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  1. I received an email saying my credit score had improved and logged into to clear score to check it out. I knew I had 2 x CCJ from JUL and AUG 2018 which both now say Discharged: Undefined. Does anyone know what this means. I thought there was only 2 ways that a CCJ could be classed as discharged which is either to declare yourself bankrupt (I have not) or pay the debt off (I haven't paid a penny of it). Thanks in advance UKD
  2. I took out Public Liability Insurance on a monthly basis, fell behind with payments and then forgot about it because i wasnt trading. then the co disolved, and then this.
  3. I had a limited company which was disolved in March 2018. This morning, i received a court claim from a firm of solicitors acting on behalf of a debtor claiming £400. The claim is in the format: My Name Disolved Company name my address (not listed on any companuy form as ive moved) Can a debtor issue a court claim against a disolved company? this is all new to me. Im gonna be honest here and just say the company just "fell off the shelf" and i didnt do anything with it so CH disolved it. Thanks UKD
  4. hmm ok let me be a little clearer. At company 1 i dealt with "Bob", who I assumed was a director of the company. He was assisted by Sue. Bob makes ALL the decisions in this company. Sue signed my contract. Ive found out that Bob resigned as a director last year, so in effect has no authority within the company. The director of Company 1 is "Brenda" and she handles the accounts for Company 1 (although unofficially i assume as she also has her own company). Brenda is Sues mum. names changed to protect the guilty.
  5. What i should have probably mentioned is that the person who signed my contract in company 1, is just a worker in company 1. But a director in company 2 Although she is the daughter of the director of company 1
  6. I run a small limited company. I am owed just under 15K from another limited company. Lets call them ABC Design Ltd. The money due to me has only just become due, and I have emails from the director saying stuff like don't you worry me ol china you'll get your money etc. However, I have just found out that ABC Design Ltd is about to close down and another company ABC Design 2 Limited is about to open with a member of ABC Design Ltd staff as director of ABC Design 2 Ltd. In fact the director of ABC Design 2 Ltd was the person who signed the contract I have with ABC Design Ltd. I know by the time i sue them, they will have gone bust, but is there anything I can do with regards to reporting them to someone as the clearly doesn't seem right and although ABC Design 2 Ltd has a new "front runner" the company will be run by the same people as ABC Design Ltd Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. UKD.
  7. I have not seen the PCN Ive just been told its a parking ticket from Barnet Council. So are you saying they will still lift my car even if I'm paying it off?
  8. I'm in a situation with Newlyns. Because of an ON/OFF relationship I've not been getting a lot of post, and a parking ticket seems to have slipped through the net and now its at the warrant of execution stage. I still didn't know until i was parked up at the side of the street last week and a spy knocked on my window and introduced himself to me as agent 007 (not really) from newlyns and that ANPR had picked up my details and i owed £400. He gave me his mobile number to "deal with it" and sent me a reference number. I called the office and set up a payment arrangement with them to pay £50 per month (8 payments), on the understanding that they send me something in writing which states that enforcement action will stop whilst I'm up to date with payments. they said id have to email in. Payment due on the 8th... still nothing this morning i rang again and spoke to "Colin The Manager" who told me he couldn't send any such email/letter because the council have to vet everything they send. I told him I'm not sure how i can be protected if theres nothing in writing stating so, and he just said "ok ill take the arrangement off and your vehicle will be seized" Banter occurred where i said "ill hide the car" "Then we will take your goods" He said "How?" i replied "By coming in and taking it" he said. "And you think ill let you in" i said "we have ways" he said scarily. blah blah blah They wont send me this tiny little piece of security i asked for, i'm asking if I should be worried or is everything likely to be ok if i keep up payments. thanks UKD
  9. Did I read correctly that your wife took her own life due to the stress that this company has caused? Thats without doubt one of the most tragic things I've read, and surprised that nobody else has commented on this at all. I think you should hide the car somewhere, and seek legal advice and also maybe some counselling as this cannot be doing your health any good either. Maybe a call to the police too stating the fact that your wife did this because of what she heard on the phone. These people are worse than radiation poisoning and something needs to be done. UKD
  10. Brig: yes of course. thats what i want to do, but am just worried that the car will be insured twice. I assume if stopped, the fact that the previous seller hasn't cancelled her insurance isn't my concern?
  11. I'm with you... but the attitude of the seller was "its only got less than a months insurance on it now so i really can't be bothered cancelling it".
  12. Im just worried that when I insure it tomorrow (or today) what will show on the MID? If stopped by the police will they see that its insured twice? and if so what would or COULD happen? UKD
  13. I just purchased a used car from a private seller. I have insurance on my previous car still active, and the seller of the used car still has insurance on the car I purchased from her. Therefore once i'd viewed the car and decided to buy it, she said it was ok for me to drive home third party as she was insured. She also told me that the insurance she had on the car ran out in a months time and she would just "let it run" instead of cancelling it. My question is therefore, when I cancel my previous car insurance tomorrow and cover the new car there will in effect be TWO insurance policies on the same vehicle. Is this OK? or should I ask the seller to cancel her insurance first. Thanks UKD.
  14. My insurers are fully aware of my situation and the fact that when I am in the UK, the vehicle is used for business use primarily. Thats why I pay a rather hefty premium LOL. Thanks for the advice.
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