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  1. Thank you ericsbrother, Your help has been appreciated. The trouble with Dell, however, is that the customer service is beyond terrible, and I've explained my current situation with the customer care showing no interest in compensating me and just getting their item returned back to them. I thought I would have a better shot with the bank. Although, I will be phoning both the bank and Dell up within the next hour to try and get this all resolved.
  2. Thank you kindly unclebulgaria. It has forced me to also consider changing my bank. They did not notify me at the time I made the original purchase as to why it got cancelled (when I had funds to actually make the transaction), and again, not informing / suspecting / declining it when I didn't have enough money in my account to carry out the transaction and that I didn't even agree to. I believe there is a security flaw there. Firstly, for not informing me about any of this through an automated system, or other alternative. And secondly, allowing an organisation to use your debit card det
  3. Thanks for your response. The actual order and payment including, was cancelled before they made another one without my consent.
  4. I recently tried purchasing a £1,600 laptop through Dell (28/12/12), however it wouldn't go through as my bank wouldn't release the funds for this transaction. Dell didn't receive any money, so the whole order was cancelled on Dell's behalf (it said "Cancelled" on their website, so the proof is there), and it was left at that. Knowing that the order was now cancelled and my bank wouldn't release the money to them, I had another think about it and decided I wouldn't attempt to make another order as there were a lot of sales going on after Christmas and thought my money could be better spen
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