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  1. thanks for the email address. Will Email tonight requesting him to look into this matter but i do no think it will go any where as doing more reading online. The bank will report it to NCA and await their reply.
  2. Yes i am. Did not realise that my laptop have me logged in on my old account as i could not remember the details on my desktop computer.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have had no joy calling the number they provided me. All they say we cant discuss this further till investigate is complete. I have moved over the Direct debits to my cash plus account for the old store. For new store no account was set up as i had free banking for 2 years. I have made appointments with other banks for next week to set up accounts. Only issue is when i was speaking to my business manager. she was totally unaware of whats happened and could not give me any more info. i explained the cash deposit to her and she was saying that they would have phoned and asked her if there is anything was out the normal but i am speculating that the automated fraud computer must have detected and closed account because the letter i received was not signed by anybody. Also the bank is RBS. Thanks Added info after post maybe opening the secondary business account may have triggered something. The bank knows the turnover of the business from the profit and loss accounts i provided to my business manager
  4. Hi, I am having major issues with my bank Accounts. Here are the accounts I hold at the moment. 1. Personal Bank (currently have £8000 in it) 2. Personal Saving Account (which doesn’t get use) 3. Business account for one of Convenience store business, which is a LTD company. 4. Business saving account for the store above (which does not get used) 5. Business account for the two properties that I let out 6. Business account which got opened by mistake by my business manager which got opened with the business account for my properties 7. Business account for another convenience store, which is a LTD company but it’s a different LTD company from my other store. 8. I was also a signaturee for my parents buy to let business account. On the 6th June 16, I went into a branch to deposit money into my business account. The cashier at the desk was all confused, as she could not put money into the account. She had to phone the business team. Once she got off the phone she told me that my account is getting closed and cannot give me any more information. She gave me a number to call and discuss this further. Straight away I called the number they gave me and it was the fraud and account closure team. They have closed all the accounts above. They told me then to wait for a letter that I will get into the post. All the accounts above are frozen. Including LTD company accounts and my parents business account . Total balances of the accounts are £34,000 The letter arrived on 8th June. The letter stated that due to activity on the account they have closed the account. All Direct debits and payments coming in will be rejected. I have to go into branch with this letter and ID to take all the money from my accounts. I went into branch, the cashier took the letter and phoned to get authorisation to clear the account but as she got off the phone . She told me to phone the number on the letter, which again was the fraud and account closure team. They told me that my account and the funds are frozen. They are investigating and could not tell me anything else. Just told me to keep contacting them for an update I called today to get an update but no luck. This time they told me they hold the funds for 30 days and I should call after 30 days. I use to transfer funds from other business into my personal account and transfer from there to my Convince store business account to get by direct debits. I have done this for a year once a week at least. The convenience store sales are £35000 per week. I use cash plus account at a post office as cash deposit account and then transfer the funds to my business account, which equates to £30,000 per week. Last week on Tuesday I deposited cash into my cash plus account but forgot to make the transfer before 4pm for same day transfer so the transfer was made on Wednesday. When Wednesday came I had 20k worth direct debits to pay but the money never came into the account by 3.30pm. The cut off for direct debits is 2.30pm I went into the bank and did a cash deposit for £18,000 before the cut off time and transferred £2000 form my parents business account to my personal account and from there I transferred the £2000 into the business account to get by the direct debits. I have not done a cash Deposit of a large amount into this account for a year as I have been using cash plus Before this I was depositing cash directly into my business account for the 2 years before I moved to my cash deposit to cash plus as cash plus charges is a lot less than the bank charges I don’t know whether the large cash deposit or loads of transfer caused suspicions. On Friday I applied to open a secondary account for Paypoint Services. Just wanted this DD to be kept separate so I can ensure the money for paypoint is kept separate and the DD is paid. Money for the other store were banked into directly into that business account, as it’s a new business and have 2 years free banking. The bank is not giving me any information and is saying we are investigating the account and can take up 30 days before funds are released. I am stressed about this, as I need the funds for both my business to pay suppliers and bills. All the business are legitimate. I have never had any intentions to do money laundering or fraud. Any advice will be appreciated Thanks
  5. i understand its past 30 days now but the car was broken down within 24 hours and was taken to a honda garage straight after and the reason why its taken this long because of honda uk trying to rectify the problem and investigate what has caused this so since the problem can not be rectified so i should be able to take advantage of this offer? thanks
  6. i bought the car as a Honda Approved Car so how would 30 day exchange policy if you car breaks down within 1000 miles or 30 days.
  7. thanks for all your help. When i was speaking to Richard from the customer relation team. He was saying that after HUK investigation they came to the conclusion that the engine has failed due to lack of oil and they are happy to provide all the information needed. Also the car was sold as Honda approved so how would this 30 day used car exchange policy? thanks
  8. i looked at that video. quite interesting to find that the rev goes mad. Also going to start communicating through letters with the selling dealer thanks
  9. the car is a honda s2000 and milage is 65000. Well guys got an update from Holden Honda. They said they are not going to fix it as it should be done under Guarantee because they believe that an over speed has caused the engine to fail. Well heres the story from the start... Bought the car from Holden Honda n Norwich and drove 500-600 miles back home. got home parked up and everything was fine till in the morning when i tried starting the car. as soon as i started the car it was a loud knock and car never started. tried starting it again and started up fine but the engine was knocking slightly but got worse as i kept the car on. thats when i called the selling dealer explaining the situation to them. They were fine at the time and gave me the number to call AA to get it recovered to my nearest dealer which is Honda in Kirkcaldy. When the AA guy arrived the first thing he done was check the oil and oil was below minimum line and thats when he said that the engine knocking because of lack of oil but need investigated further and got a flat bed to recover the car to Honda in Kirkcaldy. This was the report i got off AA when the first cam out to check the car. AA Report Once the car was at Honda in Kirkcaldy. They discovered that there was an over speed recorded on the ECU. The recorded speed was 112mph at 9225 rpm. I drove 500 miles and i honestly can not remember or recall any moment where i have drove the car in manner of way that i would cause an over speed. I tried to get more information like what milage did the ECU record the over speed condition as that could have been on ECU before i bought the car and maybe that never caused the engine to fail. so then Kirkcaldy Honda told me to deal with selling dealer as extended warranty will not cover that as there is an over speed recorded on the ECU. Here is the Over speed Print out Over speed print out I tried calling Holden Honda several times and they would always say that they going to call me back but never did and thats when i manage to find out a contact number for Phil Dix (customer Relation HUK) his response was that he will get the car taken to Glasgow Honda and investigate further. Once the car arrived at Glasgow Honda they then stripped the engine and then they heard back from Honda that they have rejected the warranty claim. the conclusion Honda Glasgow came to was that the car was driven low on oil and there is no mechanical failure of any of the major components. the number 4 cylinder con rod shells have been damaged, the crankshaft and cylinder head has also suffer some damage. HUK believe this has been cause because the car was driven low on oil. So on the basis of the over speed print out Holden Honda have rejected to fix the car at this time. i have been to seen a solicitor and he has wrote a letter to Holden Honda requesting refund. will update as they follow. Also forgot to mention The General Manager at Holden Honda gave me three option 1. to try and claim off honda warranty again ( the warranty have made the decision to reject the claim which i have been told by RIchard who was dealing with the case on behalf of Phil Dix) 2. Claim of my own motor insurance 3. pay for repair cost
  10. Hello, i bought a car on 21st august from Honda garage in Norwich. i drove from there to scotland and covered 600 miles. in the morning i started the car and engine was making knocking noises. car went to local honda dealer and told me that the engine has failed. Honda uk investigated by stripping the engine and came to the conclusion that due to lack of oil the engine had failed. The car was taken to the selling dealer by honda uk. they have taken liability. Now my concern is that they might fix the existing engine but personally would like a new engine as it may comprise reliability in the future. Now i was wondering what rights i have to return the car and get a refund? thanks
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