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  1. Hi BankFodder I answered a couple of your quentions, but now that you have confirmed that the info in the email is important I'll use that and call them tomorrow. If they insist that I didn't confirm that the change of contract would affect me and that the email meant nothing I'll talk to my bank. I don't want to take up anymore of your time until I get their response tomorrow
  2. they seem to be disregarding that and only focussing on the point that the agent, when I asked for a PAC, did not note that I had said the contract change would affect me. thank you
  3. Apologies. I recieved the email 'An important update about your mobile tariff' with the no termination fee details mentioned on 24 06 2021 I called to terminate/get a PAC code on 14 07 2021 Today I noticed that there is a payment for the full amount about to be taken out of my bank account, and today an agent on instant chat told me that when I requested my PAC over the phone on 14th the agent did not note that I had said that the change would affect me, this last requirement seems pretty flimsy and wasn't mentioned in the email. I wanted to find out if I could safely block this at my bank before payment is taken as I have no confidence in O2
  4. I received the following email from O2: I eventually found a way to contact them, they really do not make it easy, and called to cancel my contract. I was asked by the, equally frustrated, representative if the change affected me, I said 'yes', finally got a PAC and left them, absolutely never to return. Now I find they are charging me the early termination fee and that there is no record on my account of me telling them that the change to my contract would affect me (apparently a condition of leaving without an early termination fee). So, where do I stand, is this statement over the phone that the change affects me, actually important, even though it does not mention it as a condition in their email?
  5. Finally got my account cleared, emailing the ceo and the finance department seems to have done the trick as nothing else worked at all. for anyone else who has similar problems email [email protected] thank you everyone.
  6. finally got a call back, after emailing the CEO, I talked to someone in the 'executive complaints' dept who promised me that she would look into this, get it sorted and call back 'shortly'. That was monday, 4 days later I've heard nothing at all. The first payment is due today. I called and talked to someone else who said that the payment couldn't be removed as they had to check to see if it was my fault, I'm not actually sure what that means, I've no idea how any of this could be my fault. I said I was concerned that this was going to affect my credit rating as the first payment was due today, her response was that 'yeah, it might'. She did say that 'if' it turns out that it's all very's fault they will look after my credit rating but that she was unable to reverse any interest that may build up. If they are not allowed to recharge my cc, how are they allowed to put this charge on my Very credit account? if they can add the charge then surely they can cancel the interest? Have I got something that I can complain to the FCA about? Does the fact that they refunded me fully once not count for anything? Does it mean that they have admitted liability? I dont want to pay the first instalment, which is due today, as I have done nothing wrong and don't feel that I should have to pay, but is it true that the item is still mine until Very have confirmed the fault and that I am liable until then? This is really annoying as I originally paid in full using a cc, I would not use Very finance willingly.
  7. It worked for about 2 weeks, for future ref: is the 30 days from the order day, or the day it arrived, until the day I notified them or the day they received it?
  8. Thanks for replying. the first payment is due in a few days! so it may be about to trash my credit file! On another forum I'm being told it's my fault as I didn't wait for them to test it and confirm, and they had the right to reverse the refund
  9. Apparently this, [email protected], email address isn't manned! I tried sending an email to [email protected], but as mentioned very customer 'care' on social media claim that this is not a manned address. I have also come off a 1:30 minute call with very, second call of the day, first was 40+ minutes, I am now told that although their returns department automatically refunded me this was before the repairs department had inspected the item, they say they could not inspect it while the Macbook was still registered to my Apple account (i'm pretty sure they could have tried to switch it on!). The latest information given was that they applied the charge back to my credit account while they were assessing if the item could be repaired and returned to me if it could! After receiving the refund I assumed that was the end of the matter and bought another machine from another retailer, so what the hell do I do if very decide that the item can be repaired and want to return it to me? I feel I've been conned as I originally paid with a cc, that was refunded and now they have debited the credit account that you have to take out when joining, which I would never have used and which my limit is only £500 anyway so I've been debited with way over the amount that i'm 'allowed' anyway! And it's impossible to talk to anyone who can do anything, I've spent 6-8 hours trying to get his resolved Help! I seriously believe I've been suckered in and conned by very - forced to use their credit system., they cancelled my credit card payment then recharged on their own managed credit account. I've no doubt I'll be clocking up interest while they take their time over this. and there is no method of talking to anyone useful, it seriously feels like one big con
  10. I purchased a Macbook pro from very.co.uk but after 2 weeks is stopped working completely, I talked to very.co.uk electrical support and they agreed it couldn't be fixed and asked me to return the item. I returned the item and very.co.uk refunded my cc. However I then received a letter stating that I needed to remove the MacBook from my apple account so that the machine could be accessed by very. I ignored this at first as I thought it was a mistake as they had refunded me. However then I received a bill from them, they had added the cost of the Macbook to my account credit account on very! I removed the Macbook from my apple account as requested and messaged them via my account to tell them. They have now asked for a screenshot of me removing the Macbook from my Apple account, how can I provide a screenshot of an action, one that I've already performed too? I sent a screenshot of my current devices that are registered to my account, however I can see this running as I purchased a replacement Macbook from another store and it has the same name as the returned one, I am concerned as I have an outstanding balance on my account and am being asked for payment. There appears to be no method of talking to anyone useful at very.co.uk or of getting anything resolved very easily, they do not appear to have a complaints phone number and only provide a couple of options for complaint subjects online 'Warranty complaint', 'PPI complaint', pr Insurance', I would have thought they were obliged to provide better access than that for customers? Has anyone had experience of dealing with very.co.uk? what's the best way I can get this resolved? Can they recharge me for a product that I have returned, and that is faulty? What can I do if they refuse to accept the screenshot I supplied as proof that I have removed the machine from my Apple account?
  11. Thank you. The loan is not for a business, it's for renovation and clearing our overdrafts.
  12. We are looking to take out a bank loan secured against our property, we have been advised by the bank that we need to obtain 'independent legal advice for secured lending against a property for debt consolidation'. I've just spoken to a solicitor who basically said that the purpose of this is just to take the responsibility away from the bank, and that that it's largely for their benefit. Is this the case, should we get it anyway?
  13. Thank you. When you say 'call the engineer and tell him his report needs to be more comprehensive.' do you mean he needs to explain what is wrong with the compressor, sorry to ask, but tbh it's taken nearly 2 weeks to get this out of him, he's not easy to deal with (he isn't the sharpest tool in the box!).
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