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  1. Hello, I bought some nice glasses around 3 months ago from Boot the Opticians. After 2 weeks the left arm came off (they are sort of 'clip ins' with no screws). It then started happening regularly, then the left lens became unclipped from the nose bridge. They are now so wonky and wobbly that i can't even clean them without the arm or lens coming off. I read reviews on NHS Choices about Boots the optician and there's 15 pages with virtually all giving negative responses, and plenty with arm issues. They also state that Boots don't seem to want to help. Am i right in thinking there is no warranty with glasses? It seems head office and the opticians in question are getting people to too and fro between them. I wish i had looked at the reviews beforehand. Do i have the right to demand a refund as they are at the point where they aren't wearable. I bought these in good faith and paid £260+ on my debit card. I haven't as yet approached them and would be grateful for any advice on exactly how to approach them regarding law and retailers obligations. I think these must have been made in China they are that flimsy and other people have also had problems clipping them back together for me. TIA P.S. if anyone is going to Boots the Optician please read reviews online first.
  2. Sick1

    DLA to PIP

    Ok, just to update. I got a benefit advisory service to handle my MR. I now have enhanced care and standard Mobility. They are for an 'ongoing period'. i'm quite pleased but what I would like to know is if I scored 4 points moving around and 4 points to have someone with me do I have 50% tax reduction on my vehicle or not. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sick1

    DLA to PIP

    Hello, I had a disastrous assessment with a very nasty nurse. I was on higher rates for both components. I can't believe how much detail I went into on the form and evidence supplied. I know from the report that the assessor has contradicted herself throughout, but I can't believe I scored not 1 point. I have Crohns disease, arthritis, scoliosis, iritis, chronic fatigue due to malabsorbtion and severe mental health issues. I also have a liquid feed going through a tube in my abdomen into my stomach. the nurse and I did discuss my mobility scooter and the fact that I cannot propel my wheelchair and that I genuinely cannot go to an unknown place. So i'm truly shocked by what she wrote. She seemed more interested in the fact that I draw and drive an automatic car. I simply cannot understand her. She also used a raised voice the whole time. I just didn't have anyone with me and suffered it alone, although she stated she would leave and come back at another date to finish off as she 'could see she was stressing me out'. I told her to stay as I would never let her back in my place. I almost dialled 999 to have her arrested and removed. I have put in for my mandatory reconsideration and was wondering how long this will take. In the mean time am I allowed to use my bus pass and must I tax my car immediately? Also, with bedroom tax and an overpayment i'm really feeling the pinch, can I get help with the bedroom tax and can the overpayment be brought into line with what I can afford. I'm suffering so much mental and physical anguish over this I really don't know how i'm going to cope. TIA
  4. Sick1

    DLA to PIP

    Hi, No I haven't had one since I moved here. I really don't know if I can go through this alone, but have no idea what to do.
  5. Hi all, I had a phone call from Capita yesterday and the woman on the other end of the phone was quite aggressive and hostile. ~She spoke really fast too. I have severe mental health issues and numerous physical issues including needing to be near a loo. She tried to demand I go for a f2f in a place I don't know at all. I told her this and she said "but you get out daily, don't you?" I said of course I can't not with this health. She very reluctantly allowed me an appointment at home but no choice of date. I am now at my wits end as I never allow even the few friends I have to come into my house due to my physical and mental health. My house is a bit of a tip as I suffer extreme fatigue due to Crohn's Disease and arthritis. My mental health is also such that I can't physically do what I want to do when I want to do things. I don't have anyone I can ask to be with me at the allotted time and am terrified of having to let a stranger into my home. I haven't lived in the area long and don't feel I can rely on any of my medical team. Any suggestions please? TIA
  6. Shoelover, must be my mistake then. I was under the assumption that the compliance interview was recorded.
  7. Mine was in a quiet room. they will be recording the interview so don't have background noise to distract them and there should be no distractions from other staff/telephones either. My compliance officer was not at all nasty, a bit formal, I suppose. She helped me back to my car carrying my medical equipment for me. The only thing I would say is that it can get to your brain a bit and send you spiralling downwards if you dwell on it. Good luck.
  8. Sent my ESA form off in May 2013, not heard a thing. Benefits still being paid though. I did read somewhere that if they don't need to see you then they may not even contact you to tell you so as they did with me in 2011.
  9. To get back to the OP questions, I too have been wondering this myself. I have very bad health and have been waiting 6 months for a gastroenterology appointment. I was always seen every two months due to the severity of my Crohn's disease. I'm in a bad way physically and only getting worse. Can we use our NHS card in EU countries for our usual health issues? I also have many other health problems and would love to go abroad for a better medical healthcare. Seeing as I'm totally reliant on benefits and lots of medications, including liquid food, would I be allowed to be abroad for longer periods of time and still claim and have my healthcare taken care of in another country. What if I bought a caravan in spain? Would this disqualify me from housing benefit and council tax on my rented home? Would it be considered a property abroad? I simply am struggling so badly with my health and I don't have ties here either, just as the OP has said, What's the point in staying if we could get better and fairer treatment somewhere else in the EU. I hope someone can throw light on these matters rather than the banter of the election. thanks
  10. haha, love this thread. Nice to have a giggle on here. Usually its very serious matters. Thanks.
  11. Sounds like you didn't owe too much and that's that. Can't see too much going wrong from this. Perhaps your anxiety is playing awful tricks on you. It can simply overwhelm your thinking and get you into unnecessary panic mode.
  12. Thanks, Antone. I am way too sensitive and I must 'get over it', so to speak.
  13. Hi again, thanks for your responses. I am on ESA, severe disability etc, hb and ct. I have no work, but I saved all the DLA up especially for something that would entirely benefit my health. They agreed this would be suitable for my health and said I could spend this. But I did knowingly save and had undeclared earnings. I did receive benefits I was not entitled to because I very naughtily had savings over the limit.
  14. It is dwp, I paid up all that hb and ct as they demanded it fast. So less to spend on medical equipment but that's all paid up now, I think.
  15. Hi, Debt Management at Micheldean in Gloucester. and I don't know, do police, housing, and fraud people just turn up out of the blue to arrest me or what? I have seen on here that people have had officers turn up at the door. Don't know whether this is to catch those claiming to be living alone but have a partner. As you can see I suffer chronic anxiety and depression along with a lot of other stuff, I'm also way too sensitive for my own good.
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