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  1. The finance company is sticking to their guns Stating because the invoice from the dealer to them referred to the shortfall then I am still liable for the negative equity They have no interest in compensating me for the fact I was driving around in a death trap or the fact I would never had accepted the part exchange price under normal circumstances Doesn't seem fair you go into an agreement with a car then as a result of being supplied with a dangerous vehicle you are left with no car and a request to pay £5k They back you into a corner take away the courtesy car, keep taking the payments until you crumble Whinge over!
  2. Thank you this is how I see it just need to convince them to play ball I have made it clear I am not going to pay it I will continue to pay my monthly payment until settled to keep my hands clean The finance company keeps banging on about the invoice the dealer Sent to them showing the settlement on the old car in excess of the trade in value - I don't see the relevance of this as my contract with them is the hire purchase agreement
  3. Thanks Any thoughts on the structure of the hire purchase I would have expected a hp agreement for the cash value of the car and a separate loan agreement for any negative equity The goods are defined as the car and the cash price is the inclusive figure - hire purchase agreement makes no reference to part exchange or negative equity
  4. Hi Thanks My complaint also upheld that they had advertised the car as one owner when it was actually two owners They also missold a gap insurance by not providing me with the documents providing me with the right to cancel
  5. Hi there I will try and keep a complicated story simple! I saw a car I was interested in the price was 21k. The car was 9 months old and had done less than 3,000 miles I took a reduced part exchange price for my car under pressure from the pushy salesman to get the deal done - (I would never have taken this price normally)this entailed rolling over 5k of negative equity into the new hire purchase agreement 3 months later a warning light comes on Take it to the garage and there is unrecorded accident damage - after much time and stress and reports my claim to have the car rejected is upheld by the finance company The independent report confirmed the car was not fit for purpose not safe to drive and a fire risk - you can imagine how scary it is that I have been driving around in this car with my family including two young children In any event I come to my question - the finance company has asked me to repay the negative equity I have argued that the agreement between them and I does not make reference to any negative equity - it defines the goods as the car and the cash price for the goods is the total amount including the negative equity - given the circumstances I think they should write it off - I would be grateful for any input - thanks in advance
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