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  1. I logged into a payday loan website that I used a long time ago just out of curiosity today and all my loans were listed with the loan numbers and amounts from 2009. maybe its worth trying
  2. Tawneyowl based on your experience - do the PDL companies usually agree to the complaint before you have to go to the financial ombusdman? Im hopeful- I had 10 loans with my jar over a year and still have one of them in a repayment paln. I have just sent 10 letters off- fingers crossed. Do you think I would be successful if I did this with a high interest usecured loan I had from every day loans- It wasnt a payday loan but I had a loan of £1200 and I have to repay £3000 of which I am still paying back. I have always had terrible credit rating fro unsecured loans and PDLs. Hope
  3. Your local credit union may give you loan for a deposit on another property - you just have to live or work in the borough. They help people with bad credit and give low interest loans. they have helped me with a loan and I have very bad credit. Good luck
  4. Hello My son is currently 17 and left school this time last year, he hated school and also didnt want to go to college. my advice would be to register with the college as if your daughter is going to start because then she will be registered as a student at an institution. my son did this but never attended. I know I sound like a bad mother and many parents would disagree but after watching my son vomit each morning before school for years because he hated it -I just wanted to take the pressure off him. The government wants kids to stay on in education until the June after t
  5. hello again Uncle buck emailed me in the middle of March with those bank details to make payments. My evidence of paying them is my bank statements and the email they sent me with the bank details on if they say they never got it. They sent me an email and the following info was at the bottom of it. Your Options For Payment Call us on 01959 583979 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday to make payment via your Debit Card. Login and make a payment online here http://www.unclebuck.tv using the customer access details you have been supplied with and follow the instru
  6. swanley boy I am having the same problem with UB. I have not yet filled in the I and E form they sent me. I have offered £50 a month and they wont set up a repayment plan until I send the form back. I defaulted on the 28th February on a loan of £550 + Interest was about £742 in total. At the end of February I paid them £50 and since then I have them £5 - they said my balance is now £956 which I will definitely not be paying. I am keeping a record and have taken the £55 I already paid off my balance of £742. I emailed them telling them that there is no legal obligation fo
  7. name of account holder -uncle buck sort code - 20-77-67 account no- 13603539 reference -your loan number and put your surname good luck x
  8. My son attended the speed awareness course today. He was given a booklet to complete throughout the four hour session. There were two speakers that spoke about stopping distances and speed limits. He said he had to have discussions with the people on his table about how they would respond to given scenarios. There was a little interesting information but mainly boring anyway it saved him getting 3 points.the course cost £97 Thankfully it's all over now. Thanks for all your responses which were very useful when entering the unknown.
  9. yes, i'll let you know what he does on the course when he has complted it. watch this space!
  10. Just an update, My son got three offers and has to choose only one they are: 1. 3 points and £100 fine 2. speed awareness course which will cost between £70 and £100 and must be booked within 28 days of letter. - no points -it says the course is approx. 4 hours long 3. a court appearance He is choosing number 2!! Thanks for your help everyone on cag x x x
  11. Thanks to all of you for your replies, It all seems a bit clearer now . I really hope he will be offered a place on the course and avoid the points and fine. I will keep you updated of the outcome. Thanks again
  12. thanks a lot for your reply. He was going 58mph in a 50mph zone. It was on the M25 and was a roadworks speed restriction area. I appreciate your answer. Thanks a lot
  13. hello eveyone Can you help?? I have received a NIP as I am registered keeper. My 22 year old son was driving which I have declared and sent the form back within two days of receiving it. My son is a named driver on the car and the car is fully legal. My worry is that in July 2010 my son had an 18 month ban and fine for drink driving. this has now all passed and he has been a responsible driver since getting his licence back in 2012. He attended the drink driving course and learnt from his immature mistakes. . When they issue the punishment for this speeding offence wi
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