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  1. Hi all, I applied for a loan with Bamboo nearly 12 months ago for £1200. T he loan was accepted and I received the money the day after, fortunately I was in a position were I could pay the money back within the 14 day cooling off period which I did (happy days) this week I went on my credit file which still shows the bamboo loan active with the full balance still showing outstanding surely bamboo shouldn’t of even recorded this on my credit file if I paid the full amount back within the cooling off period??
  2. What details would I need to change to open a new PayPal account without them realising about my old one? I’m guessing my email address is one of them?
  3. Right, so owing EBay is just the same as owing PayPal basically? There is nothing legally they can do?
  4. The £38 outstanding balance is to EBay not PayPal, I know one owns the other technically but does the same rules apply to eBay with negative balances? I owe £19,000 to PayPal and £38 to EBay as we speak.
  5. I got in touch with EBay via email asking them to send me info on how pay my fees by bank transfer only, they got back in touch saying I need to set up a “direct debit” first and sent me a link to do so, on the link I have to type in my bank details, sort code etc is this correct for me to do or does It open the door for PayPal to gain access to my back account? I’m frightened of giving my full bank details away and then wallop!
  6. I owe eBay nearly £40 for sellers fees, obviously PayPal declined this so I’ve got an outstanding balance with eBay now. How do I pay this without giving them my bank or credit card details? On the website the only way of paying is with PayPal or debit/credit card details
  7. Not had any letters or phone calls from PayPal BUT today I’ve received a text from WESCOT asking me to contact them! Is it best just to totally ignore them?
  8. This question may have been answered before but is it wise to send money from my new bank account to PayPal (bank transfer) or would they then be able to take what they want from my bank account?
  9. Possibly but like it’s been said on this thread a few times, don’t think it’s happened as yet?
  10. I’ve never heard of PayPal being prosecuted for money laundering? Or do you mean allowing it to happen?
  11. How do you mean “people I am dealing with” ? PayPal or the DCA ? When I pay the money back in small parts it’ll be straight to PayPal and nobody else.
  12. Quick update. My PayPal is nearly £20,000 negative balance and as been for just over a week now but yet no calls or letters off them. My account as been restricted obviously and my friends account that I was sending money to then sending it straight back to mine as been restricted also, stating “your account as been restricted due using it in a questionable manner” is this common in this situation?
  13. My nerves are slightly more settled and I’m hoping for a decent nights sleep tonight for the first time in a while . Should I try and talk to PayPal or is that just a waste of time?
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