid £40 September, October, November, Januray, February = £200 Receive phone calls daily for weeks. Even though asked cease and desist. Money Shop claims I have only made 2 x payments of £40 each Branches own system also shows this. Even though BS shows otherwise.No receipts were given. Supposedly still owe another £156 Take total of £150 loan to a repayment of £356.
  8. I stupidly took out a minicredit loan for £250.00 on 18/10/2011. The balance now stands at £679.00 due to all thier charges etc as i was unable to pay the loan. I have spoken to them to advise them i cannot pay due to my hours being cut at work and no way of getting that sort of money at the moment. I have emailed them and offered a settlement payment of £400.00 but i am still awaiting reply. They have today emailed me advising me they are going to contact my employer (which is never good) and if no payment is made by the 16/12/2011 then the doorstep collections will come to my home and demand payment. Does anyone have any advise as to what i should do? thanks x
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