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Found 4 results

  1. I received an email from cash plus asking to contact them. I did as requested, and spoke to a gentleman called 'Zwelli' who proceeded to ask an uncomfortable line of questioning. I was asked where my money was coming from, and I explained I have a business PayPal account and that all the payments made into the account are electronic payments which can be accounted for. Every single penny has documentation to show how it was earned and where it came from. This gentleman insinuated it could be money laundering - impossible as 99% of all money deposited was electronic payments made by BACS transfer from PayPal, and each PayPal transaction can be accounted for. I emailed a piece of information to them that they asked for, a url link to an advert posted online. Although I asked for confirmation that this was received, the email was not acknowledged. The following day, I suffered further humiliation when I found my card had been declined and I could not withdraw money from the ATM. I phoned the following day, but head office were not available as it was a weekend. I phoned the following Monday at 9am, only to be told by all staff that head office refuse to speak to me and will contact me in due course, with no set time frame or any information or reason to why my account was frozen. Them simply cite 'technical difficulties'. This has lead to literally hundreds of phone calls from myself in an attempt to pressure them into giving me answers but they refuse. They refuse to reply to my emails, and they refuse to talk to me. I obtained the head offices number and when I attempt to speak to them they divert me back to customer services who then tell me the same thing "head office are citing technical difficulties and won't speak to you". Either that or they are rude to me, tell me not to call them anymore and hang up the phone. The department dealing with my case refuse to talk to me at all and when I get put through to them they immediately put down the phone on me. Apparently they held a meeting to discuss the fact I won't stop calling them. This piece of information slipped out of one of the staff I spoke to on an unrelated department, the finance department. Yet still they will not call me and will not reply to my emails. I have now obtained the CEO Rich Wagners email address, and emailed him directly, he also will not reply to my emails. I have tweeted him on twitter, he doesn't reply. I tweeted the company and they blocked me. They currently have £1500 of my money, I can't use my card or log into my account, and they won't even speak to me to resolve this issue. I have offered to provide all documentation for every penny that went into the account - no reply. I don't feel I need to provide any information as I am entitled to my privacy, but I am willing to do it if needed. It is only a prepaid master card for people with bad credit history, not like I should have to jump through hoops when it's an account with no benefits. They will not let me close the account either. I only had this account as I had a poor credit history and my financial situation improved dramatically. Once I resolve this and have it closed I'm going to try and open a proper account again. However this does not help with the situation I'm currently in. In conclusion I am a sole trader, and without access to this money I am now sitting at home unable to work. I need the money to purchase stock and run the day to day operations of my business. I have explained this to the department handling my case and to the CEO Mr Wagner, but they do not care, I get no reply. It is bad enough they blocked my card and account and are withholding my money, but the fact that they refuse to even speak to me is the most frustrating thing. I have never, ever dealt with customer service as poor as this, and have told them I will be contacting media outlets and the financial obudsman. I do hope if anyone can help me that they please get in touch. I have found that they did the same thing to an 82 year old woman, froze her account and wouldn't let her close it until a journalist Tom Hazell contacted their CEO. I'm sure others must be having problems with this company and I would like to unite with those people to have Advanced Payment Solutions practices scrutinised. What they are doing to me is just plain wrong.
  2. Hi was just wondering Barclay's have put my account under review! I have no clue as to why it is, been with them for the last 10 years and never had a problem, I have direct debits coming out at the end of the month a couple of credit cards, council tax and a small loan can I claim any charge's back from Barclay's ? I have informed the companies what is going on and they where very understanding I'm pleased to say however I'm trying to rebuild my credit score and all was going well but will my hard work be undone by my own bank? Thanks in advance GH
  3. Hi all, been reading the forums to see I'm not the only one with this problem with Barclays. On the 3rd of Jan, Barclays removed £9.6k from my account to "TO RECONCILE", reading the forums shows that this was an AML check, but I got a call on the 9th to say that the money is back in my account, and no we aren't going to tell you why it happened. I asked if there were any issues on my account that I should know about, and was told everything is fine, carry on as normal. Then the 13th comes along, and all access to my account gets cut. I call up and find out that my account is under investigation, and the now £21k in my account is frozen in there until they finish investigating. I am also told they sent a letter on the 9th to inform me that they are closing my account, and I get that letter a few hours later. So I go through the complaints system, and ask why was my account being closed, and what is being doing about the money in there, seeing as I can no long run my business until this is sorted. I get a letter telling me that they can close accounts for any reason and they don't have to tell me, but they seem to ignore the question of the money, the main point of the complaint. So I complain again saying it hasn't been dealt with, and 2 days later, it gets closed as a duplicate complaint, and that I have to go to the Ombudsman, which I since have. But I end up speaking to someone on the 29th who says that if i can prove the money is mine, then I should be able to remove the money from my account, and that i need to take this proof to my branch who will fax it over. So I print out all the transaction logs (PoS Business, so no invoices), and take it to the bank. The branch manager takes it, and disappears for an hour, comes back and tells me that head office is happy with the proof, and I can take my money out now, although they will need to order the money in. I asked if they can do a bank transfer, not wanting to walk out of the bank with £21k in my pockets, and they were more than happy with that. So, here I am, thinking this will have a happy ending, right? Nope, I go to transfer the money out, and i'm told that i can't remove the money due to the block on my account (a T2 block). I have sent the paperwork off to the Ombudsman today, after calling them saying it's an urgent case due to the fact my business is my only form of income. The only saving grace is the standing order I set up on my account is still paying me into my personal account, so I can at least pay my bills, up until they close the account in March. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to speed this up, I don't fancy having to walk into the job center in 2 months stating i'm unemployed due to the bank holding £21k for an undisclosed amount of time. The fact they said it was an investigation makes me think that it isn't an AML check, as i would have thought this would be classed as a tip off, but who knows. Thanks for your help .
  4. eBay froze my account due to 'unexpected activity' (meaning I sell toys, had the foresight to sell them early and made a load of cash over a two week period). No explanation, no excuses. They refused to move, or give me the money (PayPal also frozen) so I ended up giving pretty much back everything in refunds as I couldn't afford to buy the stock (money all tied up in PayPal account). This has ruined my company. I owe some fees to eBay but there's not a cat in hell's chance I'm prepared to pay it if I have any chance of fighting and winning. Does anyone have any advice? Should I pay the money or has ANYONE ever fought eBay and won? What they've done here at this critical time of the year is just astonishing; it's hardly the first time they've utterly messed me around and cost me a load of cash but this is the final straw.
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