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Found 9 results

  1. Hi As I mentioned I am new here and really would love some advice regarding an old debt. I have been contacted 3 times first a letter from Scottish Bureau of investigation (lewis groups FBI branch) they are trying to contact me, No name or address on envelope so this is a little bit underhand my flat mates could have opened this letter. Second letter from uk default recovery saying they know I am a resident at the address and have a case number and an amount of debt I owe etc etc Third letter came today saying despite being given numerous opportunities to repay this debt your balance remains outstanding. to stop further action either pay in full or call us to come to an arrangement if we receive no response within 72 hours of the date this letter was sent we will instigate further action. Now I have an outstanding CCJ with cl finance but have lost all records of this and other debts I have had in the past, I have checked my credit report and the only debt showing up is the ccj. How should i go about finding out if the recent letters are in connection with the ccj? Should I send a CCA letter to lewis group or just call them? With a cca letter should i also ask for a statment of accounts to see when last payment was made etc? I was paying a token payment towards this debt but ran into more difficulty and stopped paying this for over a year and now they have decided to chase this up if it is the ccj debt they are chasing. Sorry for the long first post but I really would appreciate some advice on this matter. Thank you L.
  2. Hello, I've finally dragged my head out of the sand with regards to my debt background. It's all a bit patchy and I'm trying to make headway, but some of it is confusing. I have an ongoing court threat I am dealing with on another forum. But I have a few other things that are confusing me. I was being chased by robinson way for a debt with next. I cca'd them last year and got a few letters from RW saying they were looking into it. Then last week i got a letter from the Lewis group, saying that my debt with CL Finance was now paid off and to stop making payments. I've not been making payments?! My first question is, Could it be that lewis/cl finance were part of the robinson way problem and it's now closed? I am also being chased for a mobile bill that is disputed, but that is SB'd and doesnt show on my credit file, so i can deal with that I think. I genuinely don't owe that money either Lastly I have a default on my credit file under the name hoist? It's for quite a lot, and I can't think what it could be for? I did have a small mail order account that had £100 on it, but surely this can't be it,as its for 6 times that amount! Has anyone heard of hoist before or know what they are about, and who they are related to? Thanks everyone.
  3. I have a small debt of around £150.00 with CL Finance currently, it used to be a Santander Card. I have only recently started looking into the debts properly. In doing so I sent a CAR request to CL Finance Today I got the response that they do not have the original credit agreement but have requested it. Please can you confirm as to what my next step here is please?
  4. Hi all. Had a Debenhams store card that ran for a number of years with a high credit limit, that I used, it peaked at 10K at one point. I had PPI throughout most of the time I had the card, eventually paid off the card in total then ran up another 1.5K debt. Suffered a job loss and my claim was rejected because I was self-employed. End result was the debt was sold on to CL Finance and I ultimately had a CCJ registered against my name (a default action because I stupidly missed a court hearing in 2009). I'm minded to file a claim for the miss-selling, what, if any, options are open for me to have the CCJ removed? CL have not followed up on the CCJ, I only found out by accident they were granted a judgement largely due to an insecure mail box (had an identity theft occur in 2009 too because of that). Any ideas gratefully received.
  5. What a long and regretful story this is. In April 2006 I paid £4200 viaphone to Halifax to settle 2 credit cards, the money left my account and I thought no more of it as had been confirmed via my statement. a couple of months later I received letters from a debt collection company wanting money for one of the credit cards and then a week or so later I received another letter concerning money for the other card. In both instances I contacted them and informed them that this money had been paid in full, t oo which they informed me they'd investigate. I heard nothing more for a few months and then it started again, I again contacted them to inform the same that these two cards had been settled. I then contacted my then bank manager who confirmed in writing the transaction had been completed without issue and advised me to contact my banks merchant services. This I did, took a couple of weeks but received a detailed report on the transaction, with a reference. I forwarded the original (Kept a copy) to the debt collection company CL Finance in late2006 via recorded delivery and heard nothing more for a few more months, then another debt collection company became involved Howard Cohen & Co in thes ummer of 2007 too which I explained and referred them back to CL Finance. Long and short, this continued throughout 2007 and me writing to they with copy evidence of the transaction. I called up Halifax credit cards as it was becoming clear that whilst CLFinance or their agents had copy evidence of the payment it was no getting through to Halifax, as said I called them with the 2 credit card account numbers. I was politely informed on the phone that these 2 accounts had been closed and there was no debt on them. Phew, finally I thought! But no, I was informed that the debts had been sold on and I needed to speak to the collection company's. This I had at length, so many times to no avail,seemingly appearing that Halifax was bouncing back any enquiry the debt collection was making. Continued into 2008, then I received court notification via central clearing and eventually 2 CCJ's were issued against me, there was no opportunity there from what I saw to make a court appearance and provide the proof I had on me, a few months later in 2009 I started to receive bailiff visits. I called the bailiff and told him what had gone on, he immediately suspended visits and instructed me to proceed to court and take action in the small claims against CL Finance. A few months later on the appointed hearing day in June 2010 their solicitor spoke to me regarding my case, I explained all that proof of payment had been sent at least twice to CL Finance and Howard Cohen & Co and had got nowhere. A rather fraught solicitor came back from making a telephone call to his client and in court it was revealed that CL Finance had no knowledge of mycommunications to them and the result the judge ruled in my favour with a further hearing date pending. A date was forwarded for that hearing a couple of months later and at the final hour the court wrote confirming that CLFinance/Halifax had dropped the case and would not be attending. Finally in October 2010 I received a letter from CL Finance/Howard Cohen confirming the money had been found as was to be assigned to my accounts to close and all action had stopped. Through one thing and another I wasn't able to communicate with Howard Cohen & Co until October of last year (Had been seriouslyill and moved house) to confirm that everything had been closed and the 2 CCJ'shad been removed? They informed me that this action would be undertaken ,however it wasn't. I undertook a credit search on myself earlier this year and discovered they were still in place. I again wrote to them earlier this year requesting an explanation and that they are removed as having caused a greatd eal of trauma, inconvenience and hassle, plus helping to destroy my creditrating for 6.5 years now. They've come back and said again that they would now be removed and they had written to the courts that day. However, needless to say I'm disgusted by these events. Halifax appeared tohave placed this money in some sort of suspense account and frankly closed the book even when proof from my bank's merchant services showed clearly the payment and the transaction reference. So I'd be obliged if someone would be kind enough to offer some considered advice to me as firstly I want a formal apology from Halifax to start with. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I started a general post (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...-needed-please) but was advised to post in individual forums - so here goes..... There appears to be some fishy goings-on with regards to an old Debenhams store card agreement to which I have been making token payments since June 06. I received a default notice from the initial lending company in Nov 06, and again in Apr 07. In June 07 I received notification that the ownership of my account had been assigned to CL Finance. I received a default notice from CL Finance in August 07. This agreement recently disappeared off Equifax, presumably as the 6th birthday of the default had been met (or approaching?!?). I have recently received an alert (text/email) advising that a credit limit had been changed from £0 to £900, which I thought was weird as I haven't applied for credit for years. On checking Equifax an agreement to pay has re-appeared from 'CL Finance' with a balance of £903 and a credit limit of £900. I have signed up for a 30-day trial from Experian which shows an agreement to pay since July 08 but repeatedly stating that I am 6 payments late? Surely this is wrong. I understand that my Statute Barred calender has not started, due to my continuing token payments, but I have been informed that all references to a defaulted debt must be removed from credit files after 6 years has passed from date of default, whether paid off or not. I can't see any historical records on Equifax or Experian, if such things exist, so can't see exactly what has taken place. Will the CRAs be able to assist with this? If an agreement to pay has been added, surely this is the debtors doing and the CRAs innocent? Who do I query this with? The CRAs or CL Finance? Any advice on what to say? Thanks all, DD
  7. I have been paying CL finance on a regular basis for about a year but in March i missed a payment and April too, i called today to pay what i had missed and continue my payment plan and they said i had to pay the full amount with in 3 months as court proceedings had already started to issue me with a CCJ. I have received letters but about taking me to court but i ignored them as i thought they wouldnt do it. The amount was £980 but has gone up to around £1180 with fee added on for letters and solicitor fees, i could afford to pay it in around 10 months but not 3. I have checked my credit report and CL Finance do own the debt even though it was originally a Debenhams store card, I dont want to go to court and they seem adamant i cannot start a new payment plan, what can i do?
  8. I was in the County Court today for first hearing. The defendant is my wife who unfortunately is ill at the moment and was unable to attend. I attended on her behalf today and the District Judge gave directions. The Claimant is CL Finance who is being represented by Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors. CL finance are claiming £9284.38 in respect of a Debenhams Store Card Agreement (First Personal Bank Limited) dated 30 September 1995. On 28 July 1997 The First Personal Bank Limited changed their name to GE Capital Bank Limited. On 13 December 2006 by Deed of Assignment, GE Capital Bank assigned the account to CL Finance Limited. My wife received debt collection letters from various DCA's around the beginning of 2007. Foolishly she agreed to pay £1.00 per month and she did so from January 2007 to March 2011. In total she has paid £51.00 towards the account. In March 2011 I decided to review my households expenses which included this payment my wife was making. We asked CL Finance to provide a copy of the original credit agreement for the account in question. Upon receiving this it was evident that the handwriting and signature on the agreement was certainly not that of my wifes! Someone had taken out an account in my wifes name, defaulted on it and now my wife was paying for it! We called the Police to report this apparent identity fraud but my wife was told that she would not receive a crime reference number because it is the lender who is the victim of any crime and it is they that should report the incident to the police. So my wife stopped the payments from March last year and she was served a Default Notice in September 2011 and today was the first court hearing. We explained the facts to Howard Cohen who requested a copy of my wifes passport but she declined to provide this to them after finding out that they are known to manipulate documents. I took her passport in to the court today but the DJ said she should submit it with her defence. The DJ also advised Howard Cohen that they should intruct Handwriting Experts with regards to the signature. It is a clear forgery as far as we are concerned. Aalso the DJ moved this case from the small claims to the fast track. The case has been adjourned until July 20th but I need to submit a defence by next Tuesday. Any help would be most appreciated!
  9. Hi guys, hope you guys can give me some advice, basically back at the end of last year my mum received a letter from JB Recoveries about some alleged debt. she had no knowledge of this so i Sent them a CCa Request with a cheque for the £1 fee. she got back a photo copy of some old credit agreement from 1998 but nothing else so we sent them a Subject access request with a cheque for the £10 fee. since then we forgot all about it as we have not heard anything from them. Then my mother receives a statement from cl finance for £10,000. A statement nothing else. we sent them a cca request and heard nothing, then two weeks ago she gets another statement from them so again we have sent them a cca request, a subject access request and also a statued barred letter (because if she did owe any money its from back in 1998-) today she received a letter acknowledgeing receipt of the letter but they say that "we have been advised that you made a £10.00 payment towards this account on 08/01/10 by JB Recoveries who are instructed to act on our behalf. We therefore do not agree with your comments that this debt is statute barred and request that you contact us with your payment proposals by return." Now the only £10.00 that has ever been sent was for the subject access request to jb recoveries. they seem to have sent nothing but used the money against the account. The £10.00 was sent by cheque from my account (not mothers) solely for the purpose of the request. Any ideas what i can send to Cl finance and JB recoveries to try and settle this matter. My we have done a SAR request to the bank that the loan was originally taken out with, my mum is still with that bank so surely if she is meant to owe this money they would just take money from her account. any help?
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