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  1. Thank you for your help. That is what I will do. Have sent them a final request via online banking message to look into this and either confirm they have returned it, not received it or to credit it to my current account which I still have with them Thanks once again.
  2. Does anyone have any information regarding this situation?
  3. Thank you. The merchant is Currys, the bank is Santander. The Santander123 credit card. Thank you once agai for such a prompt response.
  4. Credit card refund by a merchant. Trouble is I no longer have the credit card account as I closed it. A merchant has agreed to refund me but says as I paid by a credit card he must refund it to that card only even though the card account no longer exists. He says the issuing bank will refund it to me if I get in touch with them. This I did but the bank said that when a credit card account has been closed, the bank will return it to the merchant. I am therefore in a limbo. I have spent enough time on the phone to them both and I am inclined to take each side to the county court. Should I do this?
  5. Thank you again unclebulgaria7. I certainly will. I feel so much better now with all the assistance I have been given here.
  6. Thank you unclebulgaria7 for your clarification. Just one thing, you say " their replacement model ".......Question is who do you mean. The warranty provider does not have a list. The manufacturer has discontinued the old model, and a new one is on sale, with identical specification bar one, and that is it is quieter. If I may take the liberty, and muddy the waters a bit, I have already replaced my machine, and am looking for a cash refund. I did so, because they were not responding to my letters/faxes etc. It is 6 months since the failure, and I needed the machine to do its job. Can I insist on a cash refund?
  7. From whom? The retailer or the warranty provider? The warranty provider has offered the original price I paid.They say they cant pay any more than what I paid. They say the newer model is not the same as the older one. They say my model is SMSl12, whereas the new one is SMSl22.
  8. Thank you stu007 for providing the links. I was unable to do that as a newbie.
  9. From whom? The retailer or the warranty provider? The warranty provider has offered the original price I paid.They say they cant pay any more than what I paid. They say the newer model is not the same as the older one. They say my model is SMSl12, whereas the new one is SMSl22.
  10. That is on the retailer's website where they provide the option to purchase the goods and extended warranty. There is a button you press for more information about the extended warranty and when pressed, the paragraph that comes up is included in the first post above.
  11. I am trying to figure out what that means. 1. Does it mean they dont have to supply a new machine but pay a sum of money instead? 2. The machine is just over 2 years old. It has been superceded by a newer model. The newer model is on sale for £524. I paid £448. My question is, how much am I entitled to receive? 524 or 448? Does depreciation come into it ? Also, what about delivery/removal costs? Am I entitled to receive these? And what about installing it?
  12. Thank you dx100uk, thank you conniff for your advice. I finally feel I am getting somewhere. Heres the policy document attached.
  13. Since the warranty provider wont fully fund a replacement, can I accept their cheque, and go after the retailer to make up the difference? Where do I stand though, with the warranty provider, since I have already paid the premium? Should I be entitled to a new for old? After all, that is what the advert says?
  14. Thanks Bazooka Boo. The machine failed after 27 months. I will investigate SOGA.
  15. Am at odds with an extended warranty. Please please someone provide me with some guiadance. 1. I purchased a machine, and an extended warranty. I cant post the link cos am a new joiner, but itis sold by Co-op, and the sales pitch goes as follows: *For complete peace of mind we offer an optional warranty extension on most of the appliances we sell. Offering cover for all parts, labour and call out (including new for old replacement) an extended warranty is a cost effective way to protect your new appliance. The warranty extension may be purchased either at the point of sale or at any time within the manufacturers guarantee period as it is an extension to this. Example: An appliance with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee and a 5 year extended warranty option would be covered for an additional 4 years. When you take out a warranty extension the paperwork will be posted out by the provider within 90 days. Our extended warranty is provided by Corporate Support Solutions whose full terms and conditions can be found on the following " 2.Reading the sales pitch there, especially the bit concerning "including new for old", I purchased the warranty. 3. The appliance broke down, and the warranty company spent 6 months during which I had to make many many calls, send letters etc. They finally offered me a replacement machine that has a much inferior spec. I rejected this idea. My questions are: a. Am I obliged to accept an inferior machine? b. Exactly what am I entitled to? Am I entitled to insist on an exact same machine? What if the machine is superceded by a newer version? I admit that I did not read the terms and conditions, but so what? The sales pitch ought to form part of any terms and conditions.
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