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  1. Hmm, ok. I'm expecting another letter sometime this week or next. Guess I'll just bin it!?
  2. Had a little look up on 'BPO' and on their site right away I see 'Interigeted mail' 'Door-to-door' and 'Tracing'. They've already started with the mail... I don't want them showing up at my door. As far as I know my sister hasn't told my parents and I don't really want them to know.
  3. I tried to post on here a few weeks ago to say I haven't heard anything in a few weeks from them. yesterday I got a letter from someone new 'bpo collections'. I'm worried they wont ever leave me alone. The letter is saying 'we are instructed to recover the liability against you which we understand is not disputed. could you contact us within 7 days of getting this letter, failing this you are at risk of our client issuing proceedings against you, which will incur further liability from court fees and legal costs. A count court judgement which remains unsatisfied after 30 days may also effect your credit rating. We require your immediate proposals to the matter. If you are now in a posistion to settle this you may pay ____ to BPO collections limited.' What should I doo???
  4. Yeah, got another today. Think this is the third or fourth one now. Just won't bother opening this one either.
  5. I got a letter from RLP about two weeks ago now and I've not even bothered to open this one or plan on it however I am a little worried what's inside. I was expecting another one by now or maybe soon, will I get another do you think?
  6. Got another letter from them today. 'We not that we have received no response from 16th May. If you have responded please make contact. Our client exercises it's civil rights of redress, mainly as a deterrent to further incidents. You have not sought to deny your actions not have you slight to demonstrate remorse or offer any reasonable explanation for your conduct' '... The case will proceed based on information and evidence provided by out client. If the case proceeds to court our correspondence will be placed before court.' 'We summarise the options to you: - settle the claim by paying £147.50 -negotiate other settlement -submit a written defence -advise us of any other relevant circumstances -advise that you require more time' this is just the letter briefly what they have sent to me this morning, should I just keep ignoring them?
  7. I wont respond to it then, will I receive another letter or anything from them?
  8. Hello everyone, I got my second letter today yet it is dated the 6th June. They have given me 21 days to respond from when they posted it. 'Thank you for your letter dated 25th May 2014 the content is noted Your letter is nothing other than a pro-forma letter you have copied from the internet and has no relevance to our clients claim The letter is produced to waste time and costs, in the breach of the Protocol for Pre-action Conduct and the Civil Procedure Rules (1998) We urge you to seek legal advice ... We have notified you in a reasonable, proportionate and lawful manner, of the nature and basis of our clients claim and the losses sought, in compliance with CPR. The reference to unlawful threats is entirely without merit ... ' Should I ignore this letter? Thanks
  9. Hmm, okay. I've asked my sister for advise, she's no help whatsoever and is leaning more towards the pay it side. But then if it's supposedly wrong for them to ask for this money from me and I shouldn't give in to their 'bullying' by paying then why should I?
  10. So I got a letter this morning and they're now asking for £147.50 instead of £137.50 they had said? I'm very unsure about sending them a letter back or of even what to say as I know they will probably just keep sending me letter after letter. Yes I had just left the store. Thanks everyone.
  11. Thanks everyone, I'll just wait for this letter to come
  12. So when I get a letter from them I should just ignore it? I have read that some people haven't even gotten letters and some others have but a week or even months later? Thank you
  13. I have seen similar things on here and a lot of people saying not to pay. I haven't gotten any letter from them yet though.
  14. Still very unsure of what to do but thank you for your advice and replies anyway
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