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  1. Hello, When I was 13 I was with a friend was shoplifting from boots, I'd let her put stuff in my bag too because she didn't have room and I'd given up arguing (it was wrong I know all of that but she was my friend then and I was young) We were taken into the small room and the security guard told me that although I wasn't shoplifting I was as much to blame as an accomplice and that I was banned for life from every boots nationwide, I vaguely remember signing something however NO picture was taken of me and I was not issued a fine (as I've seen from other members). My father paid the amount for the goods that were in my bag and my friends mum did the same for her. I still remember being scared out my wits even to walk past it and crying and we were taken home in a police car and the police man told my father about everything. I am now 20 and I've been in many boots since including that one and never had any problem even when paying with debit cards. Is this ban still in place? Can I apply for a boots loyalty card? Thank you.
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