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  1. Right, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions . I guess the RLP will eventually inform boots about me not paying their "debts" . But as far as I'm aware , boots won't want to take a 16 year old to court as this could potentially harm their name ? I'll ignore them when they start to send the letters , I'll just have to learn to not worry so much
  2. The problem is she lives with us , so there isn't really another address I could give them
  3. On the information sheet that they gave me , it states "In principal the Data Protection Act 1998 does not prevent the use of data for civil recovery purposes provided that the data protection principles are complied with. You are notified that the personal information held about you may be passed to the police for criminal proceedings and to Retail Loss Prevention Limited for civil recovery proceedings " Does this mean I can't send them the letter as they have clearly said the act doesn't prevent anything ?
  4. Hey! Thank you for the replies . In my situation, I think it's best if I don't let my parents know just yet , but hopefully they won't get in contact with them anyway . I will do as you guys say as you're experienced with these things and you're positive they won't drag me to court. I'll ignore them and see what happens !
  5. Thank you so much x yeah I will just ignore them and hope I don't get taken into court haha
  6. Hello , I have read many different stories on here and so far , Ive learnt that I have to ignore them . What happened was I took something only worth £3 out of stupidity as I clearly can afford it. I got taken to the small room, I'm only 16 and didn't have ID with me so they made me write my name , date of birth and address down and checked if it was the same as what one of my siblings gave in. The police weren't called and they took my picture to stick up on their .."wall of fame " which I thought was stupid as I already wasn't feeling well and it seemed as if they were making a joke out of it . Anyway , they then gave me the RLP letter and let us go . I have already learnt to ignore their letters because I honestly think £100+ is too much to pay for something only £3 . What I am worried about is that will the letters come through with my name or my parents as I am only 16? They also asked for my phone number as well . I will just ignore all of their letters , but I am worried that they won't give up sending letters , and if they say that they will redirect the issue back to their client , does this mean they will contact boots and let them know about me not paying ? Surely boots will then have the right to get the police involved ? Also can I rest assured about this not getting noted down in any criminal records of mine ? Therefore I don't have to tick any boxes if I apply for jobs and get asked for my record ? Please help , not that I am worried sick as I'm not . But I still am anxious about the issue getting the polive involved for something so minor . It's also my first and last time shoplifting ... Thanks
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