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  1. Restons solicitors acting for Marlin capital recently agreed monthly payments via ccj which have been kept up to date, but now I have just recieved a letter from Restons stating an interim charging order has been obtained and they have sent me a copy of the application. Surely they can`t do this unless payments are missed? I have rang Restons and they say the letter was sent out as matter of course, and agreed no payments have been missed. But now im worried whats going to happen next. Can anyone please advise me what if any action I can take. Thank you
  2. Also can anyone point me in the direction of the set aside forms, i cant find them anywhere. All i get is error code 404 when searching for them. Thanks
  3. Already reclaimed charges and mis-sold ppi but they just took that off the overall debt.
  4. I recieved a statutort demand last week from 1st credit T/a Connaught collections. I sent them a letter back stating an offer of weekly/monthly standing order payments but they sent a letter back today saying they were not prepared to accept my offer, i owe them just under 6k for credit card debts. I dont see the point in asking for my cca again as it has already been provided and seems enforcable, so it looks like they are going to take it all the way and push for bankruptcy, i have already explained my mortgage is more than the value of the property but that doesnt appear to have bee
  5. But it said on the summons NOT to post it to the courts, just send the reply to RBS. i rang the courts today but got no reply.
  6. A few weeks back i received a summons from northampton county court, i am admitting their claim and i filled in the paperwork along with incomings and outgoings etc and posted them back to RBS Edinburgh as per the instructions in the letter, but today i received another letter from northampton county court saying i have failed to reply to the claim form:( does this mean that RBS have failed to pass on the paperwork to the courts or maybe they are just being awkward and saying they never received it. i will ring the court tomorrow and explain it to them but is there anything else i should do?
  7. The debt was for 12k, but when they decided the ppi was mis-sold they awarded 4k but took it off the debt therefore reducing the debt to 8k. The debt is now nearly 9k with all the added extras. The FOS are looking into it but it may take a while as they are snowed under:rolleyes: Looks like im in a no win situation, but they cant have what i havent got, and we certainly dont have 8k going spare:( This is just the start of it because we are expecting our other loans and cards to follow suit:(
  8. Firstly, you need to send the telephone harrassment letter. I have already done that as stated, but it made no difference. Besides, its not the phonecalls that worry me.... its the thought of going to court and having a judge tell me that i must pay every spare penny i have to these vultures:mad: yes yes i know its my problem and i shouldnt have got into this mess in the first place, but if they hadnt kept raising my limits it wouldnt be so bad:(
  9. Yes, dates are correct. We also contacted the FOS about this because they took 4k in mis-sold ppi payments off the account instead of just the arrears:mad:
  10. Yes, and its enforcable apparently. Even did the SAR bit too. Sent off letters asking for lowered payments, and letters for harassment etc but they still insist on ringing 4/5 times a day:rolleyes: looks like ive just got to suck it and see i suppose:(
  11. My o/h has just recieved a letter from Blair, Oliver and Scott re; Notice of intended court action. They are acting on behalf of AA personal finances with regards to a credit card, we have already been issued with a default and the account is £9000, i have recently got myself another job (thank god) and im earning approx £300 per week although its a zero hour contract, which basically means they could lay me off at any time without pay:(, My wife is only earning £75 per week and things are still a struggle. At the moment we are approx 40k in debt and its just a matter of time before other
  12. Posted a letter off today to the FOS, i will let you know the reply when i get it.
  13. Is there nothing i can do to try and get the payments back?, got another letter this morning stating that because there is a default notice on the account the money that i have been awarded £3663.00 is all going on paying the debt:mad:
  14. I was in the process of claiming back my mis-sold ppi from HBOS for an AA credit card, i received a letter from them saying i would get a payment within 10 days but because i had arrears they said they would pay them off and i would get the difference paid back to me, but the account has been assigned to Albion collections for recovery a couple of months ago. Any way today i received a letter from Albion collections and approx 4k has been paid off the account, this was the amount i should have been getting back for my mis-sold ppi, i had recently sent off a SAR to HBOS regarding the account, t
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