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  1. Thanks for the replies. Our tenants are moving out next month so we won't have that income towards the mortgage. I appreciate that this would normally be our priority debt however I feel our stay with my sister would be untenable if we didn't repay her debt as the priority. All advise is welcome.
  2. I am not expecting any sympathy as I completely accept that our situation is completely my own doing. I have had a long-term gambling addiction and have gotten my wife and I into an impossible situation. I'd welcome any guidance from others who are / have been in a similar position. I've found some similar stories but none that include running a business. I am getting help and I am desperately trying to control my illness. My wife and I run a Ltd company that has paid the bills for the last 2 x years. It could be so much better but I have driven it into the ground through g
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