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Found 22 results

  1. Same price - exactly same size box but minus 2 sachets. Cappucino - box on left from last week - box on right from today You can hear the 8 sachets rattling around in the box - so I guess that will be reduced in size in a couple of weeks! Coffee.pdf
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2836966/bbc-secret-shopper-finds-two-thirds-of-tesco-customers-overcharged-by-expired-deals/
  3. Hi guys. ANY help here would be appreciated. We bought a brand new TV in March 2014. Our old unbranded one was still going strong after 10 years, we just fancied a newer flatter type and a slight increase in size from 32 to 40in. We went to Tesco and looked at the wall of dazzling TV's. A salesperson asked if we wanted any help so I explained I what I was after and he recommended the Toshiba as it was a 'great make' and was reasonably priced @ £279. So we bought it. Yesterday the screen just went black. The sound was still there but no picture. I did a little online research and all
  4. I'm mad Placed an order online with tesco.com yesterday for delivery between 8-9PM tonight. At approximately 7:30PM, received a text saying order was late and would be delivered before 10PM. O.K. Annoying, but stuff happens. Anyway, rolling on, time gets to 10:30 - no delivery so I try their phone help line and got cut off due to high call volume! Try again and finally speak to someone at 11:00PM! Thank goodness it was a freephone number. Apparently after my order was delayed, someone took it on themselves to not deliver my order and did not communicate this to their tracking
  5. Hi All, I purchase a 32" Tv from Tesco at a very good price just about £159 which is not a misprice by the way until it went out of stock, it was despatched for next day delivery however the TV failed to arrive. Yodel claimed it was left with my neighbor however the neighbor in question is hardly ever at home and I am the one who actually receives parcel for the said neighbor, but I check with the neighbor anyway and it was not there. I was home all day on the said day but I was sure there was no yodel driver about. Tesco are still investigating and I dread them coming back to me ask
  6. Hi! My first time at this! Is anyone else like me and wonder why Tescos does so well? I go in there and all the drinks seem to be sugary rubbish. Most of the meat seems to be very processed , poor ham and beef etc. If you are trying to find healthy foods: salmon salads, V8 type drinks, unprocessed meat or let alone fresh fish. I suspect people have got so used to frozen fish or fish treated with bleaches etc they no longer know what the real thing is. Admittedly Waitrose and M&S are expensive alternatives and not perfect but surely people value what they are putting i
  7. here is what tesco provided me for my snack. if it was dark i would have eaten ittesco multinational corporation offered me a £1.00 voucher
  8. Good Afternoon CAG, A customer has provided me a Dell Laptop to repair. The fault is most certainly a failing hard drive. Having done the usual diagnostics and attempted recovery it is very likely the drive will need replacing. The laptop has 1 year collect & return warranty on the laptop which expired mid July 2013. The fault was reported around the last week of August. The Laptop was purchased from Tesco Direct in April last year. Do you think I have a claim under the sales of goods act? I am happy to replace the drive in the laptop as is the custom
  9. Hello, I'm after some advice on complaining to Tesco Direct. I ordered the 2 door Jsper Wardrobe and cest of drawers from them the first time i ordered both products where in correct i'll explain why; The Chest of drawers; All parts where correct apart from the side panels of the drawers themselves instead of having 4 of each side i had 8 of one. The 2 Door Wardrobe; All parts where correct apart from the bottom panel of the drawer for the wardrobe. It was short by 11mm. This lead to the problem that it would not fit correctly so therefore rendered useless. I cal
  10. Hi there, A few weeks ago, my wife had an eye test and bought two pairs of glasses from the in-store opticians at Tesco. One normal pair, and one with the type of lenses that darken in sunlight. They were only a very weak prescription, so she does not need to wear them all the time. Ever since she got them she has said that something didn't seem right, but we put that down to her eyes getting used to the new prescription (I know this can take time as I'm a speccy four-eyes myself ). Last week, when wearing the glasses, she noticed when looking at a light, that she could see two
  11. Placed order at tesco.com yesterday for 54 bottles of Coke (2lt bottles) they have it on deal 3 for £3 plus delivery it worked out 58.50 minus £10 voucher for first groceries shopping I had to pay £48.50. Booked slot between 12 pm - 1 pm for today. Waiting between those hours and no sing of the driver, so after 2 pm loggoed into account on tesco website and next to my order it says it was delivered. Contacted tesco by on-line form and just had the phone call from them saying that they canceled the order because of stock shortage and because items are too heavy to deliver. Why do they sell
  12. I frequently purchase Tesco's " Ready to Eat " Prunes and enjoy them daily as part of my 5 a day Biting on one recently I chipped my tooth quite badly as I bit on a stone .... I emailed Tesco ( it was almost impossible to find a way of doing so ) some days back and today I got my answer They will inform their marketing dept to inform their marketing team to put larger signs on packets What exactly these signs will say I have no Idea ...the packet does not mention that they could have stones in them On opening a new pack of same prunes today I again found a stone in one , I have n
  13. I received a e-mail from Tesco Entertainment saying I was to have the product: FIFA 13 (PS3) - Costing £39.00 Dispatched within the next few days. The email was sent on the 26th of September 2012 I had ordered the item on 15 May 2012 - on a offer where if I was to pre-order, I would get 600 clubcard points too. So I did So a pre-order which I expected to arrive on release day (28th September) has not happened. From 4 months ago, Tesco could still not get my order right and I still do not have it. What is the point in a pre-order if the customer doesn't receive i
  14. Hi I have a problem in returning an item which is faulty. I only purchased it on Saturday afternoon and have used it for a max of 10 minutes intermittently. The issue is not about getting a refund which Tesco has said (during 5 phone calls so far) I can have. (I paid by cash) The issue is that I am trying to find a way to return it that does not cost a load of money. Tesco will only pay for the item refund, but it is going to cost me a huge sum to return this because I am disabled and have to pay for a taxi there and back. I have tried to resolve this to the best I can, b
  15. I purchased a laptop in March from Tesco and it failed today with a fatal IO error which, having asked a few IT buddies who guided me through some testing, appears to be a hard drive problem and is in all likelyhood not repairable. I took it back to Tesco this evening and was told by the electronics counter assistant and the duty manager that I have no choice but to call Toshiba support and go through them and once that has been comnpleted they will refer me to Tesco tech support who will in turn provide a reference number to take to the store if they cannot fix the problem where I will b
  16. Tv less than four months old. Group of stuck/dead pixels. Took a month from first report to Tesco to have the panel replaced and returned back to me. Came back with lots of scratches on rear of tv. What can I expect. Don't want to be without tv again. Can I insist the tv is replaced/refunded?
  17. I returned the unwanted items from my online Tesco shopping on 11th March; however till today have not received the money back in my bank account. I have called Tesco store support 5 times but every time I get new promises. Nothing done from store side yet. Could some one please help?
  18. Hi, would appreciate some guidance its been a while since ive needed to go down this route but sadly i find myself having to stick up for my rights again. Been onto trading standards & they say there are some letter templates on their site which i cant find i know where are some suitable one on here but not sure where to look ? After a little over a year my lap top has fallen apart i contacted Dell & they washed there hands of it & say its ware & tare, as its cos cosmetic its not covered by the warranty. In my eyes which i consider myself to be right the lap top
  19. Friend had phone cover I liked and saw on direct that it was half price so ordered a while ago. As was nice and half price ordered another style as well and they arrived by recorded delivery. I opened them after a few days as poorly and the cover identical to my friends was fine. Couple of days later I thought better check the other one as did not prior as well what can be wrong with a phone cover? Glad I did as it did not fit properly. Same size as the other but on the top left the rim was different a little bigger in that the iphone could easily fall out when turned. Think this
  20. i bought an ipod dock from tesco for £50 and it has just stopped working. They are saying it is out of the 1 year guarantee but i know there is more than just a year and need some advise on the subject please help thanks !
  21. Yestarday, i collected my tescos direct items from my local store ( heanor ) after waiting half an hour for my items to be found, i then returned home. i descovered 2 of the items were very damaged. first off, the box which the monkey egg cups ( cat number - 2139939)were in, was totally torn apart. there is no way i could give this to someone as a gift. then i find that the rachel allen cake stand ( cat number - 2132462) was smashed to pieces!! and even more insulting, there is blood on the stand!!! the person packing this had obviously cut their hand on the broken pot and still sent it ou
  22. had eyes tested in november and was advised by locum optician to go for varifocals. i currently wear reading and have to have these on the end of my nose whilst working. After getting test the assistants advised I buy the top of the range lenses at £159, the glasses were on a BOGOF and cost a total of £308. I picked these up and a week later had to go back as they made me feel so sick and headaches. Explained and was advised to give it another week. Did this and still no good. Went back and was told by the manager '' i am probably one of those that can't get on with varifocals''.
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