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  1. Am unsure of my agreement with Paypal it was setup when ebay were once in partnership with paypal I guess its a normal agreement and not a loan agreement: but like I say never once in 15 yrs had issues: thx for reply but yes there's no funds left on gambling site and I closed it next day.
  2. I have £49 in my classic account today, as test I asked 10 different online vendors for payments due between 3x 50-65 pnds refused 3x 65-100 pnds refused 2x 100-300 pnds refused 2x 1000-3000 refused as not enough funds in account: why can paypal credit an online gaming site 600% more than was currently avail to my account seems strange to me
  3. Hello. Any advice appreciated please, I have a full paypal account which has been verified and never any issues in 15 years, its backed up with a bank classic account visa(TSB) with no overdraft facility part due to jan 2017 just completed a 3 yr trust deed form 5 completed currently awaiting form 6. Cut to the chase I offer no excuses but my mother taken turn for worse last week : i stupidly gambled online last week. I had gaming casino account for number of years betting mostly small amounts, I honestly cannot explain why or the right details but I suddenly star
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