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  1. Update: Natwest who had originally told me they would respond by the 21Nov have dropped the ball. I called up today to check the progress on the Section75 claim and I've been told that the claim only reached the team today. I submitted this on the 31st of October and today is the first time that anyone from the Section75 team is looking at it. Apart from making a complaint through themselves, anything else I can do?
  2. It's now been 2 weeks and no sign of a letter from him. The Section 75 claim is ongoing, but they need 21 days to come to a decision (which should come to an end on Nov 21). Should I wait until then to proceed with court proceedings or begin right now?
  3. I've been trawling through cached versions of his website too, he's not hiding away just by taking it down! Thank you for your support and advice throughout this process Rebel. My CC provider confirmed I could start a section 75 claim by email, so I've started the ball rolling on that. If I haven't received a letter from soon, it'll be time to start court proceedings too.
  4. While I've been away for work, I received this text message from him: "Thanks for the comments on the net, I can see you have lied, you forgot to say I responded to your breakdown within 24 hours, The garage who was pick the car was doing all the warranty work, and you would have to call back within four days, The garage has done a full report why you would not let them have the car, I have tried to help you and your the one that did not want the help, so if you want to blame some one, YOUR SELF for lying and making things so hard for me to help, have a good day, Jamie" I don't know whether this is worth replying to or not, I want to keep all communications with through letter or through a 3rd party. He did respond to my breakdown within 24 hours, but only because he thought I was a different customer and sent the recovery truck to their address first. He told me that he has a turbo place that will do the work which may or may not have been the garage that was picking the car up. He made it clear on the phone that I would have to pay to get the turbo repaired/replaced. If he really wants to help, he just has to accept the car for a refund. I've also noticed that he has taken his website down (www.premiermotorscoventry.co.uk) I have drafted a Section 75 claim letter and will send it off today.
  5. Just had a ridiculous conversation with their customer service. Even though it was sent by 1st Class, the regulators allow them up to 15 days to deliver the letter. So right now, the letter is in their network, they don't know where, but it won't be considered lost until 15 days after I posted it. They told me that if they had atempted delivery and nobody was in, I would be able to see that online (I'm not sure that info is correct). Obviously I'm concerned about how long I can leave before getting any legal proceedings/credit card claims started, so I'm getting a little antsy here!
  6. Letter sent 1st class on the 22nd of October and is still showing on Track&Trace as "We have your item" which I assume means they've not been able to deliver it to him. Is there anything else I should do before beginning a Section 75 claim and taking this to court?
  7. Letter sent, now just have to sit and wait! Something that occurred to me though: what happens if he rejects the letter? Or if the letter is unable to be delivered (e.g. he just happens to never be at the address when the postman comes). What does the court make of a situation like that?
  8. The garage assessed my car today and reported that an internal bearing in the turbo has failed, causing the turbo to fail. A replacement is £650+fitting. I asked them if turbos can be expected to fail at this mileage and they said no, not without significant neglect. I'd like to send the letter rejecting the car now, do I need to include a copy of the report from the garage or can I just state what they've told me?
  9. Aaah, fair enough, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going mad and things weren't disappearing! I will get a full report at an independent garage, before taking the matter forward. On the 19th Oct 2014, when I called him up to report that the car had broken down the previous night, he was happy to repair the vehicle and get it sorted. On the 20th Oct 2014, he sent a recovery truck to collect the vehicle, but since he thought I was different customer, he sent it to the wrong address. He called me up shouting and swearing because he thought I had misled him about which customer I was. He redirected the truck to my address but made it clear in the phone call that the cost of the repairs would come out of my own pocket. I wasn't happy to pay for repairs and didn't trust the kind of work he would do, so I rejected the recovery truck. He then sent me 2 text messages later on in the day. (His messages in red, mine in blue). "I'm glad you do not wait me to do your car, and I will see you it court" "It's not a case of waiting for you to fix the car. You want to charge me to fix a car that broke down just 2 weeks after I bought it from you. That's not acceptable. If you actually want to fix the car free of charge, that's exactly the outcome I'm looking for" "Just so you no, the warranty was paying for the work on your car, as you have said NO to this being done, I can not help" "You never mentioned a warranty. You wanted me to pay. If your warranty covers it, let my independent garage do the work, pay for it, and we can put the whole thing to bed." I have had no communications with him since and plan to only communicate by recorded delivery post.
  10. Thank you all for your input. I'm trying to get a receipt from RAC that details the reason the car broke down, if I could get that, would that be sufficient or should I continue with an assessment at my garage too? Once I have a documented proof of the faults, I'm going to send a letter to him rejecting the car and asking for a refund. At the same time, I am going to begin a Section 75 claim as I've been told I don't need to exhaust one to pursue the other. Obviously, I don't trust the kind of work he would do on my car if he suggested a repair and since the car broke down just 2 weeks after purchase, I assume I am still well within the time range to reject the car for refund. I'd just like to say again how thankful I am for all your help in this incredibly stressful time.
  11. Awesome, thank you! What do I do if he doesn't respond to the letter?
  12. Thank you for your advice. Since the car cannot be driven, I'd have to pay £50 each way to the garage to get the car checked out and get a report. I'm not sure if this is the best course of action, any help would be appreciated. I bought the car for £3400 total. I'll stop talking by phone/text and send a letter rejecting the car. What can I pursue through the credit card company?
  13. Hi rebel11, I paid £100 deposit via credit card, the remaining through my debit card. Thank you for the link, I will have a read. I've currently arranged for my garage to pick up the car and assess it for repairs on Wednesday. Would this void any case I have?
  14. Hi everyone, I bought a 08 Fiat Bravo from Jamie of Epic Motors Coventry on the 4th Oct 2014. On the 18th Oct 2014, it lost power on the motorway and could only do a maximum of 50mph while making a grinding noise. I managed to pull into a parking lot and called RAC who diagnosed it as a broken turbo. Since I only had roadside assistance and was 120miles from home and it was midnight, I paid £300 to have the car recovered back to my house. I got in touch with the seller on the 19/10/14 to see what he was willing to do. He initially offered to fix the problem free of charge but after speaking to him today (20/10/14) it turns out he thought I was a different customer when we initially spoke. He phoned me up, shouting and swearing and eventually said that I would have to pay to get the problem sorted. At this point, what do I do? He has since sent me a text saying "Just so you no, the warranty was paying for the work on your car, as you have said NO to this being done, I cannot help" At no point have I refused to accept repairs. But after finding out about his background, I do not trust the work that he would do on my car and have suggested getting the work done at a local garage I trust if he is willing to pay for it. How do I go about rejecting the car/getting it repaired and reclaiming from him? Thank you all for your help!
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