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Found 23 results

  1. Hi to all. My severely disabled sister bought a dress and the store didn't have a fitting room. It doesn't fit when she got it home. I've googled and it seems shops don't legally have to provide a fitting room, let alone disabled, or allow you to try clothes on. What I can't find is can she get a refund or must she accept a credit note. Thanks Paul
  2. Hi long story short. ive been made redundant. I do not plan on being jobless for long but in the interim regarding universal credit, im currently renting a room, question being,would it be problematic for the landlord?
  3. Can someone please help - I paid for my jacket to kept within a venues (UK) cloak room, when I went to collect my jacket, it was gone. The venue have admitted full liability. My question is, what am I entitled too in terms of compensation, I have requested a replacement jacket. The jacket is considered a collectors item and has therefore risen in value, the venue are only offering a refund of what I paid for the jacket - this amount will not be sufficient to replace it. My understanding is i "should be put back in the same position I was in prior to the theft". I have always maintained to the venue I want my own jacket back or a replacement. Can anyone advise what I am entitled too - is it what I paid for the jacket OR is it the replacement value ?
  4. Hi, I paid for a night in a hotel that I booked via hotels.com. The price shown by hotels.com and the paper invoice that I got from the hotel was correct - however I have subsequently checked by card statement and see that a 2% surcharge was applied to the booking. Having checked the hotel listing, and the ts&cs I can see no detail of a 2% credit card surcharge anywhere and have printed out the website details as a permanent record. Where do I stand on this legally? I was under the impression card charges must be clearly stated? Thanks Abe
  5. Hi I decided I would rent a room out in my home to a friend to help me out. I think I have made an error as I just used a standard tenancy agreement and just read that this is different to the rent-a-room-tax scheme... Also I am in need to claim esa, or would the rent payments exempt me. Hoping someone can clarify. So disappointe in myself for making a hash of this.
  6. Hopefully posted under correct thread. Purchased dining room table July 2015 and paid for in full. Delay in delivery item eventually arrived end of September 2015. March 2016, noticed table was faulty (movement) and when checked underneath there was visable damage to three leg joins. Took photo evidence and contacted retailer. April 2016 manager came to house to check product and confirmed under gaurantee. Said they would contact us within the week. Heard nothing so contacted them 2nd week in May 2016. Did not offer refund but said a replacement had been ordered. Told OH that not same table as been modified. Still no contact about replacement table so OH called them again and said that it will be delivered from 6-8 weeks. July 2016 called retailer again as heard nothing, confirmed that table ready to be delivered. Now due to the poor quality and customer service are we still entitled to a full refund or do we have to accept the replacement table ? Thank-you
  7. I work in a residential setting for young people. Currently two staff sleep-in every night. One of the sleeping in rooms is being turned into a bedroom for a young person in order for the business to make more money. The second member of staff is going to be asked to sleep on a mattress on the floor of the office or a TV room. Is there any legislation that says this is not ok? The rooms involved do not adjoin a kitchen.
  8. Hi, A very good friend of mine is to help me out by renting a room from me and living with me to help with the garden, house etc. He also cooks meals etc due to my disability. My health is much improved, I still have to be careful to avoid a relapse. He is in full time work and I do not claim benefits. However occasionally he does get a small top up of UC when his wages are very low. Therefore I think I may need a formal template since he has just left his bedsit?? I do not know.
  9. I am 25 and in full time work in central London. My job doesn't pay a lot, I am generally left with less than £100 - £200 a month after all expenditures. I had moved out of my parents into a maisonnette with my girlfriend, but due to mould problems, we had to move out. She moved into her parents house, I couldn't find anywhere to live so had no choice but to live in my sisters box room (along with 3 kids and her husband in the same house). The room is so small, my head touches one end and my feet the other when in bed. My job had changed and I now need to drive and pay £220 to TFL for the privilege of 40c heat in packed trains. I had applied for a council house a year ago, back when my girlfriend and I both lived in another box room at my parents, we were put on the second from highest group at the time. My issue is that since she has moved with her parents, (they have two spare rooms), we're no longer a priority and wouldn't get housing for many years. I desperately need to move out, have even contemplated living in my car. I have looked high and low at renting out a room, but It's next to impossible to find a place that will accept me. The one place that I did find, was full of dodgy people and smelt like weed. I'm at a loose end, and can't figure out what I can do about it.
  10. My partner is going to move into my rented room with me which is in a shared flat. I am paying £370 for the room currently and our contract is up for renewal at the end of the month. The landlord is happy with her moving into my room but is going to charge £170 (half my rent value). This means we are now paying ~£540 for the room which is £140 more than my housemate pays for a room twice as large as mine. The landlords justification is that this is an industry standard (i.e. to charge half rent to the second person) is this the case? Apparently its to cover additional wear and tear. It seems more like greed to me as the deposit is to cover any damages and wear and tear should be expected and not covered by the tenant, especially not to the tune of £170/month.
  11. I work security. that bits simple My boss who is the Facilities manager has just been told as they supervise security staff they must have a Non-front line licence. The lay out of the companies involved is below. the Building owner appointed a property management company. That company breaks into 2 sub companies One side property management, the other, people who work at the buildings like Facilities managers. the property side appoints its preferred security contractor who then supplies the officers My onsite boss, the Facilities manager who is a direct employee of the client company (not a contractor/agency) has been told they can no longer talk to me about building matters or security until they get a Non-front line licence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55909[/ATTACH] Strange
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the legality of this very common practice. I recently booked a holiday at a very popular resort in Turkey where for the summer holiday months you usually have to book up to a year in advance. We have been 3 times previously and are very familiar with the resort and accommodation etc. Just before xmas on the Thomas Cook website it showed (for our party size and dates) the red flashing text, 'only one room remaining'. Fearing I would miss out, I booked. Out of curiosity, I then went back in and entered the same details and sure enough, it was still flashing, 'one room remaining' (same price, same flights etc) allowing me to go through and book. My issue is that the evidently false claim that there was only one room remaining influenced my decision to book at that time, when in theory a better deal may have been available at a later date. These limited availability claims are very common and I suspect we are being mislead into purchasing decisions we would not otherwise make through fear of missing out altogether. Thanks in advance FF
  13. Full story : - http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/nov/18/panic-room-woman-challenges-bedroom-tax
  14. Hello to all, My wife and son are both registered disabled and in receipt of high rate dla for mobility and care. We recently travelled with Monarch on a package holiday booked via teletext and on the return journey despite paying for 4 extra leg room seats only 2 of use could have them and 2 were made to move, the stewardess took my details and said she would arrange a refund. She also advised me that as my wife and son were disabled we should not have actually paid for the extra leg room seats all we had to do was provide a letter from our GP confirming this was a need. I have recently had a quote for another holiday from Thomas Cook and their sales rep has said it is a legal requirement but I can not find for the life of me where this is laid down within the law. I mean to complain to Teletext and suggest under Sale Of Goods And Services Act 1982 their representative should have advised us off this option under their duty of care obligations and their duty to provide the correct information after all if it is a legal requirement then surely it is mis-selling if nothing else to take money for seats I do not have to pay for. My son is autistic, so the salesmen was fully aware of all the issues prior to completing the sale because otherwise it would be pointless and way too stressful to book a holiday and try and sort it out as we went along. Have I been taken advantage off ? Does anyone know the definitive answer and what legislation is relevant ? Regards, Sean
  15. We are private tenants. Our itinerary is missing a room, which is suffering from damp. The agent has stated that the itinerary company "must have missed it". We know the previous tenant moved out because of the damp issue and find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that the room with is not on the itinerary. Is the itinerary valid if a glaring error is in it?
  16. Hi I signed up to a course through training room over the phone in which i paid a £200 registration fee as they called it. Normal term would be deposit. At no point within the call was i told it was non refundable or non refundable if the course was cancelled after 7 days. After receiving my loan agreement for the payment of the course i decided not to go ahead with the course or finance plan therefore did not sign any form of agreement leaving me not liable what so ever. I requested a refund of my deposit to which i received an email stating that as it was after 7 days since i paid the fee they would not be issuing me a refund. Apparently as stated in their T&C's. After looking over their T&C's no where does it state anything about a 7 day period and regardless of that i did not sign the agreement or start the course therefore am not bound by anything to do with it. Would be grateful if anyone could advise me of what steps to take. Thanks
  17. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the changes to housing benefit regarding sparerooms in April. I live with my husband in what would be a 2 bedroomed house except for the fact that he is disabled so the second bedroom has a lift that goes into it (a full wheelchair through the ceiling/floor lift). There is no extra room in this room definitley not enough for any bed. I wrote back to my council when they said that they would be cutting my housing benefit by just under £20 a week explaining that this is not a spare bedroom. They wrote back with a standard letter, the same as the one I received originally. I wrote back again and got the same letter for a third time. I cant afford to pay nearly £80 a month extra and will be homeless if I cant sort this out. Does anyone have any advice at all, im desperate? Thanks for reading.
  18. Hello everyone i am traveling to rhodes with my wife and son on the 24th of october' unfortunatly today i had a call from the travel company (jet 2 holidays ) saying that the hotel we booked is no longer available ' me and my wife was not happy to say the least ' they have offered us an alternate 5 star hotel in another resort which we are not happy with , has any one been in this situation before what should i do we 100% want out holiday
  19. Hi, I am receiving housing benefits, the landlord has told me to move out by 18th October because they need the room. I have paid the rent til the 18th. I had big trouble finding this room because people dont want to rent out to people on benefits and many of them cant give you a tenancy agreement because they are not allowed to rent out rooms. If I find a room now, will I be able to get HB for that room now or wont I get it until the 19th? I am worried that I wont find a room with an agreement but at the same time I cant pay a room on my own if I find one tomorrow. I am scared of ending up in a hostel since I have bad experience from that and they wouldnt pay all of that. I live in East London now but I am interesting in a room anywhere in London.
  20. I hardly use my landline aside from Broadband so the connection for BT comes in at the front door and finishes there. The Sky box is a good 30 meters from there downstairs and same upstairs. I got a engineer out to wire it for me but was quoted a nice tidy some and also told that the wires would be visible as I don't have carpets or places for the wires to be hidden. I don't wanna get this done. So every month Sky sends me a letter and I hook it up through a extension to call each box in. Lasts a month then Sky again sends me a letter. Highly annoying! Is there anyway to avoid this?
  21. Perfect for Termi!! And only £863!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2166448/Traditional-handbag-redesigned-modern-woman-room-bottle-wine.html
  22. Hi, I just want to check one thing which seems fairly unambiguous from what i've read but my landlord does not agree. I rent a room in a shared house under an Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement. My landlord does not live in the property (although his address on the agreement is the same as mine) and all of the rooms have at one point been occupied by paying tenants. My agent can verify this if required. I have exclusive use of my own room and share the bathroom and kitchen. Should my deposit be protected in one of the three scheme? If my deposit should be protected, must it be registered under my name and at my address? Thanks Jamie
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