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  1. Thank you Andy I'm going to download the N56 and N244 and get them off to the court next week and go from there.
  2. Because the baillif couldn't serve me with the N61 as I was not at home he has now gone back to the Judge to gain permission to have them served by Substitute Service. I am now waiting for them to be posted through my letter box.
  3. I realise I need to complete the N61 once I receive it. But I'm still non the wiser where I stand re the CCJ
  4. So the fact that it's over 6yrs old I still don't know who the original debt was with and the date the CCJ was issued. means nothing. ??
  5. I apologise I was looking through the paperwork when I found the N56. I checked my credit file and there was no CCJ on there so the debt must have been at least 6yr old. The reason I didn't complete the N56 was because I would have been acknowledging the debt. Regards Jac's
  6. Yes I was served a N56 and not responded to it. How would CABOT have become the Claimant?
  7. Hi apologies for the delay I spoke to someone at the local County Court today enquiring about who filed the original CCJ all they could say was that the Claimant was CABOT. I asked what date the CCJ was originally issued and also for how much the debt was for. The person at the local Court said that all the information they had was that the claimant was Cabot and also he confirmed the Claim Number. He didn't know when the CCJ was originally issued or how much the debt was for. As I posted in my original post that the debt is 8yrs old and has dropped of the register. The letter from the bailiff was to serve an N61 (Order for Statement of Means) Any advice further advice on how I can get any information on who the original claimant was will be gratefully accepted. Regards Jac's
  8. Hi Andy what can I do if CABOT have made an application to seek permission. Jac's
  9. Thank you ANDY. All I've had is a letter CABOT FINANCIAL v YOURSELF with a Court Number and a Process Number informing me that they wish to serve some papers regarding court above action. I'm worried that by contacting the court I'm acknowledging the debt. I'm certain I've never acknowledged the debt or paid any instalments. Is it possible that Cabot have taken the debt on are trying to obtain a new CCJ. Why would they want a financial statement which is what the papers are about. As they say if I don't get in touch with the Bailiff they will ask the judge for an order that service of the court papers may be made by SUBSTITUTE SERVICE by putting the papers through my letterbox. Jac's
  10. It's an 8yr old CCJ checked my credit file and there's nothing on there. Cabot have taken on an old debt and I think they want me to give a financial statement.
  11. Thank you Andy I just rang Northampton CCBC and they said that the case had been transfered to my local County Court.
  12. I've received a letter from County Court Bailiffs which I presume that they wish to serve papers for me to provide a income/expenditure statement on a debt that is not on my credit file and therefore must be at least 6yrs old. The debt has been taken over by CABOT. I have the Case Number on the paperwork from the County Court Baillif. How do I get information on this Case Number. Any advice gratefully received.
  13. Hi Again thank you everyone for you kind words and support. I received the letter from the court this morning. I would be grateful if someone could explain the legal meaning/implications of the letter, and where I stand in this matter. As I have 10yrs left on my mortgage and as my health is largely out of my hands, as I don't miss payments on purpose and always pay on time if I can. What would happen if I had a period out of work and was unable to make payment and the bank decided to execute the warrant. Here are the contents of the letter: Upon hearing for the Claimant and upon hearing Mr xxxx xxxxx in person IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The warrant be suspended on payment of current monthly instalment of £xxx together with £xx per month in respect of arrears. First instalment on 30th September 2015. 2. No further application for suspension of a warrent is to be listed without the Court's permission. I feel I am more vulnerable to eviction now than I was prior to the hearing. The judge said in her summing up that I could not just quote and hide behind the Norgen case and hope the court would suspend the eviction. I would be grateful for your comments and advice on this matter. Kindest Regards
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