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  1. bashing? oh no, i think everyone is really helpful here and im really appreciate it because each of you takes time to read and reply and help. so thank you everyone
  2. hi Renega, I will keep updating here because i really want to help those who have similar situation.
  3. hi hi just to update anyone who read this page, i just made a call to the uk immigration solicitor and the lady asked the lawyer and she said as long as im having valid visa, i can come back and she gave me her direct number so i can ring her if i really stopped at the imigration. but she says if im applying to extend my visa, it is best to apply while im still in uk. im really sorry to bother everyone due to my mistake and i really apologize. i really regret about it and i hope no one will ever face the same mistake as me as it literally ruin my entire life.
  4. hi Vauban, i have called the CAB but they say they canot give me advise and ask me to call ukba which i did. i spoke to the officer, one says its considered as serious offence even if it s caution but says he cant advise me as it if up to the officer at the immigration. the other officer says it is a simple caution. and say he cant really guarantee me that but it is up to me also. just that he say i have to be honest when asked oor stopped by the officer at the immigration which i have always intend to. he also ask me to bring along the simple caution letter issue by the police just in case. im also waiting to call UKCISA which is hard to get through as their line has been busy but i will continue to try tomorrow)': can i ask for your own personal opinion? if you were me, what will you do then?)': im sorry
  5. and of course apart from regretting (which i cant change) i have to think of the consequencessssss. apart from not being able to live normally (i would say if for me, i will keep thinking about it, regretting and being stupid, i will keep thinking for weeks or even months and i know it because i am a negative person.)
  6. i do regret and of course im still regretting and i know im the worst person now, i really know )': i regret to the extent that i have to lock myself in my room not letting anyone know. but even if i constantly saying i regret, some people might think so what if i keep saying and some people might say no point regretiing. i have paid for this expensive lesson, a long life record )'''''''': and no, renega, i dont think we are arguing. but fellow mates, i just need your help badly. i have not much friends here and im really scared.
  7. I don't seem apologetic? How can you tell???????? I just want to at least appear calm now and trying to figure things out. I alrd made the stupidest mistake ever and ruin my life and am here struggling for help. How, you tell me. How to seem apologetic so you won't judge me? ):
  8. i forgot to mention, before going back to home country, i have plan to travel to other parts of EU but now im not sure if i should still do that. although i will still check with UKBA. by the way, i need schangen visa.
  9. Vauban, i will contact the UKBA maybe. but i dont understand your last paragraph. "Much better - in my view - to see the authorities doing due process than to have the likes of RLPicon dishing out their saloon bar justice. " could you explain it to me please?
  10. yeah I agree with bazzaa too and youre right. i need to deal the RLP now. (although i hope there wont be a letter which im afraid it wont be the case). ill come back to you guys when the letter arrives. i appreciate all of your help, really. it means a lot to me especially when i have no one to turn to now. thank you everyone
  11. and guys, i will let you know again once i received the rlp letter. i know i should not be worrying much but i couldnt help it ):
  12. hi bazzasss, im carrying the general tier 4 visa and i will be going to home country during the summer holidaaay. will i still be able to re-enter uk under my visa? ): also, did you mean even if i ask for a solicitor, i will still get a caution? is this always the case? im so regret now. i wasnt thinking properly and i was so scared to be in the police station, so i thought the fastest way is to plead guilty. is there anyway back? like undo the caution? shall i still see a solicitor now? ):
  13. is tis how its going to look like? the letter envelope? does everyone know what RLP is or people who steal before will know?
  14. hi silver, so do you mean i should contact the ICO? people has been saying the RLP will keep sending letters and letters will worried me as im not living alone and living with other people. now i come to think about it i shouldnt have given my address to security guard
  15. hi Bazasss, 1.yes.its in england. 2.oops its sergeant. he asked me lots questions and took details of me. 3. i signed now i regret as i dont know if i supposed to cause i didnt request for solicitor ): and i can tell you im under the police record and i was told this will affect my visa applications to countries like USA and Australia ):
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