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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, My car lease company have received an invoice from Highview Parking which they have sent on to me, demanding £95 for staying in their carpark for 43 minutes. They initially offered a discount of £40 but by the time I received the letters from the lease company, the 14 days had expired. There is photographic evidence of me entering and leaving the car park. However, I used the car park to drop someone off at a police station opposite and returned again to collect them. I used the car park to turn around in as the signs stating that it was pay to park aren't visible until you get inside the car park. Do I have any grounds to appeal? Also my lease company state that if they get a further demand to pay, they will pay and charge me. 1 Date of the infringement 13/10/16 2 Date on the NTK 20/10/16 (received by lease company on 25/10/16, received by me on 5/11/16) 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes - entering and leaving 6 Have you appealed? No 7 Who is the parking company? Highview Parking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Gala Bingo, Salford
  2. Hi all. I want to tell my story regarding these cowboys! I joined Costa Bingo a few years ago and played a few times. I however stopped playing some time ago and only very recently decided to join again. Three weeks ago I played on roullette instant game on their site and was lucky enough to win over 22k!. However, when trying to withdraw my winnings, Costa dragged their heels making every excuse under the sun in order to stall paying me. Eventually their "security department" contacted me by email and advised that they would not be hounoring my withdrawal, I susequently tried to log into my account only to find I could not. Their excuses wer'e nothing more than pathetic! The "security department" otherwise known as Cassava Enterprises kept all of my winnings and with no rock solid reason. The whole website is utterly suspicious As are their excuses. I won fair and square with my own money, I made withdrawals before with them, so why when I win big, do they suddenly have an issue?! Hmmmmm seems very convenient. These guys are nothing more than [EDIT]. I am exhausted trying to make thses idiots see sense, but they wont listen. Just come up with new excuse after new lame excuse. They need to be named and shamed once and for all!! It seems everyone has the same excuse regarding cassava, i'm so happy I am not the only one. I won life changing money and I want it back! I'm prepared to go/do anything in order to get my winnings............[EDIT]!
  3. late last year I won on the wheel of fortune in the life of leisure game at mecca bingo.com it came up congratulations you have won £10.000 a month for 12 months and your first instalment has been paid into your account ! I was gob smacked and thought I was seeing things , but there in my account was £10,000. I rang mecca bingo to see how my other payments would be made , immediately the game was removed from the site and they were confused by what I was telling them as they stated "they do not pay prizes in instalments". after several phone calls , they even asked me what I wanted to resolve ? I obviously said my £110,000 and they had to speak with the game makers Ash Gaming who are American based I believe and who it seemed had given Mecca a version of the game with this instalment prize , after a few days of phone calls they came back stating technical error and added another £1000 to my account for the inconvenience and phone calls, I explained I was not happy with their response and was referred to alder hay gaming commission who just sent me an email saying I was lucky to get the £1000 as all they needed to pay me was the cost of my bet back as technical error ! I argued again this was not a technical error this was purely a part of the game Mecca had on their website. Due to financial problems , my gambling etc being a huge problem for my family I never took this any further or told anyone till recently and have been advised that I should have challenged Mecca bingo.com and Ash gaming as the game has never been put back on the site and clearly was not a technical error please can someone help and advise if and how I would go about challenging this , do I need a solicitor , I cannot really afford one unless had a good chance of getting the money I won .
  4. I am having terrible problems with Cassava Enterprises. I ask on one of their bingo sites to cancel my account because I was fed up with forever depositing and not wining any money back. I have just recently asked for my account to be re-opened. Cassava are now claiming that I said I couldnt afford to deposit and are refusing to allow my account to be reopened, ad they have also blocked me from depositing!! I am disabled and I enjoy online bingo, but Cassva are being very awkward. How do I make a complaint about Cassava please?
  5. Just wondered if you have any of these accounts connected to your bank account do Banks and Lenders veiw them as a big negative whilst considering offering you a Loan or Mortgage ect.
  6. Ok, bit of a random one and can't find anywhere else to put it but I'm fuming. Feeling in a bit of a bingo mood, I had a look around online for a site with good sign up offers. I chose bet365 bingo. Now - and I know this is my fault - I'd previously opened a betting account on the bet365 site to place a football bet, then totally forgotten about it. It wasn't a bingo account though. So... opened my bet365 bingo account this afternoon. Got the confirmation email, all fine. then I was directed to a page to make a deposit. I deposited £15 and got a nice bonus. All good so far. Went to play a game and noticed I'd been logged out. Tried to log in, no luck. Tried to retrieve my password, apparently the account no longer exists. I opened the interactive chat app to ask what was happening. Apparently, I should have used my betting account. The new account had been closed as soon as I made a deposit. But here's the problem - I asked about the £15 and bonus, and was told that I would get the £15 back in 7-10 working days (!!!) and no bonus. Not sure where to go from here, but I really don't think this is fair. Pretty sure that if they can take my money instantly, I can get it back as quickly but they won't budge. Also pretty sure they could have flagged up the account issue earlier. Any suggestions?
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