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  1. Hi yes my credit file was at the time poor, it still is, im in a position now to adress. The only debt I have is this amigo/flm loan. So, they should have placed the account in default ? What is my next move ?
  2. hI Thanks for the reply. The loan shows as active with missed payments from 2011.updated in jan 2021
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply. The debt is still active on file and I have never been issued a default What does this mean
  4. Hi I approached barclaycard to discuss financial problems due to covid and partner losing job in addition to poor mental health. The advisor advised I didn't have to pay that particular months credit card bill and instead I could pay a reduced monthly amount of £50.00. I agreed and paid the £50 and he offered me a repayment agreement upon receipt of an expenditure form. I decided that rather than enter into any agreement which may affect my credit score I would borrow money from family members and meet the barclaycard commitment of £150 per month. The advisor was aware of my concerns regarding credit score impact however reassured me this reduced payment offer was for December only and was a goodwill gesture. I have now been awarded a default on my credit file . What can I do
  5. Hi I have an flm/amigo loan that has not been acknowledged since 2012 - I believe this to be statute barred Does this get removed from my credit file. The loan was taken out in 2011 by my partner but she put it in my name - neither of us could afford it - she would have been accepted as guarantor as she owned her own home however she didnt work and I was at uni. I have left this abusive relationship and am now getting round to sorting out my financial affairs. The loan is still active on my credit file - should it still be there - how do i get it removed. Is it best to acknowledge this debt now and even though I was never the guarantor pay up? thanks
  6. Hi I have a joint account with Barclays that I opened with my ex. I split up with my ex more than 18 months ago yet she is still refusing to close this account. Help please! My ex claims that she will not be closing the account as she is struggling financially and seems to think no arressment or freezes can be put on a joint account. Since we split there has been 500 loan applications made according to my credit file!!!!!!! Lost and would appreciate any guidance please. Many thanks F
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