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  1. Hi Mike, The total for PPI and the charges is more than what was owed. Do you think this could help the with case? Dot
  2. Thanks Mike, Not sure of what to do or expect now. I will try and prepare as much as I can and I sincerely appreciate all the help you are giving me. The amount is small but as you said, the PPI can not be ignored as it has had an effect. The settled PPI falls sort though of the outstanding amount by over £200. Will that not be a prolem then? Whether the DJ will agree on not, we are yet to see. Dot
  3. Sorry I had missed the bottom bit. Ok,a quick to revisit to the statement indicates that the last payment was made in early 2009 and interest was applied around the same time too. I also noticed that the last PPI was also applied at the same time. Actually, both interest and PPI were applied a month after the last payment. I will work out the the figures you suggested then I will post back. According to their WS, the debt was assigned to Lowell in July 2014. Sorry I was a bit down with cold but recovered now. Taking the time of the last payment which was in Feb 2009, accord
  4. Thanks Mike, Does that mean amending the claim? So I should work the Compound interest until it was sold to Lowell then Simple interest? What do I need to do to change the claim? Any cost involve? I will work on the revised figure then post back. Thanks.
  5. hi Mike, Please have a look at the attachment in post #1. Can that be used or do I need to prepare another spread sheet. Thanks Dot
  6. Hi Mike, Thank for checking on me again. unfortunately I submitted it on Monday. I gave it my best short as per the guidance and advise given. I will update as and when there is news. Thanks
  7. Any thoughts on two issues raised? Insurance and payment made. Insurance was an error as it should not have been in the claim while the money paid was clearly stated to Barclay that it was accepted as part payment. Dot
  8. Hi, Sorry about the delay in responding as I had to get the information.The application was part completed with names. It came through the letter box as a junk mail. She completed and posted it back and she was accepted. Though the insurance box is ticked in the application copy sent in the SAR, she does not remember ticking it . Is there any success thread on Capital One please? Thanks
  9. Thanks Mike, I will have a look at those point include them in my WS and post it. Dot Below is what I have come up with, I haven't yet fixed the No 16. I, DOT of XXXXXX, London and Claimant in this case, do say the as follows: I make this statement in support of my claim for money due under an agreement for the supply of goods and services. This statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. 1. I applied for Argos Store Card from the defendant in xxxx, 2003 and my application was accepted and the defendant issued the Claimant with Argos Store Card and a
  10. I understand and I am learning it the hard way. Dot Below is the WS from the defendant. You input is appreciated as I have not yet submitted my bundle. WITNESS STATEMENT - DEFENDANTS. 1. I am authorise to make this statement for the Defendant, which I do from facts and matters within my own knowledge except where I specifically say otherwise. 2. I attach to this WS a bundle of documents marked X1. If I refer to a page number in this statement then it is to a page in the bundle unless I expressly say otherwise. The Agreement 3. The agreement which is
  11. Hi Mike, I will be posting it shortly. Much as they have not made it obvious about the WP, it is clear that they are trying to use that through the back door. They made a WP offer which I refused. That was last month and now without mentioning the WP offer, they are using it that they have made refund but did offset it against the debt which they did not own. They now claim to have bought the debt back. They are pretending that this took place sometime back. Very interesting. Sorry we cross posted. Just checked it, initially I had included it in the bundl
  12. Hi everyone, Just wondering if someone can help me with this questions: Under what circumstance can a Without Prejudice Letter be used in Court? Does a company have to provide proof if they claim that they have purchased a debt back from a DCA? Thanks
  13. Hi Mike, Not quite, any chance of creating some space in you PM please. There is something I need you urgent help on. If that is OK with you. Thanks Dot
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