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  1. hi, thanks for your quick reply!! I have just had a look at my bank statement....and there isn't actually any address on there ¬_¬ apart from the one that i have to send payments to by giro.
  2. Hey everyone, Just looking for some advice etc, hopefully someone can help me I have a credit card account with Lloyds, but now i would like to just close the account. The only problem i have is that i still need to pay back atleast £5000 (unfortunatly it spiralled out of control about half a year ago and i'm finding it very hard to keep up!). Does anyone know if i am still able to close the account and just pay off what i owe, or do i have to keep it open until its all cleared? I've been trying to find an address to write to Lloyds, but as its a credit card enquiry all they will give me is a phone number....which no one ever answers cheers x
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