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  1. I'm in work. But she is aware and is reading this thread. So all advice will get seen anyway. She is calling them and coming clean about the mistake. Everything else was claimed as a couple other than the tax credits.. And the difference is essentially zero so we haven't gained from this any more than had she put the correct claim in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've never been in any real debt..we don't have any cars or mobiles etc on finance..nothing on finance in all honesty. So this is a real embarrassment.
  2. I've just read a letter addressed to my partner. unknown to me, she has had a single person claim ongoing despite us moving in together in May 2012. she has been overpaid by over £8000 and we are more than worried by this. I have asked why this hadn't been sorted, she couldn't really say, besides arguing wont solve this. according to calculators the amount of tax credits we WOULD have had is very close to what she has received. She is naive with money I believe and has buried her head somewhat to this , now we're up the creek so to speak. I don't believe her intentions were fraudulent or deliberate more silly. however I have told her she needs to get on the phone and sort this out tomorrow. some information about our household: Living as a couple since may 2012 Parents to two children whom live at our address our income from May 2012 - July 2015 was as follows: Income support - £160 odd fortnightly (for both) Child Benefit - £34 per week Carers allowance ( paid to myself looking after a relative ) - £62 per week. Child Tax Credit ( claimed as a single person ) - £117 per week appx: £1170 per month. I have read about a potential for offsetting the overpayment against the correct claim amounts had it been done. which would likely drop this overpayment bill to below £500. I am trying to sort this out as I have just started a new full time job and want everything to be above board. £8000+ of tax debt will cripple us a family. I fully accept this is a significant mistake on our behalf and had I known , I would have acted sooner. any advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks.
  3. Had a response from Smart Parking: Dear Batman Parking Charge Notice: ######## Thank you for your recent communication. As per the British Parking Association code of practice ( paragraph 22.7 ), all appeals must be submitted to us within 28 days of the Notice to Keeper being issued. Due to the length of time your PCN has been open, we have now referred this to a debt recovery company ( Debt Recovery Plus ) who are handling the matter on our behalf. Please contact them directly if you wish to discuss this further. Debt Recovery Plus: 0844 561 0### Sincerely Smart Parking Limited Where do I go from here?
  4. Thanks!! Once again, this forum saves the day! Ill write that up and send it this afternoon. Many thanks again! Lee
  5. Hi DragonFly1967, Hoping your still able to offer advice? Many thanks
  6. I didn't see any postmarks , but in all honesty wasn't looking for it. So I couldn't say for certain either way sorry. nothing was on our windscreen, so either it never was there or somebody removed it before we returned. We use this particular ASDA at least daily , often multiple times a day, as we even share identical postcodes ( same road ) and have never had issue. Also as stated we do in fact have two children. sadly this store is the only supermarket within a 15min drive in any direction, so we do still continue to use it.
  7. We've had two letters today First letter: Notice to owner date of contravention : 27/01/2015 letter dated: 02/03/2015 received by us : 11/04/2015 Apparently we parked in a parent & child bay with no children, we do have two children under 6 but cant say for certain if they were or were not present ( though child car seats would have been visible within the car regardless ) amount: £70 second letter Debt Recovery Plus date of notice: 09/04/2015 received by us: 11/04/2015 demanding payment of £120.00 no later than 23/04/2015 Both letters have arrived today, almost three months after our contravention who would I write to and what would I write, I recall a template of an appeal here but cant locate it. many thanks
  8. Thanks citizenB I do have a screenshot. I found out that the product in-store would be different by calling and testing the codes.~ but a less cautious ( rightly so ) customer likely wouldn't check. I have had issues before with the company so I double check now. the product described online is: 900mm x 300mm x 500mm hop up work platform the product in store would be: 600mm x 300mm x 500mm nowhere is this stated though and you would only find out after taking the larger product to the tills and having a nasty suprise by the amount it would scan through at.
  9. Hi, just wanted some advice regarding a would-have-been purchase for me. I saw a listing on a national building centers website ( a section for trade members specifically ) for a deal on an in-store collection item which had a ladder for sale at £24.00 inc VAT however the ladder you would actually be given at the till is not the ladder that they list the specifications for online. as this would result in me making a trip to the store ( a 35 min drive ) to find out that the online page was not correct, where would I stand? I do hope this makes sense. Many thanks
  10. thanks for the help everybody. issue is resolved : He agreed to pay the car manufacturers repair invoice ( which includes a 12 month warranty ) instead of taking the vehicle to him.
  11. needed to bump this as quite urgent. thanks
  12. an update to this issue: the dealer has responded to my email I had sent requesting the repair.. he asks for.. 1. The mileage ( was 74500ish when bought , is now 79000, which included two trips to him for repairs so far over 3.5 months ) 2. the vehicle to be returned to him (70 mile journey and over boarders) at my expense 3. if it is fair wear and tear or a mechanical failure ( again, as this was a job listed in the invoices as done less than a month before I purchased it, it is most certainly not wear and tear ) he is not interested in having the repair carried out by Ford or a registered Ford mechanic using Ford parts ( which therefore have a parts and labour warranty with them ) and is insistent on me returning the vehicle and leaving it with him for however long and then re collecting this would likely cost upwards of £200 alone which seems unfair considering. do I have any right to request a repair by the main dealers rather than him as I would be £200+ down by returning it to him that I wouldnt have been had this brand new part not failed less than 3 months later. many thanks
  13. thank you again! all good news then! as we rely on the car for the school run & general runarounds/shopping etc we are relatively stranded without it we are lucky to live just meters away from a railway station and so my commute is unaffected. however the school run ( a few miles each way ) is a challenge with under 5 year olds , particularly in the bad weather. we would therefore like this matter to be resolved as quickly as possible, with this in mind what is a reasonable time schedule for us to allow? I have written to him yesterday afternoon via email with the issues and my request of repair along with a link to the SOGA. the dealer is around 70 miles from our home so it would make a lot of sense to have it repaired by a main dealer this end than attempt to return the car to him, as this would incur probably very large costs to tow the car that distance. I will get two written quotes from two specialist garages ( both within 15 miles - one within 2 miles of my home ) and forward these on to him, and await his response. If he refuses to co-operate I suppose my next step is to start a claim through the small claims courts?
  14. thanks for the response! pretty much exactly what trading standards had to say, so I feel confident with this problem. I would add that according to invoices within the service history of the car, I can see the PAS ( power steering ) was in fact repaired less than a month before I purchased the car.. would this evidence allow me to reasonably expect the PAS to last considerably longer than the 3 months that it has done? I have a local specialist garage for my make of car and parts would be within the region of £175 - £550 ( depending on extent of damage , however the RAC expect it to be the low end of this i.e £175 plus labour ) I have seen similar jobs by the main dealer be around £700-£900 all in. to compare that to a local garage with non directly sourced parts parts £85 - £150 ( depending on extent again ) plus labour of course I would rest easier knowing the repairs were carried out by main dealer specialists for the car manufacturer using parts directly from themselves. but as I say, the cost can likely triple in comparison..
  15. Hi everybody, looking for some advice regarding a used vehicle. earlier this year, we had an accident which caused significant damage to our car and it was written off by the insurance company. using the insurance payment we purchased a used car from a dealer. our old vehicle was: 2007, 64000 miles, no previous owners - bought from new. the used car we bought: 2006, 75000 miles, 2 previous owners. MOT the same week as purchased - no advisories. a good clean tidy car that HPI checks found clear. we felt confident enough to purchase the car. before leaving the forecourt after a test drive, we noticed the battery light was on. the dealer had no explanation but said if there was any issues he has no problem replacing the battery should that be needed. the battery light did go out after a few miles, but intermittently would come on over the next 2 weeks, we took it to a garage for a diagnosis and it was actually a bad alternator. we called the dealer and requested he replace the alternator , which he did. unfortunately now, 3 months since purchase, the power steering has failed rendering the car undriveable. the RAC recovered the car and did a report stating the issues and once again I informed the dealer and requested a repair. he said sorry but the vehicle was out of warranty, tough luck sort of thing. ( we didn't actually discuss/sign any warranty info but i assume he is talking about a 3 month warranty - as we are now 3 months a 6 days since purchase ) I called trading standards who said: under SOGA I was within my rights to request the car be repaired. especially within the 6 months. the vehicle was valuable enough to expect it to be reasonably free from defects especially any that render the vehicle useless. regarding repairs , they said he would had a few options, one being he repairs the car at his chosen garage another being we mutually agree a local garage who can repair the car and issue the invoice to him. Just wanted to hear peoples opinions on this issue? The dealer is a good dealer as far as I can see so far. He was helpful with a previous problem and doesn't 'avoid' contact . at least up to now. so I would like to be civil at all costs.. but be firm when exercising my rights. many thanks all.
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