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  1. Thanks for the reply and no it was not in writing and it was really a genuine mistake because I don't consider the money mine even though technically I guess it's classed that way as it's in my account. My savings/winnings have never been no where near to £6000 on JSA , but my statements read like money in £500 paddy power, £250 cassava enterprise, £100 PayPal, £50 PayPal, £20 PayPal etc. all from winnings, but this is ok yes? thanks
  2. Hi all I've just joined as a little paranoid and would appreciate some help or advice please. From the start I lost my job nearly 2 years ago and moved back home with my mum. At that time I had £0 to my name and started claiming JSA, not long after that I started to gamble and have won several thousand pounds over this period. my money has been accumulating slowly due to me living at home and living cheaply. yesterday I got a call for a JSA review and drilled about everything I have or may have. I was honest 100% of it except I told them I had a £2300 balance when actually
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