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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I bought some nice glasses around 3 months ago from Boot the Opticians. After 2 weeks the left arm came off (they are sort of 'clip ins' with no screws). It then started happening regularly, then the left lens became unclipped from the nose bridge. They are now so wonky and wobbly that i can't even clean them without the arm or lens coming off. I read reviews on NHS Choices about Boots the optician and there's 15 pages with virtually all giving negative responses, and plenty with arm issues. They also state that Boots don't seem to want to help. Am i right in thinking there is no warranty with glasses? It seems head office and the opticians in question are getting people to too and fro between them. I wish i had looked at the reviews beforehand. Do i have the right to demand a refund as they are at the point where they aren't wearable. I bought these in good faith and paid £260+ on my debit card. I haven't as yet approached them and would be grateful for any advice on exactly how to approach them regarding law and retailers obligations. I think these must have been made in China they are that flimsy and other people have also had problems clipping them back together for me. TIA P.S. if anyone is going to Boots the Optician please read reviews online first.
  2. Hi I was drawn to an offer of two pairs of glasses for the price of one at our local optican so I took up the offer. Normally my employer pays for my test but this offer seemed good. The experience was okay until I was asked by a counter person to answer some medical questions about my parents. She asked if my parents had Glaucoma and Diabetes. I said I thought my father had Glaucoma and Diabetes. He did have diabetes. She then said I can now have a free test. I was willing to pay there and then, though she insisted that I qualify for a free test. She asked me to sign a form for the free test. I bought the glasses and have to go back next Week. Whist in the shopping centre, I asked my elderly Mother if she could recall Glaucoma in the family. She could not remember. So I went back to the opticians ( 30 mins later ) and explained to the same lady. She then replied that I had already signed the form and could be prosecuted for making a false claim. I was shocked !!! I then insisted that I pay for the test to remove any uncertainty so I paid. However, her attitude was awful. Even when I said that I hoped to save some money by getting a free test but could not ask dad because he had died. She replied, that is too bad. I feel like a criminal even though I offered and did pay the fee in the end. Her attitude was awful and now I fear the NHS will be after me next for making a false claim. I sensed she had it in for me, the now paying customer. I thought I would share this as an experience because even the customer can be intimidated. Thanks, Stella Update.... just checked with my Brother. Apparently my Dad did have Glaucoma and was taking eye drops to help.
  3. I purchased a pair of glasses from Boots opticians, theses were unsatisfactory as i couldn't see through the reading part of the varifocal, the optician made me a new pair but I still can't see through them. I have written to Boots customer complaints for a full refund, they say I cannot have one and my issue is with the franchise not with Boots. I didn't know the optician was a franchise of Boots as the name Boost optician is over the shop door and all my receipts have Boots opticians on them. What can I do? and how can I get a refund? I do not want to return to the shop as I feel they have been very unhelpful?
  4. My wife felt her glasses that she uses for driving were not as sharp as they used to be and called Boots to make an appointment. Off she trotted for an eye test. They told her that she needed new glasses for reading, but she told them she was happy with her reading and just wanted her distance vision correcting. They then tried to sell her varifocals, but once again, my wife reiterated she just wanted her distance vison correcting for driving. When she told the optician that her eye consultant told her not to have them due to a slight issue with a cataract, she was answered with a "pfffft', and a shrug of shoulders, the inference being that that was a ridiculous thing to say. Anyway, she chose some frames and I was present when paying for them when the manager said;"You'll really notice the difference with these specs..." When she collected her new glasses, once in the car she did a side by side test with her old glasses to find that they were no better, and possibly worse. She stuck with them for a couple of days, but repeatedly found no improvement. I then took them back to the shop for a refund only to be refused and told" nobody forced your wife to buy them". I left them on the counter and after several failed attempts managed to get hold of the regional manager who repeated the, "nobody forced...", mantra. I was having a measured conversation with her when she said, "We are going round in circles here" and put the phone down on me! My point at this stage was that my wife had been mis sold the specs as apart from her reading requirement, her long distance vision prescription had changed by the smallest amount measurable. After a small amount of googling, it became clear that many opticians would not prescribe new glasses for such a small change as the difference would be unnoticed by the wearer. At no point was my wife asked if she wanted new glasses when there would be no no percetible difference. She already had 2 pairs of glasses which the opticians were aware of, having checked their strength on a machine in the shop. It became apparent at this point as well that the store wasn't even a proper Boots Opticians but merely a franchise. I escalated this to Big Boots in Nottingham and went through customer service levels until I got to the team leader of the Opticians team. She was rude, patronising and completely obstructive. She was talking to my wife as she refused to listen what I had to say, dismissing my points with "You weren't in the room." She constantly tried to trip my wife up on her statements to try and discredit her point. In the end she said,"Nobody told your wife her prescription hadn't changed, she bought the glasses anyway". She seemed to think that was her winning point and would not take on board that proved the specs had been mis sold as it was clear to the optician, if not my wife, that that was the case, and clearly didn't need them from a practical point of view. I spoke to this harridan again (Customer Services shouting? Epic fail!) who just point blank refused to do anything about the £150 wasted and refused to tell me the name of her superior. She also told me that as we had used a franchise it was them I should deal with and not Boots. Utterly gobsmacked with their attitude. Am I being unreasonable in wanting a refund? Can't believe Boots are behaving this way, totally bizarre.
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with Tesco Opticians regarding a purchase that I made a couple of months ago for prescription sunglasses. As you may be aware, Tesco do not make the lenses for their glasses on site, instead having them sent from an off-site location. When I ordered my BOGOF prescription sunglasses, I specifically and directly said to the assistant that I wanted normal tints in one set, and reactions lenses in the second pair. Having gone through the details and paid for this order, I went away looking forward to receiving my two pairs of sunglasses. However, when I received them I was unhappy to find that one pair had been sent without tints as requested. When I mentioned this, the assistant shoved the paperwork in my face that apparently proved that I did not ask for tints, because I had signed it. However, had I known that I wouldn't be getting what I requested, I told them that I would not have signed anything until I received the goods. At this point I was effectively told it was tough, and I wouldn't be getting a refund. I asked to speak to the manager, and was told she wasn't available and she would call me the same day. No phone call. A week later I received a scruffy letter from the outlet manager, not even on letter headed paper, not even formatted correctly and couldn't even get my name correct, basically saying the same thing and refusing a refund. I then made a complaint to Tesco Optician head office, and once again received no phone call as I requested - a month later, I received another letter, this time from their head office once again saying the same thing - that because I had signed some form this proved that I had agreed to what I was expecting to receive irrespective of what actually arrived. My question is this - under the Sale Of Goods Act, do I have any basis for a refund owing to receiving goods not as I expected when I ordered them? Can distance selling regulations be used given that the sunglasses were being made off-site, even if I ordered them in-store? The lack of any positive action from Tesco Opticians has been extremely frustrating, and I am basically left feeling like it is my fault that I did not get what I wanted. Finally, anyone else wanting to use Tesco Opticians, I would advise them not to do so - if you do, do not sign anything that does not have a legal contract aspect, and do not pay for your goods until you receive them. Thanks for any help you can give! Ste
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