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  1. No, it's some smaller outfit that I've not come across before. The seller was FCA Automative.
  2. Oh I see. No I haven't checked that yet, I will though. I'm quite sure nothing will have been done though. In the event that it hasn't, can I simply send in a CN1 and ask the Land Registry to remove the order on the basis that the original registered claimant is no longer owed the money as they have sold the debt on?
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. The original DCA still have the charging order. Therefore even if I pay the new DCA off, the original DCA can surely still get the money too as they will still have the order?
  4. A charging order was made a few years ago against my property for a sum of around £7.5K which was originally owed to a vehicle finance company and is consumer credit. I've been repaying it in small monthly amounts under the arrangements post-CCJ. I've now been informed by a different DCA that the debt has been sold on to them. I received nothing about this from the original finance company or their lawyers. It seems like a strange situation to me as the Charging Order is made out to the original finance company. If I tried to sell the house, presumably legally speaking I
  5. I guess the truth is, I have no idea if their assessment of my claim is correct. How do I go about figuring this out?
  6. I sent out PPI request documents to Lloyds about 2 years ago using standard forms, against several credit cards. Their response at the time was to reject my claim within a month of my submission. I did not pursue it further at the time. Two weeks ago, they sent me documents informing me that their original decision was mistaken and that they were sending me a payment of £5,089 to my account, which they have done. (I am still with Lloyds.) At the time when I sent the original request in, I was very overdrawn and out of work. I continued to be overdrawn for a long time afterwards, but
  7. I sent paperwork to them a couple of years ago, which they rejected. Two weeks ago, out of the blue, a reversal of their earlier decision and an offer of £5K to settle, which they credited to my account last week. Seems like the regulator is finally making some progress.
  8. I obtained a job a few months ago, after having been 'with' Ingeus for about six months. They bombarded me with phone calls (I counted over 40!) and emails (over a dozen) arrogantly demanding that I talk to them about my new job, which they played no useful part of any kind (other than by being such an unpleasantly stupid experience that I was determined to try to escape their clutches - perhaps that's the real plan!) in helping me obtain. A manager from their regional office finally tricked me into answering a call from her by using a disguised number. I gave her a piece of my mind, expl
  9. Just to update this thread - I have now successfully achieved a switch to a new provider, away from EDF, regardless of their unjustified rejection of my claim that they are in a code violation by attempting to claim payments from me that predate 12 months from when they first contacted me. I am now writing a detailed complaint to the regulator about their conduct. They are continuing to hassle me for the unjustified debt, but have admitted that they cannot simply come round to my house and stick a prepayment meter in.
  10. That was a good call, thanks for that - yes, the engineer did indeed leave a reading card on the meter when he changed it.
  11. Yes, they seem to have very convenient system and information lapses, always in their favour. Other utilities play these games, but I've found EDF to be particularly bad. The tone of the people who dealt with my initial complaints on their call centre left a lot to be desired as well, varying between threatening, indifferent and defending points I knew to be blatant lies. They seem to be chronically confused as well. I suspect that my troubles started when they changed a meter. For some reason, at this point their system 'forgot' that I was a customer and billing stopped. When (presu
  12. Yes, by email - the letters threatening me keep arriving however. I suspect that they are currently initiating the warrant process, as knowing EDF I am very doubtful that all my efforts to contact them about the switch will have any effect on their debt process. My real concern now is that they will obtain this warrant without letting me know.
  13. I was somewhat lax with readings and allowed (foolishly) to be dealt with via estimates. No meter reader has been to the property for a long time, or at least, not whilst I was there, I did have a meter reading card when I started to get to grips with this a few months ago on my return and I sent in readings to EDF at that stage. However, the billing has definitely gone astray somewhere in the past, probably when they installed the new electric meter. The email account I am using is a spam-collecting one from an old ISP that has been running for years on a mail server that isn't really su
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