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  1. will they eventually begin to write to my parents? Surely this isn't allowed without my permission.. . If my parents see these letters they'll want to pay the fine and get it over with. I know they won't believe the stuff i'd show them about rlp
  2. Hi there, recently me and a few friends were caught shoplifing £58.97 worth of makeup from Boots. This is my first ever offence and I clearly wasn't thinking right, I'm so ashamed of myself. we were caught by CCTV and the two guards came up to us and took us to back of house. At this point, I knew I messed up. He gave us the option of either telling our parents or calling the police and risking a criminal record. OBVIOUSLY, we chose to just tell our parents even though we knew we'd get in a huge amount of trouble. The goods were taken back by Boots with no damage done. After this ,they took our details and gave us a 12 month ban and a sheet behind with RLP in the corner. We were told we'd be expecting a 'fine' of around £120 which I thought was ridiculous for a 16 year old to be paying. Yes, I know I did wrong but come on?! me being me I decided to do some research and came across a number of forums and threads telling me I should ignore the letters, but this sounds really wrong considering they threaten to take people to court? I really don't want to stress my parents out even more as we have a lot of things to be paying for at the moment and I myself am stressing too because I don't want to get into even more trouble. Please help me before I lose my marbles ((((
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