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  1. Ive already applied for JR. I am waiting for the Councils response now. The issue is: they decided to remove me as a councillor (oct 2020) for not emailing them for six months. Meetings were suspended in March 2020. The law states in the LGA that councillors can only be removed for non attendance of meetings over six months. Also says, if meetings are suspended that period does not count. Anyway... thats not why im here. The parish council are now using the borough councils legal team... and thats what i wanted to question.
  2. It is. It is a decision made by a public body. JR are for questioning those decisions by these types of authority.
  3. Hi i am taking a parish council to court for, i believe, illegally removing me from the council. Lots of questions I have.
  4. UPDATE no2. So I received a second phone call today, this time from the Executive Complaints Dept. I think this is because I sent my complaint email to [email protected] - it obviously reached the right person. He was a very nice man and I explained everything, he told me I didn't have a Basic Bank Account but the 'next one up' Instant Plus with a debit card. The long and short of it is that he is going to remove the charges and close my account as I requested and he will 'enquire' to see if they can amend any defaults on my credit file. Of course I politely gave him
  5. So they've phoned me today regarding an email I sent and copied into the Financial Ombudsman and they say I dont have a Basic Account but an Instant Plus account which is chargeable (but still not eligible for an overdraft). I told them on the phone I wont be paying it and they either need to get rid of it or take me to court - either way this needs to stop - and any more contact for payment will be treated as harrassment.
  6. Ok so theyve sent me a letter asking me to contact them to discuss etc.... BUT - amazingly.... I have found TWO Santander documents on the internet and in date, that state their charges. It also says there are no charges for Basic Bank Accounts. So from what I read, they shouldn't have charged me in the first place!!!
  7. This is what I was tempted to do. But we all know deep down the bank will eventually come calling. My credit isnt great anyway so im not worried about that
  8. And the SO payments were for £15.64, £10, and £12.12. - Way less than the charges themselves. The DD was for £69. Thank you very much. It's just knowing how to approach this issue and you have been very helpful.
  9. Oh and I presume I can't just forget about it... because the bank will note it on my credit file and I presume come chasing me for it at some point. Are they likely to chase charges in cases like this do you know?
  10. and the 'unfair treatment' would be the excessive and disproportionate charges I presume? Hey I'm all for fighting the good fight if I can afford it. It's only £25 to start with isn't it? So would I approach it as though I am claiming money back... even though I haven't paid them?
  11. It does say here the charges are for three SO failures, which looking at other documents is probably correct. However, on the Pending Charges page prior to the charges, it said one of the charges was for Unauthorised O/D request as I had stated.
  12. I have a basic bank account (no overdraft). I didnt actually request an overdraft - this must have been an automatic thing. My complaint revolves around the fact the Standing Orders are little more than reminders or automated transactions. I could, for example, pay my bills electronically by making an online payment - the cost of that is zero. Yet if i tried to make an online payment and had no money in the bank it would simply fail and no charge to me, but no product/service either. Why should a Standing Order failure cost £25? It doesn't. There is no cost to it at all.
  13. Hi Over the Christmas period I was charged by Santander £25 for DD failure, 2x £25 for two standing order failures and £20 for an unarranged overdraft request (which I didnt request or receive). I have spoken to the bank who refuse to withdraw the charges so I have withdrawn my money and arranged for my pay to go into another bank prior to the charges being applied. Now they have applied charges to the empty account and written to me saying I can write to the Ombudsman etc and that the Supreme Court ruled charges fair. Any positive advice? Thanks
  14. I have and they are refusing because of a previous 'goodwill gesture' earlier in the year. The question remains over the legality of the charges and whether we can claim them back on the basis they are disproportionate and dont reflect the true cost of boucing payments. Please answer the question
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