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  1. My only issue is i looke quite unique so i worry the shopping centre people banned me aswell and they said they will phone police to remove me if im there.... would they and if so would i get arrested?
  2. okay, thank you guys, i found it stupid that it would be that much as they got their item back plus the security is there no matter what anyways, they threatend to phone the police so i just signed their paper work as i was ment to meet up with my girlfriend but they caused me to be late.
  3. also i have read on the other parts of the forum, i just wanted confirmation.... will it effect me i lied about my name? also i got banned from the shopping centre what i have to use to get through to the coach station.... they said i cant use it
  4. the guy was plain clothed, what i thought they would have to be shown they are security as he grabbed me outside and i didnt know who he was and leaded me into the room, and he did use the word fine, this just worries me as i dont have much money and i just lost my job due to cut backs :/
  5. Hey all, Today i was caught shop lifting from boots. .. i dont normally do this but i just did it and got caught, the guy took my details and i lied about my name but not my address. .. i dont know why i did but i was worried about future jobs, im only 19 and im worried about the fine he said i will have to pay, they refused to give me water and i was confused when they kept making me sign things and not giving me enough time to read them. .. im currently waiting for the letter how long will that be here? also i cant afford to repay it, the value of the item was £12 and he was like it will cost £130ish and they didnt lose anything out of it. will they be able to get money off me?
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