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  1. My son passed his test in January and signed up for very expensive car insurance, that he agreed to pay monthly - the total cost was £4000. Against my advice he signed up, via the internet for this credit agreement. His car broke down and as not financially worth repairing, so was scrapped. He is being chased by the insurance comapny for £3000. Any advice please??? He hasnt got £3000 and would not have been able to afford the £400 per month in any case. Any advice gratefully accepted, given I am getting calls from debt collectors for this. Does he have to pay the whole amount given he is not accessing the services from the finance company? Is he liable for the whole amount? I also pay my insuranec by installments (fianance) and not sure if my car will pass its MOT - will I have to pay the whole years premuims if my car has to be scrapped???? Many thanks Vegus
  2. Thanks - so I can close the account on the 5/6/14 - will do.
  3. Happy New Year all! I took out a contract with Tmobile on 6/6/12 - this is a 24 month contract, so as I work out, this contract should end on the 6/5/13, which is 24 months - Tmobile are saying the contract ends on 6/6/14, which I work out to be 25 months. Am I being dense here?? Tmobile also wrote advising me I could get a upgrade early for a discounted £50 and advise me of the phone and price plan I can have - the letter mentions no other costs, so I trot along to their shop, only to be told I have to pay a fee for the handset. I complain - they say basically tough. The small print (v small) states "you may have to pay a fee for the handset. I want to report them for false representation - who do I do this too please??? This is not the forst time TMobile have been dishonest and I want to hit them where it hurts....... Many thanks
  4. Please help my nephew paid £500 into his account on the 11/9/13 - he was given a receipt for the transaction. On Friday, 20/9/13, he received a letter from the bank, that was delivered via TNT post, stating he had not paid in £500, but £300!!!! This letter goes on the list the bank notes and how many there were of each - what they dont do is include the right number of £20 notes that were handed over. The money was sorted into groups of £100, ie 9 £10 notes and a £10 across each group. The casheir counted out the notes and sorted them according to each note. He went to the branch today and was told they will look at CCTV image. I think they will come back as say they confirm he paid in £300, as I think its a [problem]. What can he do? Can / should he report this to the police?? Can he demand to also view the CCTV images? He is only young and is saving for a car. Any advice would be much apprieciated. Thanks all V
  5. Thanks for the responses. My son works variable hours each week and tries to get as much overtime as he can get! He has paid NI and tax since his first wage slip. He is paid every four weeks. This is why I raised the question of him paying tax, as I understand the personal alowance is £8000+ per year. Back in the day, when I first started to work, you automatically got a tax rebate in your ages if you had overpaid - I think he is only liabe for tax on what he has earned over the personal allowance. Am I correct? When I went on the HMC website they said NI is paid on weekly earnings over £147(?) - just wanting to check please. Thank you He pays NI
  6. Hiya- hopefully in the correct forum. My 21 year old son has a part time job in a supermarket - started in May 2012. He pays tax and NI. To date he has earned £9000, just. Can he claim a tax rebate, as I understand you can earn £8150 before you pay tax? Can he claim NI rebate also? Thanks in advance Vegus:wink:
  7. Thanks Havinastella - letters written and will be recorded delivery tomorrow. I always thought these companies left a footprint on credit files - happy to know this is incorrect have a good evening all x
  8. Evening all I keep getting letters from AK stating I owe them various amounts to different companies. They also write offering a reduction in the amount I could pay, such as sending me a "gift voucher" today for £3,000 off a 'debt' and stating I should pay them £300. I am also getting daily text messages from BCW asking me, by name to contact them urgently, quoting a unique ref number. I am aware any debt that I have is statue barred, as they are over 6 years and if my memory serves me right ar eover 10 years. I havent made any contact with either company although I want to call them to tell them to get lost and I will send each company the statue barred letter. If I should be sending a different letter please let me know. My question is, can these companies continue to complete credit searches of my credit file without any recourse?? They are accessing my credit file on a monthly basis and I think this is impacting on my credit scoring. Any advice, as always gratefully received. Keep up the fight y'all!!
  9. Thanks OB - I will try to find a law centre - first thing tomorrow is to complete a statutory declaration, which hopefully will give me some time to get legal advice. Cheers!!!!
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the responses. I have to admit I am bloody terrified now!! I get that I should get a statutory declaration signed, saying all goods and chattels etc are mine, then forward this to the court and a copy to the bailiffs. This woud then mean the bailiffs cannot come into my home. Does this mean they will stop writing to my address?? I dont care if the court or police come to arrest him, as I think this will mean he can pay the original amount and not the bailiffs fee's - is this correct or am I being dense?? I would pay the original fine for him, so I can open my windows!!!! Given the court reviewed the fine and the community service and re issued the fine (which I have paid half of) does this mean the court have taken the matter back from the bailiffs and therefore they have no right to be writing, visiting or demanding any payment for this account?? I think this is correct as you cant be paying two different organisations for the same thing??? Re the letter addressed to his dad, at my address (he has never lived at my address) - can I say not known at that address and send back?? It also says next to dad's name & P/G of tom jones. Do I have to pay as I am his parent / guardian?? this matter relates to when he lived with his dad and as it does not have my name attached, but my address I am not sure what to do or if the stat declaration will cover this as well. Many thanks for taking the time to help me understand this. Have a great weekend all!!
  11. Thank you for the responses. My darling son is not claiming benefits due to me trying to be a responsable parent, as much as I can be, given the trouble he has got himself into - he has no right claim any money, when he is a little s**t and has not contributed. I am trying to get him a job/ training etc, so he can pay his way. I will get a statutory declaration signed - the issue of the 2010 fine that was reviewed by the court last month, I think Phillips may try to argue he should pay the costs, despite the court reviewing the matter. can bailiffs come in through open windows etc - if I got a statutory declaration signed, could leave my windows opened???? thanks - vegus
  12. Some help please - no judgements about the situation please, I feel bad enough already. bailiffs I have a darling son, recently turned 18, who was fined £100 and given community service for a offence - this happened in 2010. He was not living with me at the time, staying with mates etc, however had given my address as his address. He did not comply with the community service and was taken back to court last month, where the fine was re issued as was the community service. This year Phillips have been writing to him at my home and calling my telephone. I informed them he was not living at my address, but they persisted in making calls etc until I was slightly rude to them. They state he owes £399 for the fine issued in 2010. My son went back to court last month about this matter - the community service and the fine were re issued, with him having to pay £20 per month. I have paid £50, which is half and intend paying the rest as he is not working or claiming benefits. I think as the original fine was re issued, and he is complying with the payment plan, Phillips are not owed anything, as the court has reconsidered this matter, re issued the fine with a payment plan. Can anyone advise me if this is correct? Also, when he lived with his dad in 2008 he received a fine of about £60 for another matter - he was 14 at the time. His dad did not tell me about the fine or pay it and Phillips have written to my address, the letter is addressed to his father and the parent / guardian. Do I have to pay this fine? I have never had a letter addressed to me telling me about the fine from the court or Phillips. I think because they know he is currently at my address, this is why they are trying to enforce this fine. Can he go back to the court that issued the fine, as he is now a adult and ask for a payment plan? He does not own anything in my home - there is a telly and music in his room, but I bought them and they belong to me. He is likely to go back to his mates when his bail is lifted. Please can I get some advice - I am frightened of opening the door or having the windows open, in case these hencemen get into my home and take MY belongings. Many thanks all
  13. I am not sure if this will get read - but here goes - please no judgements about me not doing anything - I am feeling very vulnerable! The saga goes on - I still have the mobile handset, as T Mobile continue to refuse to provide me with a pre paid packaging, as they 'don't have such things'. Let’s not even acknowledge I have been paying into this company for 17 years. Loyalty? Customer service? Not in their language. l Despite the person from complaints advising I would not be charged for the change in contract in May, and assuring me she would revert the contract back to it original form, I was charged and had to write complaining. I did get a refund for these charges. I have emailed the CEO continually, at least four times, stating I want a response in writing and do not wish to speak to them, despite – clearly they do not understand because an annoying adviser insisting on calling me, following each email, to talk c***. I think I was rather rude at one point asking her if she could read – I bet they have that recording!! I did not receive a response to my complaint until 5/8, when I received an email advising I had not responded to their letter, where they have enclosed the recording of the call where the account was upgraded, which absolved them, in their view, of issuing a new contract on the account; as I have not returned the mobile they will be implementing the 24 month contract. I respond by asking them why they have not responded to my emails, asking for clarity on how they sent the copy of the telephone recording, in a CD or a transcript. They respond in an email stating “as you do not appear to be receiving my emails" - doh! Because you have not sent any!!! I have asked for read receipts, dates and times emails sent, which they have ignored. In conclusion they have stated I have “exhausted” the complaints process, even though there is no evidence of a response from them and they will be enforcing the 24 month contract, as I have not returned the mobile. Interestingly, one of the lines was due an upgrade last year -the person with day to day management of this line called them on Saturday, to change the Tariff - they then issued a new one year contract!!!! Thanks for reading – enjoy the bank holiday!!!!
  14. Hello all - i hope somebody comes back to this thread and can advise me. TMobile called again, to tell me my stupid son had made the calls to them, had quoted the password and did not sound like a child, hence he had the 'authority' to enter into a new contract. They still maintain that I was informed that if someone could quote the password, they could enter into a new contract, but canno evidence how or when, they just make a vague reference to me being informed. They have charged me about for p&p and part month of the contract, despite the person I spoke to in complaints stating they would not make any changes on my account until the bill was due, to avoid me being over charged. It appears they have reverted back to the original price plan, but are still charging me for the period in between their error at issuing a new contract and for P&P. I was advised not to speak to them, and my original letter of complaint advised I refused to pay any amounts towards their error. I still have the mobile and am waiting a returns bag, which they claim to have sent out twice. I undersatnd that I will have to pay the P&P for the return of the mobile also. Any further advice on what I should write and say to them? Right now I am so p**sed. I am not going to pay for the return of the mobile - in fact I thinki I should keep for my troubles. If possible can anyone advise what section of what act I should quote? Many many thanks all x
  15. Update time – sincerely hope I get some feedback on how to respond. Received a call from complaints again today, stating they had listened to recordings – state my son called twice, first time to enquire about an upgrade – second time was to arrange the upgrade. T Mobile say he clearly gave the password on the account. As he had the password, the upgrade was agreed. The conversation I have had with T Mobile last week and Monday, said this was part of the terms and conditions / contract – the complaints person I spoke to on Monday said she would find what section of the terms and conditions and give me this info – today she has denied this, stating it was ‘made clear when I gave a password, that any person will the password would be able to access account information’ I have never been informed verbally or in writing of this. The person I spoke to likened the password to a PIN – my view is this is not the same, as the person would need my card and the pin to access my account. They have advised I will not receive a response in writing, as they have responded to my complain verbally; refuse to issue a Deadlock letter, as this is no longer needed to progress any complaint. They have spoken to their legal and data protection dept, who have ‘assured’ them they have not breeched data protection or acted illegally in their actions. They claim they have sent our 2 return bags, none of which I have received and will not change the details on the account. Please advise how I should respond. I am seriously p***ed off. I appreciate your time. Cheers
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