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Found 17 results

  1. Just after a bit of advice. I have had a gambling illness for years and been in and out of debt. I am seeking help now. I took out a loan with a company about 5 years ago and the wages for that loan came straight out of my wages so they wouldn't agree to a payment plan but I made it clear I had a gambling illness, anyway a couple of years after they let me take out another loan. Im just wondering would this be classed as irresponsible lending? To make it clear I know I'm the one who has the problem not them but you may of thought they should of had a flag on their system? I'm not really after a refund on what I have already paid but looking to maybe a reduced payment now. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello. Any advice appreciated please, I have a full paypal account which has been verified and never any issues in 15 years, its backed up with a bank classic account visa(TSB) with no overdraft facility part due to jan 2017 just completed a 3 yr trust deed form 5 completed currently awaiting form 6. Cut to the chase I offer no excuses but my mother taken turn for worse last week : i stupidly gambled online last week. I had gaming casino account for number of years betting mostly small amounts, I honestly cannot explain why or the right details but I suddenly started to wager large sums! I knowingly had £1200 in my classic account (NO overdraft) started to bet large sums out of character which escalated in me asking paypal for more funds which are linked directly through the online gambling UK website, I started to panic having spent the £1200 in my account and just ask paypal to credit me! I had no real grasp of the situation just blind panic and get my money back I asked paypal for 5 further transactions which were £1000 £2000 £1000 £1000 £2000 £400 all of which paypal processed to the gaming website leaving me £6600.42 in negative balance which already had swallowed my £1200 credit linked to bank account. make things clear : my bank account paid paypal £1200 but due to no overdraft : paypal went negative £6600.00 1 week latter they are asking me to fund the account I have no means to pay due low paid and have bills please whats my legal standing. I have no mortgage or own car etc It might be worth adding the payments were obvious to gambling website paid to platinum games
  3. Hi, This is my first time on here so sorry if this is not in the correct thread. I took a loan out in my partners name in 2015 and he's only just found out. I had a massive gambling problem then, I have tried repaying some of it but my debt spiralled out of control due to the gambling issue and I've stopped paying it! I just need some advice on how to fix this? I know probably some people will judge me for what I did and I suppose it's fair enough but any advice is appreciated. The loan was for £2200 taken with AvantCredit, they did not ask me to prove my identity either, that might've perhaps put a stop to that (I'm not blaming them). Thank you in advance
  4. Afternoon CAG, I've seen on a number of threads regarding payday loans the question about whether gambling was involved with the payday debt... Can I ask why and how this is relevant and if/how it can affect complaints or legal disputes? Thanks
  5. Hi, My friend is on IS and HB. He has to go for a benefit review at job centre and take a recent bank statement. He does some online gambling and has money going in and out of his bank account from the gambling. Does anyone know if he'll get into trouble for this? Thanks
  6. Hello, A friend who lives outside UK has been using a well known UK gambling site. He has won a lot of money but the website says that as he is outside UK they have suspended his account and will not pay him the money. So, website is quite happy to take all money from him when he is losing, but then use an excuse when he has won to avoid paying the money. Any advice please?
  7. Hi All Have a question ( hope I am posting in the correct forum) A friend of mine lost some money on an online gambling site (Jackpotjoy) and he wants to claim that back through the bank because he feels that the site misquoted the winning odds and he didn't win a single game. Is it possible to claim the money back through the bank since he essentially missold a product? or am I wrong here? Any advice will be helpful.
  8. Dear unknown friends, Hope someone can offer valuable advice. I have two UK unsecured personal loans. I recently left the UK and moved back to my parents house, in a developing country with no links to the UK. I can't pay one penny on those loans anymore, and I will be soon defaulting. A student loan the size of Jupiter takes precedence, and I am struggling to avoid defaulting on it. I read every single post on the subject I found. I gathered that a creditor/collector cannot legally get a UK CCJ against a non-UK resident. I am debating if to tell the creditors I moved abroad (before defaulting), or if to default and let them find me. I am also debating if, were I decide to tell them, if I should tell them by updating my address on their files (through their websites), or if I should tell them by mail enclosing with the letter a bill under my name as proof of address. If I give them my new address they will come chasing but they should be unable to get a CCJ against me, but if I don't then I risk them getting a CCJ against me, as neither creditors nor courts know I live abroad. Any words of wisdom on my dilemma? Should I tell them of my address abroad or not? I'm leaning towards informing about my address abroad. I've read mixed comments, some saying one should tell creditors one moved abroad, others saying not to tell under any circumstance. Thank you and God bless you, LL
  9. I am not sure if I am in the correct forum for this. I have not come on here to be criticised. I am in a big mess. I missed last months mortgage and secured loan due to my gambling addiction. And again this month I have spent half of the payments and dont have enough money for the payments. I am in a massive mess, I have no family to borrow the money from, and too embarrassed to ask my friends. I am already in arrears with my mortgages. I can afford to make the payments for my mortgage, but I have the addiction. Started of with £20 then kept chasing my money. Is there any help I can receive from my mortgage company or should I approach the council for help
  10. My father is now quite elderly and unwell. He has gambled heavily for many years and has run up large credit card debts. We don't know quite how large, but he has a number of cards and only pays off the minimum. He is still gambling and I don't think he will stop. My mother is very worried about what will happen should he pre-decease her. The house is in joint ownership and the mortgage has been paid off. We aren't really sure whether she would have to pay his credit card/gambling debts and whether the house would form part of his estate, or pass directly to her. We are wondering whether it would be sensible to try to put the house in her name only, should my father agree. A possible complication is that the bank appear to have lost the house deeds. I would be grateful for any authoritative advice. I've read a few forum threads here and elsewhere, but I'm still not at all clear what the legal position is. I know I'd certainly want to fight any judgement against my mother, because she has worked hard all her life and constantly saved to try to safeguard herself. Also I feel the credit card companies have acted irresponsibly, allowing my father to borrow more and more, when they must know very well that the borrowings are going straight to the bookmakers. Thank you.
  11. Hi all I've just joined as a little paranoid and would appreciate some help or advice please. From the start I lost my job nearly 2 years ago and moved back home with my mum. At that time I had £0 to my name and started claiming JSA, not long after that I started to gamble and have won several thousand pounds over this period. my money has been accumulating slowly due to me living at home and living cheaply. yesterday I got a call for a JSA review and drilled about everything I have or may have. I was honest 100% of it except I told them I had a £2300 balance when actually my bank balance is around £3000. This is because I've been saving for a friend in my account and stupidly I deducted the 700 in my head and never told them this. at the end of the call they mentioned sending me a letter or something for my bank statements so obviously there going to say 3000 for that period ( looks like I lied ) but very soon my mate is going to want his cash so my balance will go to £2300. have I done anything wrong here ? well I know I have but is it wrong enough to get in trouble? Thanks.
  12. Interesting epetition just found.Personally i am sick of seeing gambling adverts on TV. Trying to draw people in.I have never really looked at it before so just had a quick look round and it is surprising how big some of these companies are.Are more people getting addicted,i do not know,perhaps you do. Everyone in the adverts is so happy but how many are being taken in,getting into difficulties,do you know. But the sheer amount of money now being spent on TV advertising must be paying off.It is everywhere you look. Just in case anyone is interested.Only got 70 signatures . http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45780 But so much revenue to be gained by the TV companies.And perhaps causing troubles for some. Due to what seems to be a booming industry this is why i have started this thread.Have your say. 100,000 signatures is a tall order but at least some of your views or if you have seen any newspaper articles or know anyone in trouble would be interesting.Post them here.A new area for myself,so could do with a little help. You get a feeling there is something of the night about it all. Agree or disagree,have your say.Just trying to find out.Which we will. Just what is going on . Thanks. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45780
  13. I have a compulsive gambling problem. I took out a 8k loan in Sept to pay off two credit cards MBNA and Barclaycard. After I cleared these two cards off, I took what I felt was responsible actions to close both of these credit lines and to remove temptation. I contacted both MBNA and Barclaycard through their online messaging consoles. MBNA cancelled and closed my account within 24 hours of contact. Barlcaycard I received this response about 30 mins later However I never heard from Barclaycard as per my simple request to close down the account ASAP. The account remained opened and about 12 days later I started to gamble using a card I had requested in writing to close. I gambled about 4.6k on this card. I take full responsablity for my compulsive problems/illness, however I feel that Barclaycard should have took action when I contacted them (like MBNA did), they were quick enough to respond, so why didn't they just close down the account? The balance was 0 is was an easy action surely. If they looked at my previous statements they would see the problems I have. I think I took reasonable steps to close the account, and would like an explanation as to why it was left open despite my request. I have now lodged a complaint with them, because despite my admission to gambling problems, if the account had been closed on my instruction I would not have been in a position to **** away more funds.
  14. Hey guys I am 21 year old male. I am a good guy. I help grannies cross the street. I step in if someone is doing something wrong. I do the right thing. But I am a gambling addict. My father before me was a gambling addict and he got me down the same path. It has been a long and painful path. I cant think of a day of my life i have enjoyed the past 2 years. This is where I stand currently: I have £50 to survive to the end of next month ( live with parents ) I have about 6 payday loan companies expecting to take about £300 from my account in a few days. Nothing will be in there. I also have 2 loans of £5000 with santander & nationwide. I feel that both the above companies destroyed their duty of care when they gave me a loan, when I applied I didnt think I had a cat in hell's chance... I already had at least 4 outstanding payday loans, I barely ever paid my phone bill on time, I was on gamblers anonymous forums, I was in contact with gambling charities... if these companies spent 30 seconds looking into me I am certain they would not have given this loan. I also have my car insurance due to come out - I can find a way to pay this - But i may have to pay someone else and get them to pay the car insurance for me - as if i put the money in my bank one of these companies is sure to take it back out? I am seeking help for my gambling, I have quit cannabis but I can never quit gambling... I wanted to go to a rehab, but can only go if i have £10k to spare. LOL! I am so depressed. I am making plans for when I become homeless. I have a car and a job, but nothing else. What should i do? God bless you for reading this
  15. Just wondered if you have any of these accounts connected to your bank account do Banks and Lenders veiw them as a big negative whilst considering offering you a Loan or Mortgage ect.
  16. I am not expecting any sympathy as I completely accept that our situation is completely my own doing. I have had a long-term gambling addiction and have gotten my wife and I into an impossible situation. I'd welcome any guidance from others who are / have been in a similar position. I've found some similar stories but none that include running a business. I am getting help and I am desperately trying to control my illness. My wife and I run a Ltd company that has paid the bills for the last 2 x years. It could be so much better but I have driven it into the ground through gambling. It could have been amazing. It still can if I can keep my recovery up. We have a house which we have had to rent out and we are living with my sister. Our house is borderline negative equity. Our tenant leaves next month and I think we will be unable to pay the mortgage. We have already had a 4 month agreed payment reduction. We have an outstanding debt for the 4 month period of approx £2300. We have not informed them that we are renting it out. Our mortgage is interest only and is fixed until April 2013. The payments are £860 per month. We are still trying to find a tenant for November onwards. My wife took out a £13k loan to bail us out a year ago. Business dried up and we were unable to make the payments 6 months later. They agreed to 6 months without payments and froze the interest / action on the account until this month. They are awaiting our contact. We also have £900 outstanding overdraft with them. I owe my sister £7500. I pay her £500 per month. This is my priority debt as we live in her house. We have a tax bill of around £2500 to pay at the end of November. Our business can bring in around £3000 per month gross. I am sick and have repeatedly gambled it away. Our monthly bills are around £700 including food. This leaves around £1300 to pay everyone else and this is clearly not enough. I have spoken with the National Debtline, Business Debtline and I am scared by some of the advice as I could, potentially go to prison for the way I have conducted the business. I should be man enough to accept what I have done and the consequences but I am so ashamed, guilty for dragging my amazing wife through this and frightened that, for once, I am unable to fix things. I am still trying though. My wife knows the whole situation and I am lucky that she still loves the part of me that doesn't gamble. I am working on my addiction but would really appreciate any help from those who can offer advice about what I need to do sort out our finances aside from stop gambling. Thanks so much in advance
  17. Hi I have been a complete idiot and got hooked on gambling i have taken out so many pay day loans i went to payplan set up a dmp but i am having difficulty paying it as i took out more loans to feed my habbit. I have stopped but all are chasing me do I tell them about my addiction as they want to know why i cant pay. owe £7000 arrears on mortgage and have broken so many arrangements i think they will repossess my house. If they start proceedings what happens if I can prove i can pay a little back each month will they stop the repossession. I dont think they will agree to any more arrangements shoulld i tell them the truth
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