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  1. i recently registered with a company called noddle that does credit report file viewing online and from what i see there isn't any CIFAS on my report, and i was thinking maybe it could be this address i live at as i've been here only 7months and i always get other previous tenants mail here for ppl i've never met, from the look of the letters they look like debt collection agencies things like that.
  2. this definitely looks the way forward for me,as from what i've read here on the forums my issue is irreversible and i may aswell get a new account asap,thanks for the advice renegadeimp .
  3. so true i've already phoned them and made a complaint as standard along with a re-assessment of the decision they solely made, also i was told they would have further details sent to me by post if any within the coming week [not holding my breathe there], is there any other banks that offer direct debit facilities with there basic accounts that i may be able to obtain since this is the only real route for me to go.
  4. i wasn't made aware of this if this is the case,as its just a basic cardcash account,but to answer your question i believe i've had like 700 a month go in regularly .
  5. Hi i wasn't sure if i had the right section to post this but here goes my problem at hand. i opened a barclays basic account back in june this year as we all know we all need direct debit facilities as standard for everyday living/bill payments ect, with the basic account you don't get that feature so after afew weeks i went back into my nearest branch to inspect to see if i'm able to get any kind of direct debit card/facility placed on my account luckily i was able to have visa electron added to my account, now with that said my card came through a few days later with visa debit facility placed on my account instead which in my opinion was a bonus, so heres were my problem occurs, 3months later - 3 days ago now i receive a letter saying - we are writing to inform you that following a review of your account with us, we are unable to continue as your bankers, your account with us will be closed in line with our contract with you on 10/11/2013. i'm really angry with this letter as i've not done anything out of the odd with my account i've used it strictly for bills and normal money in and out methods for everyday life bills/shopping stuff like that, i've taken a look at my credit report and i cant see anything that would allow this/cause this to happen????? i don't have a good credit score but if it was the problem why open it in the 1st place. now with all this said and done i had this same issue 5 months ago with nationwide except they closed the account after opening it within the same month, back in april. any ideas or theories would be helpful.
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