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  1. Possibly but like it’s been said on this thread a few times, don’t think it’s happened as yet?
  2. I’ve never heard of PayPal being prosecuted for money laundering? Or do you mean allowing it to happen?
  3. How do you mean “people I am dealing with” ? PayPal or the DCA ? When I pay the money back in small parts it’ll be straight to PayPal and nobody else.
  4. Quick update. My PayPal is nearly £20,000 negative balance and as been for just over a week now but yet no calls or letters off them. My account as been restricted obviously and my friends account that I was sending money to then sending it straight back to mine as been restricted also, stating “your account as been restricted due using it in a questionable manner” is this common in this situation?
  5. Post 2 you say??? You come across like a vigilante against PayPal fair play! Sorry if you think certain things of me but till I came on here I honestly thought my world was going to end in so many ways! I’ll leave you all alone now and if things don’t go how you say I’ll come back for advice. Thank you
  6. My nerves are slightly more settled and I’m hoping for a decent nights sleep tonight for the first time in a while . Should I try and talk to PayPal or is that just a waste of time?
  7. Sure I read somewhere that PayPal MADE 2.2 billion dollars in 2018, so I guess losing out on say 10 million a year in negative balance is more cost effective than paying tax in the UK? Dont get me wrong I’m by no means saying “sod it” they can afford it, I’m just hoping they don’t take me to the cleaners and at least give me time.
  8. I know this is morally wrong and will definitely be against PayPal’s “rules” and “terms and conditions” but I’m not sure if at all it was against the “law” if it was deemed a criminal offence why the hell would PayPal allow such transactions!? Also I’ve been told the debt isn’t a UK debt so can’t be enforced in a UK court, so for this debt to be sold to a UK DCA which in turn makes it a UK debt surely isn’t allowed as well? Any thoughts?
  9. You really think I could just ignore PayPal and DCAs and this will simply go away after time? I’ve calculated what I’ll owe and it’ll be £20,000
  10. I’ll have to ring the bank and ask as I’m not sure
  11. So I could make a payment with my new debit card and this won’t link it to PayPal in anyway? Make payment over the phone not via the website?
  12. Forget the old account being on there! My old bank account will automatically close when the transfer of bank accounts is complete. So going forward how do I pay off the debt in small payments without using my bank/card details? Is it possible to put the money in a family members account and transfer it via them?
  13. So ignore any calls/letters off DCAs and try and work with PayPal directly to pay small amounts that I can afford? Like ive said, I’ve opened a new bank account and transferred my regular in’s and out’s to that account. I’ve removed my old debit card from PayPal but left on there my old bank account info, reason being I’m hoping that makes it easier to send payments to PayPal. Does this seem a good idea?
  14. Hi, I’m in a similar situation to you but with a lot more negative balance (a lot more!!!) how have things been since your last post?
  15. Not much I can do for the next week or 2 until all the payments have returned to PayPal then obviously wait for the phone calls. I’m going to ignore any calls, letters and emails from DCAs. I’ll ask PayPal to only partially freeze my account so I can make payments from my old bank account to gradually pay it off. I’m hoping if they see I’m making regular payments (whatever I can afford) on a weekly basis that this will keep them from taking it to court even though I’ve been told numerous times that they won’t and can’t go to court anyway. I’m hoping that the light at the end of a very very long tunnel shows it’s face soon because this is making me ill.
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