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  1. Hi, I had a good number of credit card debts - the usual suspects: virgin, mbna, cap1 etc. They all dropped off my credit report a couple of years ago, so I now have what Halifax describe as an A1 rating I would like to remortgage. Should I be worried about a bank or building society that has one of my old credit card accounts in the business group using some sort of set-off mechanism to recover some of the monies I never paid. I'm thinking in particular about a deal I heard on the radio between Yorkshire (building society or bank - I can't remember) and Virgin. But am i
  2. Well, just about a month later and I didn't hear back from them. I guess that's a "no". Do you think it is worth writing again and repeating the offer? Thanks, Mike
  3. I spoke to the ICO about this. They: 1) Confirmed that a signature is not required for a SAR request, but that a bank, because it is dealing with financial records, may ask for a signature to compare with one they already have to confirm identity. 2) Canada Square were being less than helpful in the way they have handled this. (Another bank I Sar'd have written back with a letter for me to sign and an envelope). 3) Suggested I write a letter along the lines of: I have spoken with ICO who say that a signature is not required by the act, but on this occasion I will supply one
  4. I've had a reply to my SAR request from Canada Square Operations. In summary is says: Its annoying they return the PO separately - and without indicating a time scale - as I'll want to use the same PO again, so can't just send a new request by return. Also, if I write to insist they act on my previous request they won't as they don't have the £10. What is the best course of action on this? Thank you, Mike
  5. I have a reply from Mortimer Clarke ... it goes something like this: I guess its a standard letter. I do chuckle at the use of "our client" - presumably meaning the guy sitting at the next desk Mike
  6. Oh - how would I phrase a deadline to the offer? I'd really like them to respond within 2 weeks - before the next monthly payment is due Thanks again, Mike
  7. Thank you, Brigadier, I'll add that line and get it posted tomorrow. Mike
  8. OK, so this is my first draft of a letter to DG solicitor. Comments and corrections welcomed: Dear Sirs, I am writing to you with reference to the CCJ above. In a letter frpm you some months ago you suggested I contact your office to see if we could arrange a full and final payment. A friend of mine has offered to pay £500 to you on my behalf in full and final settlement of the CCJ. This offer is made on the understanding that, once accepted, neither you nor any other organisation will take any further action against me to pursue this debt in any way and that I w
  9. The background - DG Solicitors took me to court about current account bank charges. They won the case and I have been paying £50 a month ever since. They also go a charging order over the house. There is currently about £1300 left to pay. There is also an HSBC credit card debt of about £9000. HSBC defaulted on the CC and passed it out to metropolitan, but I haven't heard anything from them about this for a couple of years. Divorce means the house will be sold this year, probably. The mortgage is with HSBC. I suspect that HSBC will try to snaffle the £9k when the hous
  10. CCA received at Mortimer Clarke. SAR set to Canada Square Operations SAR sent to Barclaycard, Northampton Exciting, isn't it! Lets see what they come back with!
  11. And ... is this the best address to send the SAR to for Barclaycard? Data Protection Team Dept LRC Barclaycard Northampton NN4 7SG There seems to be some discussion around as to which is the best address. Thank you, Mike
  12. While searchng for the canada Square Address address I cam across this web page: citibank. co. uk/personals/cards/cards/feedback/egg.htm about PPI reclaims which suggests I need to send an SAR request to Barclaycard as my account had been moved to them. Is this correct? Thank you, Mike
  13. Yes, it did go through Barclaycard - I remember a letter about it. SAR and CCA will be sent today. Thank you, Mike
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