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  1. No idea - but it may be a good idea to change a land line to a mobile or vice-versa.
  2. New email address - different bank account - change name details (example if previously registered as William Albert Smith = WA Smith) - change address slightly (if 28 Station Parade change to Ground Floor Flat, 28 Station Parade).
  3. I'm off in an hour so this will be my last posting until I return to the UK. As far as I remember the debt collectors envelopes were plain with a return address on the reverse and maybe a company logo on them. There was nothing stating they were from a debt collector on the outside. Just remember you are in control so pay only what you can reasonably afford if you are able to. Don't volunteer anything else and keep off the phone to them. Make it clear you will only communicate by letter. Make your position clear to them and do not engage in endless letter tennis with th
  4. I'm off to Africa on business for a couple of weeks shortly so will not be able to keep tabs on your thread again until I return to the UK at the end of the month. So my advice it stop worrying. The wheels of the debt collection industry revolve fairly slowly. You will not get a flood of letters. But you may get a flood of phone calls at all times of the day and night. Answer them and wait for them to identify themselves. If they are debt collectors close the connection and block the number. If you do have any contact with them make sure it is in writing only so you have a verifiab
  5. Your position is not untenable in any way. You have already mitigated partially any impending disaster by opening another non Paypal linked bank account so they cannot arbitrarily seize what they want. First thing to remember you are in control here. Whatever you offer to pay them must be something you can reasonably afford even if its only a pound a week and you must pay it to Paypal. If like me they freeze your account then there is no way you can reasonably pay them. They are not going to give you another account to pay it into. The reason I got into difficulties wit
  6. You are getting yourself into a state without reason. Paypal will chase you but only for a limited time then contact will cease. My debt to them was never repaid. This was not deliberate on my part - I did try to pay money into the Paypal account that was in negative territory but Paypal had frozen the account so I could not transfer anything into it. If this happens to you make sure you take a screen shot showing it was not possible to pay them. Under NO circumstances pay anyone other than Paypal - DO NOT attempt to pay any debt collection agency unless possibly they h
  7. Paypal over all the years it has operated in the UK have not, to my knowledge, taken anyone to court. Saying that there is, I suppose, a first time for everything though it is highly unlikely you will ever end up in court. You have the taken IMHO the first correct steps in isolating your income away from the Paypal debt by opening a new bank account that is not linked to Paypal. In my opinion there are two options a) contact Paypal and offer a monthly repayment figure that you can reasonably and easily afford. They may come back asking for an income expendit
  8. A quick update. The seller did eventually make contact blaming his error on the couriers used. This was wrong as the courier did deliver to the address on the package which was mine - it was the name that was wrong. Anyway I informed him I was around for a week or so and to arrange collection in that time. But no contact was made again and I disappeared abroad for several weeks. Lo and behold the package is still here and my son informs me there has been no contact from anyone attempting to collect or arrange collection of it. Anyway I have decided to dispos
  9. Many thanks for the reply and link - much appreciated. I have absolutely no problem the trader collecting or arranging collection of his goods. They are his and not mine which I understand. My problem is he is not responding to my messages and has, so far, not bothered answering his telephone. I have told him I have his goods and I have given him my contact details to arrange collection of which there is a record in the eBay messaging system. Now I cannot wait forever for him to contact me as I spend a great deal of time traveling. At the moment I am at home for the nex
  10. I usually buy my dog food in bulk through eBay and have had no problems with my orders. BUT this time I received two packages instead of one from my supplier. One was correctly named and addressed and the second had a name unknown to me and my address on it. Yodel, the delivery company, simply dumped both packages outside my front door despite someone being in and they were discovered several hours later. Through the eBay messaging system I informed the seller about his mistake with my telephone number so he could arrange collection and deliver to the correct person. So far - and
  11. Well done. I bet fewer than one in a hundred complainants stick the course and insist on compensation when these companies screw up. So to settle the odd case of the few that go the full way is just playing the percentages to them.
  12. I really do wish that was true!! In reality very little is done. You can complain but the assistance you get is minimal in such cases. My son was arrested in Dubai a couple of years back on suspicion of carrying hashish - he rolled his own cigarettes. He was there over a national holiday period so the Embassy was closed. The emergency number went to the Foreign Office in London who basically said he was on his own. Very fortunately I have some influential Emirati and Kuwaiti friends who banged the drum on his behalf - the British authorities did nothing. The Dubai police held his passport
  13. The only way they can enforce a Kuwaiti debt is if you are foolish enough to set foot in Kuwait again. Then your passport would be seized until you re-paid the debt. This did happen to me fully aware it would happen when I returned to Kuwait in 1991 after the Liberation of Kuwait. I worked in Kuwait prior to the invasion and had a car loan which remained partially unpaid. When I returned to Kuwait my passport was held and I could not leave until the loan was paid in full - which I did quite easily and my passport was returned to me. A word of warning - be careful even if you transit
  14. I used to work for City Sprint albeit a few years ago now - out of High Wycombe and Slough. It is surprising to learn the phones are not being answered because it is a 24 - 7 operation with the phones out of working hours being switched to a central service. The control operators are still some of the same when I worked there and they cannot understand not receiving your calls. Either you are miss dialing or you have an obsolete number. If the package had been wrongly or badly delivered the courier responsible would have been told to go back and collect the package and deliver it properly
  15. As stated ignore Paypal. If you want to pay them off do so under your terms not theirs. Pay only what you can realistically afford and only pay THEM do not pay anyone else. You can safely ignore them if you wish because after an initial flurry of threatograms things will go silent. Your only (MINOR) problem would be if you needed to use a Paypal account again at some time in the future - for example to use eBay. To open a new account all you need to do is change your details - use a different email address - use a different bank account and change your address details slightly. Regis
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