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Found 6 results

  1. Hi we bought a british bulldog puppy at 9 weeks old. We had her vacinated and microchipped. After we had her 3 weeks her back legs went wobbly and we took her to vets. We were advised to get an xray which we did. She was diagnosed with hemi vertebrae and told to rest her..she just become worse and could hardly walk. The vet advised returning her to breeder. The breeder agreed to take her back. They said they couldn't give us a refund but would give us a replacement pup from a future litter. But have since deleted us off their page and im worried we are not going to get one. What are my rights. Ps pup has been put down now as deteriorated.
  2. Good afternoon I am after help in regards to the sale of my French Bulldog puppy bought on 6/8/14. He was advertised as a pick of the litter and in good health.. He is kennel Club registered and the breeder is a Kennel Club assured breeder and I felt I did everything I could to ensure I was purchasing a healthy and happy puppy. I have a copy of his original advert, plus a copy of the contract I signed when I picked him up as proof of the sale The very next day I took him to his new vet for a check over and to get him wormed and registered, only to be told the devastating news that he had a heart murmur. The breeder denied that they knew about this and kept advising he had a clear vet health check ( i now have a copy of this check and there is no mention of his heart . bet states t was checked but if checked it should be on his notes...it isn't!) I instructed my vets to get all his vaccinations & the health check paper work from his old vets, to only be told more devastating news that the breeder knew he was ill at his 2nd vaccination, as it on his notes that he could drop dead at any time – I have a copy of this note as proof that the breeders knew ( she now states her mother took him and kept it from her - however she is the client at the surgery) Due to this non-disclosure my 4 week insurance i had when i picked him up is probably invalid, as his heart will be deemed as a pre condition, which wasn’t advised when he was purchased and insurance taken out on him. I am looking to sue the breeder for all his medical treatment and surgery My claim is made on the grounds that the item purchased (the puppy) was faulty (as confirmed by a heart scan with took place on the 14/8/14 ) and that they are liable for any misrepresentation or breach of contract under section 13 SOGA 1974 I have spoken to trading standards and the kennel club and it is confirmed to me that the breeder is liable if they sell a puppy that is defective. (BUT IS THIS ONLY IF THEY ARE A BUSINESS ?- she has a website and a shop on her premises but she states here kennels aren't a business) This is law under Section 13 of Sale of Goods Act 1979. Even if the breeder carries out all the health screening required for their breed, if they sell a puppy that is defective they are still liable to either refund the purchase price on the return of the puppy, (which due to the fact, he is now a much-loved member of the family, this would be impossible to me, as it would cause me the highest level of emotional distress to return him - however she did offer this, but i said it was not possible) or to pay to have the puppy's defect fixed - which is my intent. I understood it that if the purchaser does not have to return the puppy under SOGA 1979 but is entitled to do so. If they wish to keep the puppy then they can seek reasonable damages i.e. the cost of operations or medication to put it right. Anybody who breeds more than one litter is a breeder/trader (even breeding just one litter does not absolve the breeder from their obligations under consumer legislation) and therefore even if they did everything possible to protect themselves from producing any health defects in their puppies, they will still be liable unless they pointed out the defect prior to purchase. Which they did not, even though it was in writing from their vets. - BREEDER ADVISES SHE IS NOT A BUSINESS JUST A HOBBY BREEDER WILL THIS MATTER? The puppy has undertaken 2x full heart scan and is now getting ready for surgery in September. All of these medical interventions will cost in approx of £6000.00 , as still awaiting estimate for surgery ( £1000= has been spent on heart scans to date) Please can you advise where I stand on trying to get back some of my money please. I have sent a letter to the breeder outlining all of the above , another another letter outlining all costs i wish her to pay, plus now a letter before court. Once his surgery has been complete i will have invoice for all bills and will proceed to court if you feel i have a case but any advice on where I stand legally would be a great help please
  3. Hi I have a 11 month old female beagle puppy, I noticed her front legs bowed slightly and asked my vet about it, who just said she might be a beagle cross which could explain the front legs looking odd. She then starting limping about a month ago and I noticed her right foot was twisting when she walked!! My vet said she must have sprained her leg, I questioned the bowed legs again and was dismissed with pain relief and told to come back in a week or so if she's still limping!! He noted that her leg was deformed but didn't seem bothered! I went back after a week and saw my normal vet who NOW seemed very concerned and said she wants to refer me to Davies hospital (Who charge a fortune and demand payment immediately or they wont help!) I wasn't happy with this, as my vet still hadn't done any tests or xrays and just seemed to pass the buck! I went to another vet for a second opinion, one who came very highly recommended! He examined her, and said it was worse than I first thought and would probably need surgery to correct. they did blood test and xrays of all her bones as it could be a bone disease, they came back that both front legs are deformed and need immediate surgery, she also has advanced hip dysplacia!! He has had a online conference with the UK leading vet's who all criticised him for not picking it up earlier, he then explained it wasn't his mistake! Basically this should have been picked up months ago, and if it had it would have saved her surgery and pain!! Plus it would have saved me £1000's Can I complain or get some financial help from my previous vet?? Thanks for reading, I will keep you updated as we go Niki & Bailey (Beagle Pup)
  4. Parents got an 8 week old female Jack Russell yesterday. She does go outside in the garden; but doesn't seem to want to wee out there? Has anyone got any advice please. She'll poo outside with no problem. She just wees inside the house. She also chews on everything, which I assume is normal? She has the naughty habit of licking my hands and then deciding to nibble them. Very sneaky. She currently doesn't have a name. Any name suggestions would be appreciated. She's black and white. Will post a photo when I get a chance.
  5. Here goes: I bought a cavachon puppy off a registered breeder online a week ago, the breeder seemed very genuine, we had lots of phone conversations etc.. anyway, i picked up the pup from the breeders house along with some other bits for the pup including paperwork. When i got the pup it had already had its first vaccination and been checked over by a vet, when i took the pup to have its 2nd vaccination 2 days ago my vet told me my pup has a grade 5 and close to grade 6 heart murmur now grade 6 is the worst it gets! and my puppy unfortunately wont live very long my vet also advised it should of been picked up by the vet when giving the first vaccination. I have been referred to a cardiologist for tests/scans to determine the exact cause which can cost me around £800 and to operate will cost in the thousands, but i am very attached to the puppy already! having spoken to the insurance they are reluctant to pay out as they claim it must have been spotted at the first vaccination and its classed as a pr existing condition!. Is there anything i can do about being sold this puppy? i have been in touch with the breeder who refused to give us her vets details and now she has disconnected her phone and her neighbors have said they haven't seen her in a few days, its really frustrating and i really don't know what to do!!
  6. Hi all, really not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but looking for some advice. SO sorry for the length!!! there is just so much to say Basically 1 year ago we bought a puppy, I work as a nursing assistant at a veterinary surgery so we took her to my vet the day after for a health check (we had some red flags from the breeder but this being our first puppy were slightly naive) At the health check she was diagnosed with parrot jaw, basically an overshot jaw. We contacted the breeder politely and told her, she was a bit abrupt with us saying she knew about it, but its not as big of a deal as my vet was making out... anyway we ended the exchange amicably with an agreement of, or so i think of splitting the bill if it came down to her adult canines being removed in the future, which was worst case scenario. She offers to take her back, ofcourse we say no. fast forward about 2 maybe 3 months or so, we realise her sight isn't quite right. Take her back the vets, he agrees something isn't right, referred us to an eye specialist. He agrees something isn't right too but that her eyes seem fine besides being slightly small for her age and head. So he suggested a neurologist as he thought it is her brain. Week or so later we go there, they notice her head tilt and say yes something isn't right we'd like to do a brain scan, they were 85% sure she'd come out with hydrocephalus. She didn't, 1700 pound later (she was fully insured) they tell us her optic nerve is fine. She does seem to have muscular atrophy of the muscles in her head though and this is unique and doesn't have a name, possibility of degeneration over time but unlikely, but that it is the result of a toxic process while in utero... meaning the mum appears to have been exposed to a chemical of some form which has caused it. Advice = just keep an eye on her. Take her home, some visit to vet over rashes and stuff, not thought of much. We email the breeder and tell her, she practically accuses us of doing something to her and it ends with her saying she spoke to her vet and he said its a rare thing and she breeds to please blah blah, we can have a free puppy if we like... :/ i was always polite and said thank you, but right now no.. We take her to be spayed. My vet says he is concerned as although her parents where carrier and clear of vWd (clotting disorder, and meaning she should never be affected) he believes that the time that her swabs stayed saturated indicated to him some sort of clotting disorder and it's worth checking out (we had paid so many excesses we couldn't afford that because IN THE MEANTIME... she got this horrendous rash all over her body and she is in misery and pain and we've tried everything from hibiscrub, sudacrem, surolan, compresses, flea treatments, piriton, cortavance. Finally we go to a specialist and she tested for allergies. She is allergic to 2 types of grass, rabbits, all type of dust mites, clover, mould, etc ALL KINDS. Low and behold? its hereditary.... may have skipped a generation, but hereditary all the same. She now has to have special injections made every month for the rest of her life to try to calm her reactions down. Honestly I am angry, i'm sad. I'm so infuriated and I don't know what to do. We love her, she was an extremely expensive dog, 800 pounds and we've spent tons. I don't begrudge her a penny but, as anyone can understand.. I'm peeved. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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