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  1. Thanks again folks for the advice. The general consensus seems to be to ignore this and leave it to them to follow up if they choose to. I guess we;ll just have to wait and see if they are are just out on a punt or if they mean it. If its the second we''ll cross that bridge when we het there. Chris
  2. Hi DX, Thanks or the reply. The original contact was made by the brewery, he failed to mention this. I will paste the email in below leaving out personal info. From: Stefan Sroczynski <Stefan.Sroczynski@stonegatepubs.com> Sent: 14 February 2020 10:54 To: Subject: Fraud Investigation 14/02/2020 Dear In my role as Fraud Manager for Stonegate Pub Company I was carrying out a scheduled visit to your former place of work, The Bloomery in Sheffield. The purpose of my visit was to investigate till transactions that had flagged up on our IntelliQ system in your name regarding MORE card usage in site. Your name in particular flagged up as it could be seen that a MORE card registered in your name was being scanned on shift with your Zonal till log in. I have a long list of transactions of this happening. I began to align these transactions against CCTV where you can clearly be seen scanning your MORE card in a fraudulent manner, gaining points from customer’s rounds whilst you are on the bar working. I have a large bank of CCTV evidence showing you take your MORE card from your pocket and swiping it on the till whilst on shift. As you will know this is against many company policies and is not allowed. Gaining points fraudulently and spending them is treated by Stonegate Pub Company in the same way as someone taking cash from the till. Your card in question (number ********************) has had a lifetime spend of £4126, £3527 of which has been put through on your own till card. This equates to £352.72 of spendable points that have been fraudulently earnt. At time of investigation the remaining balance on the card was £3.37, leaving the fraud total at £349.35. Stonegate will therefore be looking to recover this money plus the costs of the investigation (£177.60) making the total amount payable by you £526.95. We will give you the opportunity to pay this back to within 14 days of receipt of this email – should you choose not to do so the case will be passed to our partner County Court debt recovery company, Business Loss Prevention Limited who will recover the money on our behalf. Please contact myself or ER Support (ER.Support@stonegatepubs.com) stating how you would like to proceed. Many Thanks Stefan Sroczynski | Fraud Manager Midlands Email: stefan.sroczynski@stonegatepubs.com https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/StonegateLTC
  3. Hi all, My son in law to be has gotten himself in a pickle with his previous employer (Stonegate Pubs Ltd) When he was employed by them as a barman he had a MORE card, Stonegates version of a clubcard. Now he admits to me that he used to swipe it and collect unclaimed points at the bar and yes he had a few free beers and plates of chips when he was out of work and in one of their pubs but since he left they have come after him with a bill which greatly exceeds what he thinks he should owe. Now I don't have any idea just what his liability is in this instance. I have attached a copy of the letter he received from BLP but the one thing I note within the wording is they have used the word "estimate" when arriving at a sum of money. This I am fairly sure wouldn't hold water in court on that alone. Also they claim to have gone through CCTV showing him swiping his own card. Again, I find it difficult to believe that they would sit through hours of CCTV for what is IMO a trivial matter. If it were me I would treat this much the same way as a private parking fine and let them whistle without contact but being a bit green he has replied to them and although not admitting the full amount he has acknowledged there is a problem. They are already playing hard ball and insisting in full and final payment! Now would he not be entitled to see a breakdown of their "estimate" and also copies of the incriminating CCTV? Any help greatly appreciated. Chris BLP letter.pdf
  4. Hi folks, After a couple of successful claims against Lloys/TSB for PPI we had one more for a card with Lloyds. Lloyds refused to pay up claiming in their eyes we were not missold. We were using Claims Guys to act on our behalf (I know, lazy & costly) and they wrote to us stating that Lloyds had written to them advising them of their decision. we went direct to the FOS to appeal and the FOS decided in our favour. Four weeks later and we have had a letter from the Claims Guys asking for their share even though they were unsuccessful in their attempt. Any ideas if they can do this as with a no win no fee arrangement then I would say not. I appreciate that they did a fair bit of leg work so am happy to pay them but the full amount? I was wondering what others thoughts on this might be? Cheers, Chris
  5. Morning all, By my reckoning Restons/Cabots have now had 5 weeks to respond to my wifes defense but havent according to MCOL. Im guessing that they have a time limit of 4 weeks to do so. That being the case has this claim ground to a halt unless a fresh claim is made for the same account? We never did receive any of the info we requested such as CCA and CPR. Additionally, I had a claim against me last year which I defended as SB with the guidance of you lovely people. That is still showing as in defense on MCOL. Can I do anything to have that removed as its like an axe hovering? Cheers, Chris
  6. That was Restons Ford with the CPR request. Cabots returned the CCA request on the grounds that the PO wasn't made out payable to them. Obviously no one in the office that day had a biro to hand!
  7. Not a development as such but got this come through from Cabots (PDF Attached) Surely if they bought the alleged debt from Lloyds/TSB they would have had the sense to get a copy of the agreement at the time? Cabots.pdf
  8. Thanks DX, just wanted to check Time to do a bit of reading up and see what the best course of action is, its not like theres a shortage of threads concerning these parasites.
  9. Hi all, We ended up making the cataclysmic mistake of placing our mortgage with SPML about 7 years ago after rather foolishly taking the services of an independent mortgage broker. Unfortunately like so many others at the time we got into arrears during the "credit crunch" period. I wont go into all the details of the arrears my my concern is that over the phone today I was informed by Acenden that my arrears still stand at 5 months (this I already knew, some £3500) but the various charges they have applied have added a further £4500 plus change taking our current arrears to in excess of £8000. Now we can afford our monthly contractual payments and we are also paying an additional £70 a month to clear the arrears so we are currently in good shape for that. My question is that I want to challenge the charges. I have read threads on here and it certainly sounds like a real possibility. What I am worried about is that if I do challenge them, being 5 months behind will I be at risk of opening a can of worms that could result in them starting repossession proceedings?
  10. Thanks everyone, I had an idea it was just Restons puffing their chest out trying to unnerve us but just wanted to make doubly sure.
  11. Hello everyone, Hope your all having a good weekend so far. Ive attached a PDF of a letter that arrived from Restons about 20 minutes ago in which they acknowledge receipt of my wifes defense and basically dismiss it as rubbish. They go on to explain why and then very kindly invite her to withdraw her defense using the form N9A which they have also very kindly provided. Am I right in thinking they want us to do their job for them? Anyway, best course of action anyone? Maybe i'm being a shade optimistic but it almost sounds like they lack the paperwork to support their claim? I'll leave it to my learned friends to advise if you'd be so kind :madgrin: :madgrin: Restons 2.pdf
  12. Sent it back next morning. I did make out the payable to section to them but nothing at all sent to either Cabot or Restons has been signed at all.
  13. Dont know if this information is of use to anyone, but Cabots have returned the CCA request I sent them because the postal order wasnt made out to them. I left it blank as suggested in the CCA request thread. On another note, now that a defense has been submitted, is it still worthwhile to make the postal order out to them and resend it? Afterall, they have very kindly provided a prepaid envelope.................
  14. This arrived Yesterday folks. Im guessing theres nothing I need to do this end is there apart from wait and see? Defense.pdf
  15. Cheers Andy. Defense submitted, now to wait and see............
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