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  1. Maximum charges for going overusage is £60 a month, it will never be more than that. Going over usage is now £1.50 per 1gb. But to change your plan in the middle of the month, does mean you will be classed as 10gb from the 1st. This shouldve been explained to you
  2. Hi All I am in a bit of a sticky mess. I have missed 2 months mortgage payments and loan (March and April) and was already in arrears. I have been to my GP as I am clinically depressed and for me to get out of my depression I need to Gamble my money. Mortgage company have tried calling on Friday but I was at work and was unable to answer the phone. I need help in writing a letter to them and a budget sheet. To explain the situation and hopefully they will accept my normal arrears payments. I have approached my sister and explained my situation and she has took charge in my f
  3. Thanks you for advice. Is there a template for a letter I could write to them. I know its lying. Could I say Ive been on sick but returned to work now
  4. Its online gambling that is the main culprit. Its just so easy. Im in tears here. I seriously cant cope. I have had a few past personal problems from when I was younger. Being abused and losing my 1st husband to cancer (I was 21). Could this be my depression and I dont realise. I think I am happy in myself tho. Will the Mortgage Company understand if I explain the situation I am in. I just dont want to lose my home. And to embarassed to tell my husband now.
  5. I am not sure if I am in the correct forum for this. I have not come on here to be criticised. I am in a big mess. I missed last months mortgage and secured loan due to my gambling addiction. And again this month I have spent half of the payments and dont have enough money for the payments. I am in a massive mess, I have no family to borrow the money from, and too embarrassed to ask my friends. I am already in arrears with my mortgages. I can afford to make the payments for my mortgage, but I have the addiction. Started of with £20 then kept chasing my money. Is there any help
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